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  1. Ive been watching the cyclocross from Holland/Belgium since New Year. Seen van Aert do a couple of those as well (normally behind Pidcock..) just waiting to see the man go on the track in a velodrome and then he can do it all!
  2. Beautiful viewing. May take a trip to Huy to watch end of Fleche Wallonne and see the suffering if its possible.
  3. Was that a fake presale earlier? Cant see anyone who got tickets!
  4. gingerevans84


    Had to bite the bullet and get the early entry ticket even though I have no intention of getting their early. Should be a great day.
  5. First show here for 8 years as the 3 of them, I was expecting more to be honest. Bet Calvin Harris would be more. Remember paying nearly £70 to see Tiesto at Victoria Park few years back.
  6. Reckon they could go down the pop route? Someone like Beyonce or JT? Editors are always available anyway.
  7. Saw DMA's in Kingston last night, bought tickets 18 months ago on the strength of them being played on the radio loads. Wasn't expecting much but a great show. Sure they'll be at a few festivals next year.
  8. I bought through Ticketmaster and it worked straight away. €34 each.
  9. Coldplay have a 5th Wembley show. 20th August.
  10. 4th Coldplay show at Wembley, 19th August. Took me 47 minutes to get through this morning for 2 standing for the 16th. Will be crazy tomorrow morning.
  11. Yup likewise going to both..and yet still waiting for the Beni line up to round it off..
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