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  1. Currently reading "The Great Influenza" which is a fantastic book on the whole thing. Parts are like an actual horror movie, cities just running out of coffins because of the numbers of dead, mass graves, blood coming out of eyes etc. Cheery stuff! (But an incredibly fascinating book)
  2. Zacko


    UR? Not sure who's even in it at this point, but that'd be brilliant.
  3. Zacko


    This might be my favourite ever efests post after a decade or so on this forum. It's just bloody brilliant really isn't it? Raves. Parties. Whatever. I can't think of any comparable feeling in any other form of music or art. When the moment is just RIGHT, and everything comes together. Especially that first time when you just "get it" and you almost go on autopilot and everything just works out perfectly. Gerd for the first time as well, truly perfect!
  4. Zacko


    Went for Glitterbox NYE a few months ago, and had a loooot of fun. As others have mentioned, the soundsystem is absolutely fantastic. There's basically stacks running the length of the hall, and they sound so bloody good. Someone dropped Breach - Everything You Never Had and it just THUMPED. Went to Bicep live there too, but they didn't use the "normal" room that night. It was in the bigger sort of square space to the left, and while it was incredible I do prefer that main hall as it feels slightly more special.
  5. Zacko

    Other Stage Shooting

    Four Horsemen... Foals confirmed?
  6. Zacko

    Other Stage Shooting

    The Shipping Forecast Steve Wright in the Afternoon Sounds of the 80s with Gary Davies Pablo Honey
  7. Those first few mixtapes were absolutely out of this world. Didn't know he had a falling out with Drake, interesting stuff.
  8. Zacko


    Christ I'm BUZZING to get back in those fields now, missed out in 2019 so it'll have been three years since I last went!
  9. Zacko

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    The Dua > Kenny dream party scenario is officially over which is a shame, but fair play for managing to get actual LDR > Kenny. Other festivals would kill for that.
  10. Zacko

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    Huge booking this. Not sure I'll be there, but absolutely fantastic for the festival!
  11. Zacko


    Reading your description it is making me wanna go now! (Not that I didn't before, but you've framed it perfectly). I think you're exactly right. When I sit down at a club I usually find it's because it's all a bit much inside, then you go back in and it's immediately entering that dark wall of sound again. Obviously that can be perfect and what you want a lot of the time, but it can be also be a struggle.
  12. Zacko


    Honestly think Houghton would finish me off if I did it properly. Fair play. Then again, there's not much that can't be fixed with a few hours kip and a massive smoothie, followed by climbing the mountain again with your pals and some lovely lovely tunes.
  13. Got into Shangs earlyish on the Friday night in 2017 and saw Sly-One and some others there, really cool venue! DJ Yoda did his Stranger Things AV set, which was brilliant. I didn't watch the TV show at the time, but went out to the bar and came back and he played The Smiths followed by The Cure and then The Clash - such a great ten minutes or so. Ended up there again about 5 hours later for Eats Everything doing a rave set at 6 or 7am. Zombies everywhere (including me).
  14. Zacko

    Pyramid Subs 2020

    That chorus is absolutely massive, fully in for the Dua and Kenny Pyramid PARTY.
  15. Zacko


    That's a beautifully varied lineup. Vibes upon vibes upon vibes!
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