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  1. He's still on the radio loads. Tune in to any 80s station. I will still listen to his records at home, they are great, but personally think he should not be played on the radio.
  2. Just on my way home from 3 nights of Phish in Atlantic City. The gig was on the beach so everyone dancing in the sand. Musically, they are as good as it gets and the shows were utterly spectacular due to the light show. The fan community is wonderful as well, everyone very welcoming to a solo traveller from the UK. I remain convinced that they are one of the most remarkable bands playing live right now, and yet, utterly unknown in the UK. I think they’d go down well at Glastonbury, but cannot see a suitable stage / time where they would fit. It’ll never happen sadly.
  3. A bit of both. Some US IPAs that are apparently good…. And Coors. but I was pre-loading before entry. I caught three nights of Phish in Atlantic City - the concerts were on the beach, so dancing in the sand. A brilliant weekend with some amazing music. The fan community is very friendly and welcoming, which was great as I am travelling solo.
  4. Currently in the US catching some gigs. In the venue, 20z cans of beer (1.2 pints) are $14 (gbp 11.60). There are no queues.
  5. The latest shit from Roger Waters is getting a bit tough to ignore. I saw him tour last time round, and it was stellar. But he’s basically become a pro Putin mouthpiece. The views are bad enough but it’s the self-righteousness that he delivers it with that’s really hard to stomach.
  6. I am in the fortunate financial position where I know I can afford to go next year. That said, if things were tight, Glastonbury is the last thing I’d sacrifice. I’d happily not go to the pub or restaurants, forego takeaways, coffee shops and meal deal lunches between now and next June if that’s what it took.
  7. maelzoid

    Sam Fender

    I have sung his praises plenty in this forum, but his ascent to near certain Glastonbury headliner status has surprised me. This photo was taken less than 12 months ago, and you can get a sense of the scale of the venues he was playing then. This is the Brizzle O2.
  8. Or is it? Although you could argue that they could have sold many more tickets for that one show had they pulled the price down, they will be looking at all the shows they sell for, and will not want to convince the public that they can always get cheaper tickets by waiting. They're creating artificial scarcity to encourage buyers to not think twice about paying full price many months before the event.
  9. Speaking as a fan, I can't imagine Crowded House getting mad about anything ever. Even mildly annoyed seems a stretch. Seriously though, I remember when they pushed back on it and applauded it then. We need many more artists to take similar stands.
  10. Luckily I was inside too, but even then I didn't feel that close. I felt sorry for those stuck outside it, looking over the rail and seeing lots of space at the back of the golden circle. I've called this area the brown circle. Before even seeing the prices, I made the decision to wait until just before the gig to grab some tickets. I am so done with buying tickets this far in advance.
  11. What an insight. I guess I really need to re-examine 30+ years of fandom... 🙄
  12. A big part is that he really mixes up the set lists so catching multiple shows on the same run is worthwhile.
  13. In the4 past, Bruce has done a first-come-first-served on the day thing with the golden circle / pit. Pearl Jam at Hyde Park this week had gold circle for the same price as GA with priority to fan club members, but then on general sale. So it's not down to the BST team. If Bruce is chasing this gold circle coin, I am indeed disappointed. 100 quid for a standard ticket is expensive enough.
  14. Setlist FM says 1996 for a solo show. 1981 for ESB. All at the Playhouse.
  15. Also, very surprised Bruce is back at Hyde Park after the debacle last time. I wonder what the golden circle situation will be.
  16. No Glastonbury for Bruce, but Sunday at Isle of Wight has to be on the cards.
  17. Weirdly, the JP tent is located west of The Woods....
  18. I took the 99% euphemistically. ie. nearly all, rather than an exact figure.
  19. Love in an Elevator? 🤪 I’d love to see it.
  20. maelzoid

    Pilton Party

    Any rumours or indeed speculation on who might play?
  21. I've been thinking about this, and I'm going to stand by my original position. I think just because something is popular and people would enjoy it, is not enough of a reason to book an act. The festival is a taste-maker, an arbiter of credibility and if it has zero standards in terms of quality and just goes on popularity, the overall experience diminishes. I am convinced that the only people interested in a Steps performance would be those who were children back in the day and are going out of personal nostalgia, rather because the music was any good - they always were a triumph of marketing over artistry. I feel the same way about most manufactured music aimed at children, the X-Factor/Voice conveyer belts, novelty acts and tribute acts, all of which would be popular and people would enjoy. But is that the festival we want? I'd much rather those slots be given to lesser known artists who are struggling for exposure in a market dictated by labels. That's not to say every act that would fall into these categories should be dismissed, some of them produced genuinely good music (Girls Aloud) or have evolved into interesting artists (Styles) or are bona fide cultural phenomena (Spice Girls). But not Steps. Never Steps.
  22. Wonderful to hear this. Glad you had a great time. I was also at both nights but am very much a die hard fan. This was my 9th and 10th PJ shows. I just love this band. The immense back catalogue is one thing, but they have just never let me down. They always play with such passion and sincerity. I remain utterly convinced that they would triumph atop the pyramid. I’ve seen one of their ‘hits’ shows at Mad Cool and they know how to play to a festival. Also agree about Hyde Park. Previously I’ve hated it, mostly due to flat crowds. But everything this weekend was top. Logistics and everything worked well and everyone seemed really into it, atmosphere was great.
  23. Not a fan of either, but McFly are an actual band who write and play. Sugababes have originality and character. but if we’re taking about Steps and Blue….? This needs to stop.
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