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  1. Seriously considering this after failing in the Glastonbury sale. Would be looking at RIP and getting an Airbnb or a hotel. Can anyone recommend a good area to be looking for accommodation? Just looking to price this up and then try and sell it to my mates.
  2. Henrik

    Sold out

    Oh well, I'm sure there is some other bullshit festival I can trot along to FFS
  3. Henrik

    T-Day Soundtrack

    Faith The Limp Bizkit version
  4. You're doing well. I have never seen it!
  5. Henrik

    2019 New Music

    New Menzingers album out today sounding very good on first listen. Very similar vibe to their last album which is no bad thing.
  6. Henrik

    How Big Is Your Team?

    10 people - all trying on Sunday. I really hope I can break my losing streak of 6 attempts, 6 fails The only times I have ever made it to Glasto is when other people have come through for me.
  7. Henrik

    2019 New Music

    Girl Band are bloody brilliant.
  8. Henrik

    2019 New Music

    New Hobo Johnson album out today is all kinds of good!
  9. Ideally you'll want to be in Newport. Places book up pretty quickly though so I would start looking now. Buses are pretty good on the Island, especially during festival weekend, so if you end up a bit further out it's no big issue.
  10. Yeah, I was expecting about 80 tbh
  11. That's not too bad. Cheers!
  12. What do we reckon for prices for this Slipknot tour? I'll be up for the London date
  13. Henrik

    2019 New Music

    The Hold Steady? It's good, man.
  14. Just got to ride that storm out. Either side of it we are all good. Leaving now! Enjoy, guys. 😀
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