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  1. Storm went through the area, mass evacuation of site. Biffy, Megan and Dua Lipa cancelled. (After seeing Dua Lipa at Primavera, they've been spared..)
  2. Update is no update from the band so far.
  3. I went past at 6pm on Wednesday and there was a handful of people in the queue. Got into the Academy at 2030 and it was easy as you like to the front bit. Loads of merch after the show. £35 a tshirt mind..
  4. Everyday is packed! Very much looking forward to it. Off to buy some factor 50 kids.
  5. Great stuff tonight. Really enjoyed it, even if there was no Losing My Edge.
  6. I asked them on Insta on how to get back to the city at night and they said.. Different transportation alternatives will be available. And thats it. Very strange to not publish anything given its a week before kick off!!
  7. Sam Fender pulled out to the surprise of noone.
  8. Done the same at Primavera few weeks back
  9. Holy good god what a start.
  10. Far bigger crowd than I thought
  11. This is incredible. Give anything to be there right now.
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