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  1. Just putting the last bits in the car. Will be leaving shortly. I'll post up set times once I'm there and have got a copy of the programme. Aaaaaarrrggghhhhhhhh!!!!!
  2. Weather looks a bit pants for next week!
  3. Getting a 2021 shout in early. This EP by Skullcrusher is gorgeous and would be a perfect mid afternoon Walled Garden set. http://imskullcrusher.bandcamp.com/album/skullcrusher
  4. Getting a 2021 shout in early. This EP by Skullcrusher is gorgeous and would be a perfect mid afternoon Walled Garden set. http://imskullcrusher.bandcamp.com/album/skullcrusher
  5. The only ones I know on that list are Ditz, Team Picture, Lounge Society, Courting, Nuha Ruby Ra. All good, all very different to each other. Am I wrong to presume all of these were going to play Rising Stage this year?
  6. Ty Segall won't be playing next year, he's just announced a US tour with shows pretty much every day in August. Gutted.
  7. King Gizzard were way bigger when they headlined. They were riding the crest of a wave at the time and had also put on a stunning set in the Far Out 2 years before. They've released some less well received stuff since but back then they were on top form. Phoebe Bridgers is good and all, but really don't see her as a headliner until another album is out. Even playing all the songs from both albums would leave her half an hour shy of filling a 2 hour slot!
  8. The festivals we were going to have all given the option of a refund or keeping tickets until next year. Can't see why GM would be any different.
  9. Truck has been cancelled. Only a matter of time before GM goes the same way 😢
  10. When this all finishes every band will want to get out and play gigs. It's going to be relentless. If GM is one of the first major events after lockdown people will be fighting for a set at the festival.
  11. If they had to cancel a load of acts and rebook more UK artists I'd imagine that no one would care because we'd all be happy just to be outside at a festival. Heck, at this moment I'd be happy if someone like Black Midi were catapulted up to headline and the Far Out was opened up each day by a random busker from Cardiff.
  12. Nice move by the chancellor to say pubs, bars etc don't have to pay business rates for the next year. He's seemingly far more competent and assured than his idiot boss. Probably because he's a Southampton fan, all the best people are! Even people not from this city here have heard of The Joiners. They've started a GoFundMe to raise money to keep them going, over 50% of the way to their target in half a day. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-survive-corona-virus
  13. I'm clinging on the fact that there will be a lot of amazing gigs when all this is over. Boris has really thrown the venues and promoters under a bus today by telling people to stay at home but then not ordering them to actually close. If that instruction carries on much longer then a lot of them could go bust and that could have a catastrophic effect on the industry. I went to a small gig this evening. About 50 people showed up, but many more tickets had been sold. We have a load of stuff booked over the next couple of months but I can't see any of it going ahead.
  14. The floods in Crickhowell look horrible. The A40 is closed there due to the weather. I wonder how much of Glanusk Park is underwater?
  15. Flat Worms would fit in nicely with Ty Segall. New album on the way and they are over here in August.
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