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  1. Much more likely to be vaccine resistant and be more transmittable, in comparison to the usual mutations. I mean give this a read : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59418127
  2. New variant has 5x the number of mutations as delta did. 85%.
  3. It's extra funny because there's no such thing as class.. *hides*
  4. Me in this thread right now https://media.tenor.com/images/561a7fc8b7f53b5fe37b7e7df541ede9/tenor.gif
  5. 90%, definitely very far from over in Europe with various lockdowns coming in, but don't think it'll impact next summer.
  6. This is 98.4% likely to be correct.
  7. Great to see PSB on there too. Would think that pretty much confirms them for Glasto right?
  8. A shame tbh, she was an excellent surprise to me in 2019.
  9. Until this changes, my money is firmly on Kendrick and Macca...as much as I absolutely love reading the speculation and speculating myself!
  10. Fairly sure it's still gonna be Kendrick and Macca to be honest!
  11. Blahhh now seeing Manchester is cancelling all fireworks events as well. I know I keep banging the same drum but I am getting increasingly worried. Still 75% though. Have to agree with the calls for the covid thread to return here though, it was good for news updates if nothing else.
  12. This forum is rather an outlier when it comes to opinions on Coldplay, I feel.
  13. No queue, straight in! Realised being in Liverpool that Hampden Park and Wembley are almost exactly the same distance away so fine with Glasgow 🙂
  14. I got tickets in Glasgow after assuming being 70,000th in the queue for Wembley was no good. Perhaps it would have been. Oh well!
  15. Dumb yes, but no relevance.. Sadly not. With covid cases and deaths rapidly increasing, I can absolutely see an early call cancelling glasto. For the record, I have a ticket. I'm desperate for it not to be the case. I'm just pointing out that 100% sure it will happen is.. a little hasty.
  16. I love the positivity, but I don't see how you can be so confident when large gatherings are still being cancelled!
  17. So it is! Sorry. But they have been cancelled again.
  18. 80%, mildy concerned by this - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/coronavirus-london-new-years-eve-fireworks-cancelled-sadiq-khan-b481903.html
  19. Dave's brother? Well, way to ruin the fun! (also, why isn't it always this easy 😂)
  20. Is it odd that he specifically asks about Saturday night?
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