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  1. Henrik

    Brit Awards 2020

    No you are not. I think she is awful.
  2. They've done it! Reading I'm coming hoooooome!
  3. If Reading have booked RATM I’m heading back after 11 years off. Quite excited at the idea tbh
  4. Good to hear it. I'm seeing at them at the 02 on Saturday - I'm hyped!
  5. Bright Eyes are back!! Awesome!
  6. What’s the deal with Pearl Jam tickets? Have the standard ones sold out? Cheapest I can find are £160 for ten club hideaway whatever that is?
  7. Jeez, how far gone are you lol
  8. John Giddings on the local radio station this morning: "People are really going to have to act fast if they want to secure tickets before this sells out" Dude's got me in stitches.
  9. What are the chances of getting Faith No More on the Pearl Jam day? FNM are teasing something. Would be the stuff of dreams.
  10. Would love to see The Vandals again but I'm not sold either. I've still not forgiven them for the bar situation last year.
  11. Oh OK, I thought you had said earlier in the week you were expecting the announcement this week. My bad.
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