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  1. The floods in Crickhowell look horrible. The A40 is closed there due to the weather. I wonder how much of Glanusk Park is underwater?
  2. Flat Worms would fit in nicely with Ty Segall. New album on the way and they are over here in August.
  3. Went to see John last night and got Black Midi tomorrow. No point asking either if they are playing GM because they are already booked! Likewise Murder Capital who I'm seeing next week. I didn't see them but Wife Swap USA played Southampton on Friday. Their first ever gig was in Brighton a few days before and sold out. Pretty crazy gigs apparently. Could be another possibility for Rising as they seem to have a bit of heat behind them.
  4. Just back from watching Toy play live. They'd do a decent job in the Far Out.
  5. Cheers for the Truck info. Most appreciated. I love Gruff Rhys live. Seen him a fair few times and always really enjoyed it. Yes, Parquet Courts smashed it at EOTR and they're probably my top band to see at GM this year.
  6. Has anyone on here been to Truck? Thinking of going this year and wondered what the site is like in comparison to GM and EOTR. Seems like the crowd is generally younger, maybe more student age but they have family camping so presumably there's plenty for kids to do?
  7. Interestingly that's the complete opposite to our family who now spend more time in the Far Out than the other stages. Maybe the shift in styles is GM keeping up with current trends because ultimately they need to shift tickets and having those bands achieves this.
  8. Will's scoring should definitely be weighted with extra points given for guessing people lower down the bill. Maybe one point for a headliner (we all knew Caribou were going to play) and 20 points for acts at the end of the list. In which case I'm declaring myself the winner for predicting Lazarus Kane. Haha.
  9. Not fussed by the main headliners apart from Caribou. Loads of good stuff underneath though. Parquet Courts has got me all excited. Settlers tickets bought.
  10. Woke up thinking today was line up announcement day and now I'm annoyed with myself for getting prematurely excited.
  11. I guess Massive Attack are too big for GM but it would be incredible if they played.
  12. Here's the Settlers info from 2018, couldn't find the programme from last year.
  13. We love Settlers. Gives you so much time to relax into the festival, you feel quite smug on Thursday when everyone is battling to get their stuff from the car and set up their tents. It feels like a holiday and a festival in one. During the day they have some stalls and run workshops. Then from about 7pm each day there is one stage with about 3 or 4 bands. Last year they had some comedy and there's always a pub quiz. I'd highly recommend climbing a mountain and viewing the GM site from the top of it.
  14. If you go to GM it's definitely worth doing Settlers and exploring the local area. There's a load of mountains to climb, caves, beautiful river walks, great pubs. Then there's the evening entertainment on site and various other activities to add. Going from a week at GM makes the 4 days at EOTR seem too short. If you can only get to one and have a family then it's GM. If you just want to watch a stupid amount of good bands from noon to 2am then it's EOTR. Both are just brilliant festivals.
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