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  1. I saw Andrew WK at Hevy Fest come on to Party Hard. It was brilliant. About 90% of the crowd just walked away when he finished haha
  2. Extremely depressing. As the great Terence Mckenna once said, "we are led by the least among us - the least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary" So painfully true.
  3. Doesn't help that a Labour MP has just been convicted of threating to throw acid in someone's face. What a ghastly woman. That is so much worse than anything the sleazy tories have done this week. What a state. Both parties utterly pathetic. But Labour completely unelectable; they are by far the worst of the two parties.
  4. Henrik

    2021 New Music

    This Self Esteem album is just great. I'm feeeling the hype. Biffy album completely passed me by. I don't think I like them anymore.
  5. It has nothing to do with Brexit lol It has a lot to do with artists earning almost zero from record sales. Gig tickets are not even that expensive.
  6. And don't just bring Bestival back. Bring it home!
  7. Sweet! Hot Water Music too. Awesome!
  8. lol…I assumed there was someone in the Slam Dunk team called Josh.
  9. Great to hear. Got my ticket straight away as the line-up is already enough for me. Hyped that there is so much more to come. Any idea when we might see some more names?
  10. Henrik

    2021 New Music

    Oh really?? Metacritic had it down for today. I've been looking forward to it all week...haha
  11. Henrik

    2021 New Music

    Great new album out today from the mighty Quicksand
  12. That's good news. Cheers man.
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