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  1. Considering the amount of spitting he does, Pob is 100% punk.
  2. Also, if you type Boris Johnson into the wikipedia search bar, the predictive response at number 2 is quite gratifying. If you're going to do it, click on the correct one, to help enhance the algorithm.
  3. Pierce "63 Monthly Listeners" O'Brien is not opening the Pyramid. Just in case anyone hasn't been on that thread and realises this is a joke.
  4. I didn't really want to dredge this up again, but on watching it without the cropping used on twitter, it is quite clear that Patel is sniggering right along with Johnson. (From 1 min onwards). They are disgusting.
  5. Would love it if they came. Never seen them. Certainly they've got a good hour of top-shelf rock to sink your teeth into. Where would they go? Afternoon in the JP? Park or even Avalon or WG? They're not really on anyone's radar these days, but for those old enough to remember, they'd be a treat.
  6. How do we think the announcement would be made? A tweet? Or maybe Emily turns up on the Radio breakfast show to do it in person? A cashless festival seems inevitable, but I don't think the tech is there just yet. They'll need to try it out but also have cash as a reserve just in case - so a half and half set up. I did cashless at download a few years back and it seemed to work quite well (it was a prepaid QR code) but still a bit of a hassle.
  7. How many kids have you got? It's such a simple question and yet he has not ever answered it directly in all these years.
  8. I hear ya. Although I don't know if things would be any better under a consistently left- or right-wing government. I personally think that these trends all come from one policy choice - the refusal to raise the retirement age in line with an increase in life expectancy. And no party has been advocating that. As the cost of supporting an ever growing retired population has increased, rather than increase the retirement age, or raise taxes on those still working, or reduce pensions, just about every government has cut things elsewhere - The NHS, education, public services, housing etc.
  9. Agreed. As boring as it can be, a centrist, moderate approach is usually the one that upsets the least people and has the best chance of succeeding.
  10. The rightmost of the Labour party and the leftmost of the Tories are not as far apart as some people would like to believe.
  11. I assumed it's because Boris keeps telling pork pies...
  12. If we’re playing line-up pontoon with this, I would definitely stick and not twist. I do wonder if Aerosmith might get a slightly longer set than their earlier appearance time might suggest, maybe 80-90 minutes….?
  13. maelzoid

    BBC Glastonbury

    But it is enormously and inexplicably popular. Having never made it through even one episode, one thing that annoys me about it is they made a cinema version of it, and called it "Mrs Browns Boys D'movie" when it really should have been "d'Fillum."
  14. maelzoid

    BBC Glastonbury

    They should also consider iPlayer subscription in the UK for people who don't have a TV license. One thing that puts me off getting a TV license is that it is a year long commitment. If I could pay on a per month basis, I'd be more inclined to sign up for the Glastonbury coverage and the Olympics when they come round. I don't need it for the rest of the year when it's Eastenders and Mrs Brown's boys.
  15. I just can't bear to sit through it, but have seen the headlines. "Nobody said... this was something that was against the rules" Er, yes... The government said it. YOU said it. That's why nobody else was having parties. That's why you kept it secret for 18 months. That's why people are outraged now. This 'defence' just beggars belief.
  16. The thing with Toto is they're down to two original members, and neither is the lead singer. I'd appreciate the hits, but with different vocals, it's not quite the same thing. I'd love to see an hour of Bryan Adams on the Pyramid on a sunny afternoon. He could probably headline some smaller fests, hell even IOW these days, so not sure how he'd feel lower down the bill. As mentioned, Reckless is legit brilliant. He could just play that in full and I'd be happy (and certainly I could do without the Robin Hood song).
  17. I appreciate the sentiment, but I don't want 3 more years of Bozza just to make a Starmer win more likely. He needs to go and in disgrace, because he's fucking awful. I don't want to live in a country where the kind of behaviour that he displays is rewarded. It's on the Tory party to do the right thing and sling him out.
  18. The bottom line with the BBC is that as time goes on, more people will opt out of paying for the TV license as they can get all the ents they want from other streaming services. This will mean that the income is reduced, output is reduced, and this in turn puts more people off. The current method of financing it is unsustainable. I also find it immoral. Forcing people to pay for the BBC in order to watch other channels that are either subscription or ad-supported, with the threat of prison, coupled with the 'detector van' scare tactics / disinformation is not right. I have not had a TV license for 15 years. I only occasionally miss it, but overall glad I switched off.
  19. With Porcupine Tree a going concern again, they would be most likely. Their tour doesn’t start until October, but there may be some room for summer festivals?
  20. I'd like to see the Black Crowes too, but not the session-musician-padded tribute act currently touring under that name!
  21. Chris Rea I have no idea where his health is at since his heart attack, but if ever there was an act in need of a post-ironic critical re-evaluation, he's the guy. Early afternoon on the pyramid would suit nicely.
  22. Has anyone got a sense of how this whole thing is playing with regular Tory voters? I think Boris is a lying scumbag who would never get my vote. But then, I always did, so none of these revelations will have any impact on my voting intentions. I suspect that's true for most of this forum too. I was just wondering how the tory faithful viewed it.
  23. This is wild. I mean, that’s like the Queen saying he’s guilty.
  24. maelzoid


    They have played before back in '94. They would make a fantastic headliner, but I do think Download will try very hard to get them, as they have been struggling for fresh headliners over the last few years, with lots of frequent repeats.
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