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  1. Two weeks into Colombia and I've not been to any big events yet, just smaller clubs, but I had an absolute banger in Medellin on Friday. Bottom two floors were the standard reggaeton (as like most places in Colombia) but the third floor rooftop terrace was an utter VIBE. Some absolutely amazing house music getting pumped out as we overlooked the city, and everyone on that floor was just loving it. I was reaching for Shazam constantly but my Colombian sim had run out of data and the offline Shazam thing doesn't seem to have worked. Gutted. Does mean that the night is now just an amazing memory in my head, which sometimes is better.
  2. I do think Secret Wars is one of the only ways they'll ever top Endgame. The Russo's also seem to be indicating that they'd potentially come back for it too.
  3. Zacko

    2022 Headliners

    Bey would be fantastic again (just as she was in 2011). It feels long enough ago that it wouldn't feel like too much of a repeat. 2011 Beyonce was massive, but 2022 Beyonce would be another level, particularly post Coachella.
  4. Zacko

    2022 Headliners

    He reaaaally needs to headline doesn't he? Fuck it, bring back the 2011 tumblr era while we're at it. The House of Balloons days were so great.
  5. I don't know why I'm so invested in this, but I fucking love the drama of it all.
  6. Zacko

    2023 Headliners

    That's such an incredibly strong Pyramid trio, I'd probably be there every night.
  7. Zacko

    2023 Headliners

    I think Disclosure ditching the live show and now just DJing also puts a bit of a dent in how good a booking they would be. Not sure if it's a permanent ditching, but I get the sense it may be based on what was said on their Twitch streams.
  8. Absolute groover of a track ❤️ Agreed re the crowds! I think NYD was even more so this vibe because you just know anyone out on NYD is up for a proper party. Loved it. I think that's my final UK rave until at least April now, feels a bit weird but Glasto will loom large when I'm back and I CAN NOT WAIT.
  9. NYE was fairly uneventful (we DJ'd a mates house party) but made the super last minute decision to go to Strange Brew last night for Chris Farrell, Ellie Stokes, and some others. Wowww, so fucking good! Incredible and super friendly crowd where everyone was just out for a great time. Me and my flat mate two man missioned it so we were fully on that meeting new people vibe and it happened so effortlessly. One of those ones where you could dance on your own for awhile and then just meet a new pal instantly. Can't believe this was my first time at Strange Brew, just as I'm about to go to South America for three months. Already missing the place. The tunes were potentially the most on point for any event I've ever been to as well. Some proper heads down techno, some naughty 303 acid wobblers, New Order, Blondie, Womack & Womack, even a bit of punk and Bronski Beat as the last song - it had it ALL. Special mention to this lovely little Kylie refix:
  10. Looks absolutely incredible doesn't it!
  11. The worst starting eleven in history
  12. The guy with the now frozen leg as well 😐
  13. So happy that it's doing absolutely huge numbers box office wise as well, it's even beat the Infinity War opening in the US. Insane considering we're in a pandemic. As much as Sony are usually awful, fair play to them on this one. Hopefully it means we continue to have Spider-Man in the MCU for the foreseeable future (assuming Holland comes back, which I assume he will when they pull up in front of his house with a dumptruck full of money).
  14. Agreed with the above, that final third was just a fucking delight. Did anyone else have cheering and clapping during the big moments? The money I'd pay to not be an absolute nerd who spends so much time online, cause I bet those reveals would be INCREDIBLE with no prior knowledge.
  15. Ooft this is fucking great! Thank you. It was so refreshing to just have a different sound pumping out through the speakers last night. Completely stole the show! One of them ones where you could be stone cold sober and still be absolutely causing it.
  16. Oosh, beautiful stuff! Had a great time last night, Joy O was a vibe. I was most surprised by Dar Disku on the little outdoor stage though (well, a tent with lightboxes for walls, fantastic setup). They played an incredible set of Middle Eastern and Arabic influenced house/techno/disco sounds, the place was absolutely bumping. Really really original, and a proper breath of fresh air. If any of you get a chance to see them, I'd very much recommended!
  17. Joy O and Evan Baggs tonight in an old torpedo factory, felt like this one has properly crept up on me! Somehow never seen Joy even though he's probably my favourite producer all things considered. This could be a good one.
  18. Went in 2019 and there's some serious vibes at the stage under the motorway. If I went again I'd do the Friday for sure. It was all a bit samey on the Saturday. Not bad by any means, and I had a great time, but I wanted a few more shoulder-shakers by the end of the day yaknow
  19. Zacko

    2023 Headliners

    My Mum sent me a text the other day saying how much she likes him, so he's passed the eFestivals Mum test at least. Re Boardmasters, I find it so intriguing that it's a major player now. Used to go as a teenager to drink warm cans and smoke probably-oregano with every other teenager in Cornwall when it was headlined by The Pigeon Detectives. You love to see it.
  20. Definitely seems that way doesn't it? A real shame. The countless sweaty nights and early mornings I've had in that place ❤️
  21. Zacko


    Always get goosebumps watching the first few minutes. Inserting Glastonbury into the lyrics, the 'fuckin' ell''.... you just knew she was there to absolutely slay it. Can only imagine how amazing it was when to be there in person.
  22. Zacko

    2022 Headliners

    It's the grin he gives to the camera that absolutely breaks me 😂
  23. Really enjoyed reading this. Find the process process of festivals and booking acts so fascinating. Absolutely devoured that Coachella doc that came out last year. Had also forgot about the Cocteau Twins part, that's an interesting what if.
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