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  1. I just miss the late night areas so much. 09/10/11 I wasn't that into DJ's or electronic music so didn't really experience that side. 2017 I cained it a bit but mainly at Arcadia/SH, and one night in Shangs. Then missed out on tickets for 2019 entirely. So...2022 fully going for it with three full nights in Block9/Shangs? Just, wow. I spent the first 4 months of 2022 in South America partying a lot, but it seems completely insignificant in comparison to how good last weekend was. There's just something about that corner of Somerset that makes it special.
  2. I had a lot of fun at the Calvin set tbh. It was a bit of a shame he didn't mix it up compared to his usual stuff (sounded basically identical to his Big Weekend set) but I can't lie, screaming One Kiss and Slide etc with all my mates as I was floating in space after Four Tet was a bloody riot. Then straight off to Shangs after. Mate who was working Arcadia all weekend also said Calvin was proper sound and DJ'd backstage after too. We like to see it!
  3. Zacko

    2023 Headliners

    I do like The 1975 and think they have some great tunes (and are actually a bit more interesting and original sonically than lots give them credit for), but the thought of them headlining feels really off post 2022 festival. Just feels like there are way more suitable candidates with more to say? It feels like the festival is now at a stage where each headliner starts a conversation about something when you tell someone that they're headlining. Yet at the same time I could also see it happening, idk. It's a weird one. I suppose 2019 shows that a "normal" act like The Killers can headline.
  4. Zacko


    I've been a big fan of the album cause I thought it was a a vibe, but I was also so pleasantly surprised by how good her live show is on top of this. Agree that the songs just seem to make sense in the context of the rest of the set (really like the stage setup and her band too) Gutted not many of my friends saw her tbh!
  5. It was so unbelievably rammed wasn't it? Sunday morning in there felt borderline dangerous at times. Haven't been since 2017 but I much preferred the old setup, it almost felt like this year the stage area was so big that it just attracted everyone because it seemed an obvious place to go (but without the capacity to meet this demand).
  6. Zacko

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Definitely think this is the defining thing an artist needs to do for a memorable slot. You of course need a few tunes, but something about an artist recognising the significance of it all just always absolutely gets me. Fender having tears in his eyes made me well up too.
  7. This x 100. Mentioned it about 50 times in various threads and Whatsapp groups now but just, FUCKING HELL. https://djpooch.bandcamp.com/track/sexy-lady-feat-de-legal - As soon as I hear this I'm transported straight back to the very peak of it.
  8. Zacko

    2023 Headliners

    Fender crowd felt ENORMOUS, but I got there before Phoebe ended so not great timing for me. I should have come down from the back rather than trying to get in at the side, proper rookie error that,
  9. Zacko

    paolo nutini

    Had no idea he even played until I opened this thread! Love that, only at Glastonbury haha.
  10. Ditto haha Not so much a hack really, but whoever started the Fresh and Black hype on here forever has my gratitude and love. Those few extra hours each morning really were a gamechanger after finishing up at 6/7am most nights. I've never been one for buying nice tents (as I hate camping) but I can safely say that was one of the best purchases I've made!
  11. Zacko


    I fucking loved it, but I was always going to tbh. Just wish she'd been on the Friday.
  12. It's so funny cause I was thinking "this is basically like the Taylor cider bus thing all over again" 😅 One thing I will say is it was one of the few times I was completely sober haha. Reckon Fleetwood would get agargantuanm crowd. Almost my entire group would go see them, whereas not many of us saw Macca.
  13. SO good. Incredible euphoria mixed with the tinge of sadness to be going home, and with a huge dose of gratitude for the festival generally.
  14. Personally think this is now sitting as my favourite DJ sets ever, the vibes were IMMACULATE.
  15. I stood next to/behind "him" waiting to cross the road (you know when the stewards make you wait while a vehicle comes past) so I had a good ten seconds of staring. I really wish I'd asked whether he was Mick Fleetwood now, we're both from basically the same town so that could have been the in!
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