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  1. Zacko

    Duran Duran?

    Thought they absolutely smashed it out of the park at Bestival back in 2015. The Wild Boys, Hungry Like the Wolf, then a View to a Kill as their opening three - No hanging about.
  2. I thought for awhile about this, and I think for me it's the realisation you get on the Wednesday afternoon that there are so many possibilities for your weekend, and that you really just have no control over any of it. You can plan what bands you want to see, and you can have the most detailed ideas in your head about how you want your Friday night to go, but ultimately your absolute favourite moment of the weekend is likely to be dancing with your pals in some tiny micro venue as a DJ you've never heard of plays Manic Monday dressed as a lobster.
  3. God, it's bloody happening now isn't it.
  4. Zacko


    Thought they absolutely smashed it at Lovebox in the tent - the atmosphere was so unique!
  5. Zacko


    Glad you enjoyed Motion! And brilliant review. I feel like I've learnt more in that club over the years than I ever did at school, college or Uni.
  6. Zacko


    Aye we had to move cause there were absolutely fucked people just ruining it for us! I mean I love a party favour as much as the next guy, but I think boshing them at Massive Attack whilst images of refugees and war flash up on screen might send me the wrong way.
  7. Zacko


    They play a bit of Avicii - Levels at one point near the end, and flash something about Adidas up on screen? Fuck knows what it was about but it sounded banging on that soundsystem tbh, so I think their intention was lost haha. Then again they had an actual Cocteau Twin with them so that's unbeatable. Horace Andy doing See a Man's Face as well, OOOOFTTT.
  8. Zacko


    Just got back from Massive Attack at Steel Yard/Filton Airfield (is it the same Steelyard they use for Creamfields, Prydz live etc?). Loved it! So much power in some of those tunes. Mezzanine isn't my favourite album of theirs so it did drag a tiny bit at points, but nothing major. The imagery and visuals are also a bit A Level Philosophy "consumerism is bad", but all in all a great night out.
  9. Zacko

    The Cure

    The MTV Unplugged version, oooooft. An absolute beauty.
  10. Zacko


    Gerd is a force of nature isn't he.
  11. Zacko

    2019 Headliners

    With The Streets I feel like in the past four or five years there's been a big recognition of how influential the first three albums are. Remember seeing them at Boardmasters 09 (I think) when I was about 17 and really enjoying it, but not really having a clue outside of Fit But You Know It. It wasn't until I went to Uni that I really started to appreciate the albums as a whole, and the influence they've had. Almost like he needed to go away to come back sort of thing?
  12. Just a truly incredible band, with more artistic progression than perhaps any other act I can think of. I always hoped that one day against the odds I'd get to see them, along with a reformed Cocteau Twins - alas.
  13. Zacko


    Good choice not having Bicep on under the junction/bridge/motorway/road/whatever - would be absolutely rammo.
  14. Zacko


    Very good point - if I get Glasto tickets then hopefully I can see or two there! Off to Amsterdam in April for a stag and I'm hoping we can wrangle a proper night out at least one of the nights. Sods law that we're there the week before Awakenings though.
  15. Zacko


    Who in the everloving fuck am I going to see the Saturday of Junction 2!? My head says Maceo b2b Tale, my desire to see some absolute techy groovers says Loco (no Loco no party), but my heart says Amelie But then maybe I wanna be under the motorway for Beyer...or in the woods.....HELP
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