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  1. Saw them in Pompey a couple of weeks ago, they are very good live. Went to see Fenne Lilly tonight, was a lovely gig and she was great. There was a band called Wren on first, reckon they will be big. Not really my sort of thing but they had a crap load of equipment for someone third on the bill at a small venue and were bloody good at what they do. I can see some heavy promotion coming for them next year.
  2. Got 4 for Southampton, was pretty easy but then I went through the Joiners own site rather than See Tickets as they would obviously have more traffic on the dedicated ticket site. Glad I got them, I go there when there's like 30 people in the crowd and donated during lockdown so it seems fair I also get them for a gig when everyone and their dog is clamouring for tickets.
  3. 1. Floating Points and Pharaoh Sanders - Promises 2. Low - Hey What 3. Madlib - Sound Ancestors 4. Nala Sinephro - Space 1.8 5. Little Simz - SIMBI 6. Black Country New Road - For The First Time 7. Grouper - Shade 8. HTRK - Rhinestones 9. Wiki - Half God 10. Space Afrika - Honest Labour Just missing out are Dean Blunt, Joy Orbison, Laila Sakini, Hannah Peel, Green House, Richard Dawson and KMRU. It's been an absolutely amazing year.
  4. My tastes are more along the lines of The Quietus and the Gorilla Vs Bear lists. There's still loads on there I haven't heard of which is how it should be because I'll no doubt be turned on to something new. To be honest I find some of the music people champion on this forum to be dull and predictable and I certainly don't want to read a load of lists from journalists that feature a load of the same albums in a different order. There's some absolutely brilliant music by artists that are more obscure but being a smaller artist doesn't mean they can't make incredible music. For example the HTRK album is excellent and in my top 10 but they are on a small label and don't have the resources to massively promote it. Doesn't mean it's not as good as an album by a big artist who has the ability to thrown a load of money at it.
  5. benali

    2021 New Music

    Nah, album of 2022 will be caroline or deathcrash.
  6. Saw them in the summer at Green Man, yeah they were fun live.
  7. Truck line up. The usual mix of questionable bigger acts with some decent stuff sprinkled in down the order.
  8. I haven't seen much Cavalcade love either, although not sure it's a great album even though it has some excellent songs. To me they are so much more a live band than one I go back to on record much. I'm waiting for the Boomkat and Quietus lists to take me to some random places. I'm hoping they show some love for artists like HTRK, Perila and Laila Sakini who have all released beautiful records this year. I've had a couple of goes at Magdalena Bay but just can't get on with it. Maybe I should try again.
  9. Personally I think you are missing something. There's an atmosphere created that is far away from what I imagine people listen to in the wine bars I never go to! Have you sat down, headphones on and listened to it in one go? There's so much subtlety and some beautiful, intricate passages on the record. Sometimes music is all the better for having space and being allowed to breath and that's what happens here. Add into that Sanders heartfelt playing and it really is a remarkable album.
  10. Decent list that one, especially as they are one of the first to get number 1 correct! A few on there I haven't heard so will give them a listen. Weather Station high up there too. Much like you I haven't given it too much of a listen. Glad to see Wednesday get a mention, and L'Rain. Really liked both of those. Some albums released late in the year are missing out a bit. For example the Grouper album which is just so good hasn't had much of a look in on any lists I've seen.
  11. benali

    2021 New Music

    Wet Leg at the Joiners, haha. Oh my. They already had a tour of reasonably small venues planned for April as that's when they play Wedgewood Rooms. Will be Academy size venues by the end of the year.
  12. So jealous of the Lice and Keg gig. 2 of the best live bands out there at the moment. If you haven't seen Keg before you are in for a treat. The venue for Pigs on Monday is crap but it's still Pigs.
  13. Exactly. Another example would be Kate Bush who did 20 odd nights at Hammersmith rather than a few O2 gigs which was amazing for those of us who got tickets because she wasn't 3 postcodes away. I guess you could argue that she should have toured around but the show had so much going on that the hassle of transporting all the props and kit would have been immense. But yeah, Kate Bush only played Hammersmith so she's not big enough to headline Glastonbury.
  14. Pozi at the Joiners tonight was decent. Got a couple of nights off and then it's Pigsx7 on Monday.
  15. Went to watch Black Midi tonight in an old theatre in Portsmouth. Was a bit weird sitting down to watch them rather than jumping around at the front but it ended up being an absolutely brilliant gig. They seemed to love the venue. Came on like they were in a pantomime, sang loads of lyrics about the area and the sax player ended up in a box during one song. They played the Blue Peter theme in the middle of John L and half the songs were just random ones that haven't been released. It was fun Black Midi and I absolutely loved it.
  16. Went to see Fur at Heartbreakers in Southampton tonight. A pretty small venue for them compared to others on the tour. They were alright, some of the songs were a bit generic indie for me but definitely gained extra marks for giving away merch at a free raffle halfway through and for the Saints supporting bassist wearing an old Saints shirt on stage.
  17. benali

    2021 New Music

    Saw them play that on their recent tour. They are decent live and not pretentious at all like some of the London bands can be. Reckon they'll do pretty well for themselves.
  18. benali

    Grammys 2022

    In what world are Arlo Parks and Fleet Foxes seen as alternative? The fact that horseshit album by Kanye gets nominated so many times tells me everything I need to know about these awards. PVA making the list in the remix category is funny though.
  19. benali

    2021 New Music

    I find them quite amusing but maybe wouldn't through repeat listening. They are fun live and I'm seeing them again next year but I'd never buy a record or play their music at home.
  20. Molly Parden UK tour. For fans of Faye Webster and that sort of thing.
  21. It's a very strong line up. Agree about Daniel Avery, he's nailing it with every release.
  22. This NEEDS to happen. I will probably cry if they do.
  23. Low!!! Please let it happen. Freddie Gibbs would be amazing too.
  24. Back from Porridge Radio at the Wedgewood Rooms in Pompey. Great set, the new songs sounded really good. Lovely people too. Good to see @SighMo there even if he does weirdly disagree with me about Floating Points & Pharaoh Sanders being album of the year.
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