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  1. Now sitting at the port in Harwich getting ready to board the ferry. Got my brother in tow for the first time this year and looking forward to showing him what it’s all about! Been a pleasure as always to share the build up with everyone on here and can’t wait to get stuck in now. Safe travels to you all and looking to seeing some of you at the meet on Friday.
  2. Meant to also say it's interesting how they show quite a few shots of the Boiler during that news report. Further to my previous post about it, glad to see the back of the tent is also covered so should give the Boiler much more of a club feel. Got a few friends who are already there so can't wait to get going myself now!
  3. Thanks for sharing the link. That's a good start but surprised to hear it's the first time anything of this nature has been available in Belgium. I know it's been going on in the Netherlands for quite a while and even here in the UK there's been drug testing booths at a number of festivals (free and available to anyone) for a few years now. I guess the people who make up middle Belgium are no different to the ones in middle England in that they're vocal voters who don't really know much about the issues but have to be appeased through the media. There's already a couple of interesting comments at the bottom of the article that completely miss the point - 'If people consciously take drugs, why should they be helped to get their plan?' (might be slightly lost in translation there but the sentiment holds). Lots of people will make the choice this weekend to drink and/or take drugs at PKP (just like they do at other festivals, nightclubs, bars and their homes all the time) so it's sensible that they're going to put support measures in place to help anyone who gets in trouble.
  4. What do they mean by ‘extra controls?’ There’s obviously more cctv in place but are they planning anything different for when people enter the arena? Takes long enough at certain times to get in anyway so don’t want to be stuck in queues for ages. Typical knee jerk reaction by the authorities following what happened at Tomorrowland (there was also some stories about workers bringing drugs on site and selling them). Of course there’s people who take drugs at PKP but it’s nowhere near as bad as a lot of the festivals I’ve been to in the UK. It’s not uncommon there to see dealers openly advertising their wares and there’s always a lot of really hammered people (including lots of teenagers) passed out or throwing up. I understand they have to show that they’re doing something to combat drugs (particularly to the media) but testing booths and advice centres would be much more beneficial than just surveillance and searches. Anyway, got some packing to go and do now...
  5. Nice news report here with quite a few shots of the stages. Looks like the police will be keeping an eye on everyone... https://www.tvl.be/nieuws/pukkelpop-is-er-klaar-voor-politie-dagelijks-met-200-agenten-aanwezig-83114
  6. Was looking at the positioning of the Boiler on the map and the top end of the tent can't be accessed from the sides (so will be enclosed). I've felt ever since they changed to the hanger style design it's just too open and light, particularly during the day which is a big chunk of the time it's in use. When I think back to the how the Boiler was when I first started going, it felt edgy and underground and the atmosphere was pretty crazy a lot of the time because it was rammed. The roof was low and the whole of one side was closed and I loved spending time in there. Some of the best memories I've had at PKP were in the Boiler - Collabs 3000 in 2007 and Sub Focus, Eric Prydz and Andy C all on the same day in 2009 spring to mind - but I struggle to think of much recently that compares to those? Feels like it's lost some of that appeal lately because, as it's just so cavernous, it's half empty a lot of the time. A smaller enclosed tent (like how they set them up at Awakenings for instance) will help build a much better atmosphere imo. Those lasers will be something special as well so it's all looking good for the re-birth of the Boiler!!
  7. 1,000 combi's left so good chance they will all go by the time it kicks off. No great surprise really but reports from the Sziget forum on Post Malone are less than complimentary!
  8. This sounds great! I love a laser (or 320!).
  9. Main issue I've found with rain is when there's quite a bit in the run up to a festival. If the ground is already damp and it then rains when thousands of people are walking on it that's when it can become a mud bath. From what I've seen of the weather reports (but happy to stand corrected by any locals!), it's been fairly dry for the past couple of weeks so the ground should be firm. Most of the websites I've checked only show light rain or showers, with the exception of one that mentioned thunder storms, but they can't even completely agree on what days we'll even get rain. Are the PKP DWNTWN shows are on that square behind the Holiday Inn? Remember years ago they had a stage there with some bands on the Weds night but wasn't connected to the festival itself. There's a new creative arts and culture venue in town called De Serre that has been hosting some of the DWNTWN stuff but not sure where exactly that venue is?
  10. Sunday tickets all gone now too. Combi’s not far off so will be close to a sell out come Thursday
  11. They've played at least once, maybe twice, before (can't remember which years?) but were always fairly low down on the bill. Kind of glad it's no one I'm interested in as definitely want to see Pan Pot in the Boiler. I've not listened to much of his music but Lowlands had a couple of cancellations and got grime rapper Dave in as replacement. Saw a bit of his show from Glastonbury (not just that track he did with that lad from the crowd) and the atmosphere was really good. He's a pretty big name this side of the water but perhaps the Opposites are bigger in Belgium? Haven't seen any pictures from the site yet but it must be pretty much finished now. I leave Wednesday evening but got a couple of friends who are heading over tomorrow. Countdown is definitely on now!!
  12. I’m happy with the 17.40 meet. Only slight issue might be that the cafe gets busier as the day goes on so could be difficult to pick a specific spot beforehand. If the layout is the same then we met last year by the bottom of the stairs on the left as you face it. There’s a bar next to it so we shall say somewhere near there again? If it’s crazy busy then listen out for English accents!! I’m guessing those of us who know each other will probably watch Stormzy together anyway so will head straight over after. Anyone else already looking at the schedule and thinking, ‘this time next week I’ll be standing in the (insert stage) watching (insert band)?’ Can’t wait to get stuck in now!!
  13. Tried to zoom in on the map on phone and laptop but the picture goes all blurry. Few observations: Booth is in a slightly different place and there looks to be some kind of dance and/or chill out area next to the Boiler. Think we knew this anyway but there's a video screen outside the Dance Hall (as well as the Marquee). Can't make out what it is in the bottom left hand corner of the site where the cook pit was? I know it's not to scale but Marquee looks bigger than than last year which is good - wonder what all those bits coming off it are? Don't think they're ropes or anything that helps to secure it? Looks to be podiums of some sort outside the Boiler. Wonder why the Club is a different colour to the rest? Pretty sure I've seen some pictures from the site and the Lift is the same black tent as last year but it's white on the map?
  14. Saturday tickets now all sold out and Sunday not too far off either.
  15. So looks like there's just three possible slots to fill now: Friday: Dance Hall opener Sunday: Castello 3pm slot and Dance Hall closer
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