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  1. benali

    2022 New Music

    Four Tet has finally released the song everyone's been wanting for the past few months. Huge tune. I expect it will be played at every festival this summer. This guy is an all time great. Short version on the YouTube vid, full version at Bandcamp https://fourtet.bandcamp.com/track/looking-at-your-pager
  2. benali

    2022 New Music

    The music machine that is John Dwyer shows no sign of slowing down. New from OSees
  3. Sounds great, wish I was there. What were Powerplant like? Been really getting into them recently and the clips I've seen of their live shows look chaotic!
  4. Jealous. You'll have an amazing time.
  5. benali

    Arcade Fire

    Bands can decide what venues they play to avoid all this shit. It's totally in their hands if they want it to be. No one is forcing them to use Ticketmaster, there's plenty of other non-shady ticket companies out there. Arcade Fire must be absolutely minted. They can give something back to the fans who got them to that point by making gigs affordable and if that means cutting down on the stage set up etc then so be it. People are going for the music. Turn up, plug in and play. I saw them at Brixton Academy back in the day, they weren't ripping anyone off then so why do it now?
  6. Goa Express tonight in Southampton. Really enjoyable gig. We had a proper encore, the music had come on the PA and they'd starting unplugging instruments but got persuaded to do another song which meant they had to have a discussion about what to play.
  7. Happens all the time at smaller venues, but I've never seen an Academy size band do it before. If they can do it surely everyone can!
  8. benali

    Arcade Fire

    It's the American way. Very normal over there. I know the guy who runs First Avenue. He's English still can't get his head around what people will pay over there.
  9. Such a great gig. Love the way they came on after Container, set up everything themselves and then started less than 15 minutes later. Was great fun down the front. John Dwyer really is a God. And he gave haribo out to the crowd!
  10. Coach Party tonight. They were alright, good fun but nothing to get massively excited about. First band of the night were a new local one called Wonderlux playing their first gig. Some 90's influenced grunge type stuff going on. Sure they'll be getting a load of support slots around here so will see how they progress with interest.
  11. benali

    2022 New Music

    Ouch. They played it at EOTR last summer. Remember it from then because of the chorus. I really like it.
  12. benali

    2022 New Music

    Crack Cloud are back, and as brilliant as ever. New album 1st August.
  13. They were on top form. Best live band in the world bar none in my opinion. Considering its John Dwyer, one of the most prolific and talented artists on the planet, you have to love the fact he wanders on stage straight after the support with the rest of the band, helps drags the 2 drum sets to the front of the stage, quickly sets up a bit of equipment, plugs his guitar in and starts. None of this ridiculous charade of sending a guitar technician out to fake tune an instrument that's already been sorted. No pissing around and coming out 5 minutes late even though you literally have all day to prepare. 12 minutes after the support finished they were into the first song. They started 5 minutes early and smashed out a straight 95 minute set rammed of their best songs to a smiling, happy crowd. Fun mosh pit too. No messing around with encores. Plug in, play, finish. Just how all gigs should be. VID20220510205554.mp4
  14. OSees tomorrow, Coach Party on Thursday and Goa Express on Friday. A good week.
  15. I would be if the venues allowed entry to under 18's. I go to most gigs with my son who is 16 and some places have strict age policies. I had a frustrating conversation with one in Brighton who advertise that they are "inclusive to all". Turns out they are, apart from when I asked if I could take my son. I know it's council licensing rules, but imagine you live in Brighton, are 16/17 and massively into music but can't go to any gigs. Other 18+ venues such as Boiler Rooms in Guildford seem a bit more accommodating and allow him in with a wristband. It's not like he even wants to drink alcohol anyway!
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