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  1. First timer here. Went to Donington a few times back in the day but never Download. Got a few questions if you don't mind. Had a quick look on the info section of the website but couldn't see the answers. Can you take alcohol into the arena? How far is the walk from car park to quiet camping (yeah, I know, I'm old) How strict are searches when you get there? Are gazebos allowed in campsite?
  2. Really happy with the addition of Wand. There's already more than enough for me and still time for another announcement.
  3. Went to see Sports Team last night. They smashed the place, reckon they'd go down a treat at GM. Walt Disco were supporting. They sounded like a less mental version of HMLTD.
  4. Oh Sees start the European leg of their tour on 23rd August. I know they played GM 2 years ago and EOTR last year but I'd love it if they slotted GM into their schedule. EOTR is out because they have other gigs all that weekend before playing London on 6th September (booked tickets for that already)
  5. Yes! I wandered past on the way back to the tent to get something for my son and stayed for the rest of the set. They were brilliant.
  6. We only caught about half an hour of that. Horrible clash with King Gizzard, Slowdive and Oh Sees. By the time we got to the tent it was rammed and we could only just get in near the back. Ended up leaving to watch Slowdive. Still annoyed, although slight consolation that I managed to grab a copy of that limited 12" they were selling earlier in the day. I'm really looking forward to seeing Four Tet at Green Man, although I'd prefer him to be in the Far Out rather than the Mountain Stage.
  7. Fortunately we don't have to decide between them because we're going to both.
  8. Oops. I was looking on both forums at the same time and then got massively distracted by the new King Gizzard video. My point about showers still stands, although it's probably the same at every festival now!
  9. There are showers, can be massive queues in the morning. Food very good and plenty of choice, beer pretty decent but they always run out in the ale tent. Also have a Beavertown Bar if you don't mind their prices.
  10. As many have said, not fussed with the headliners but then I always prefer stuff on the Garden Stage anyway. Fontaines DC, Murder Capital, Parquet Courts and Goat Girl are big draws for my eldest so that will keep him happy. So happy that Kathryn Joseph is playing, been wanting to see her for ages. The undercard is very good. Quite a lot of crossover with Green Man although I'm never going to complain about seeing Pigs Pigs Pigs twice in a couple of weeks.
  11. Wow, that's a very decent start! Booked our settlers passes. Pigs x 7 are going to tear the place apart.
  12. We go to both most years and I love them equally. Green Man has far more to do aside from the music, especially if you have kids with you because there is loads for them. It's also better for beer if you like that sort of thing! Music wise there's a fair amount of crossover. You occasionally get the same band playing at both but it's more like they do alternate years between the 2 festivals. We always have a settlers pass which enables you to go for a week and mooch around the surrounding area for a few days. Even then they have plenty of activities on and music on one stage in the evenings, mostly local-ish bands but normally decent. Because of the larger capacity Green Man do book slightly bigger acts, and if anything there's actually more room just to chill out and relax because the site has quite a bit of space in-between stages. They are announcing the first lot of acts tomorrow.
  13. Eels are around the week before. Maybe they'll do Green Man though. I'm going to both so either would be fine.
  14. Some predictions: Fontaines DC have to be a shoe in. They'll be in huge demand on the festival circuit this year. Went to see Heavy Lungs last night. They'd do a job of getting the moshers going in the Big Top. Daniel Avery would be great. Fur would go down a storm. Murder Capital probably a decent shout too. Really want some kind of Ty Segall performance. I'd take Fuzz or him and White Fence. Not fussed as long he's there. Oh and Parquet Courts. Please book Parquet Courts.
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