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  1. Am I right in saying Boomtown is around that number? I did hear from a mate (who would have reason to know) they were potentially close to cancelling. but not sure if that was old information.
  2. Looks great! Excited for that now. Eternals trailer soon? Probably after the Oscars so Marvel can say "From Academy Award winning director Chloe Zhao".
  3. Just in case anyone missed it, there's a mid credits scene! I missed it myself the first time, was hovering over the preview bit and it looked like it was part of the credits (same lighting).
  4. Thought that was a nice change of pace, and the moments of downtime with Bucky and Sam fixing the boat really highlighted the strengths of a show vs a movie.
  5. That'll be an absolute riot! I've got tickets for a day party or two, Love International, and then also Alfresco Disco further into August. As long as one of them happens I'll be content, I just need that one dance y'know
  6. I think it's around that number capacity wise. It's at the Garden in Tisno. Over the space of two weeks Dimensions festival runs first, then Hospitality on the Beach and then finally Love International. Not sure if three festivals running in the same location over two weeks helps or hinders them!
  7. Does anyone know whether festivals in Croatia are likely to happen? I've got tickets for Love International in mid July, taking place in Tisno. All the festival websites are acting like they're happening, but obviously they would say that. The situation seems kinda bad in Croatia, and I'm assuming even best case scenario it's gonna be expensive with tests etc, but I'm keen to know whether the festival itself will even happen.
  8. Zacko


    Really excited for the Woodstock 99 documentary that's supposed to be coming out sometime soon on Netflix. The whole idea that it was "the day the 90's died" fascinates me. The blending of genres like you mentioned, the size of the crowds, and the sheer lawlessness of that weekend are going to make for (hopefully) an incredible watch.
  9. Wow, that very last shot. Proper The Boys vibes on it! I love both, but I'm enjoying F&WS a tiny bit more than WV if I'm honest. WV was more original and a fantastic concept, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't just absolutely love people punching the fuck out of each other.
  10. Zacko


    Watched Cradle 2 the Grave tonight as a sort of tribute, took me right back to being 14 again. It's pretty terrible but somehow has a huge amount of charm at the same time.
  11. The xx set was a bit of a weird one because even as a massive fan I was still a bit surprised at how much everyone was enjoying it. One of my all time Glasto memories for sure. I think they nailed the interaction with the crowd, and it really came across that they were honoured to be playing that particular slot. Unrelated - still a bit gutted I didn't sprint over to Lorde on the OS after them. That looked like an absolute riot as well.
  12. Ah ok, I didn't know that! That makes a lot of sense thinking about it. Agreed with the xx as a perfect sub (although I've got a Jamie xx avatar so I'm probably biased). The Specials and Faithless were two other highlights, perfect weather and atmosphere for both. I was (am?) a huge Smiths fan so I loved Morrissey at the time purely out of novelty, but looking back it was pretty dire and the weather that Friday was a pure slog. Bright Eyes on the OS an hour or so before him was great though.
  13. I've just ended up watching a bit of this on YouTube as I always like to watch Glasto footage from around then. I'm not sure exactly why, but I always feel like sets from those early post-fence years impact me more than footage from about 2013 onwards. Maybe it's because everything is still familiar (the Pyramid, the field etc) but you also get a snapshot of a time where there were no phones filming, and the acts playing those slots were quite different to today. Then again I was only about 14 then so I'm potentially just romanticising it.
  14. Absolutely fantastic 🤣 I basically explained the entire plot to some friends in the park yesterday and it didn't sound unlike this. Not sure they believed me when I said the characters go to the actual centre of the earth.
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