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  1. Oh no Johny, that's awful and hope the person is not too serious. I have a couple of local friends who were just planning to go on Saturday so I'll message them to see if they are interested. Will DM you later if I hear back.
  2. Saturday night was a mess for me anyway but this has probably made it worse. Was planning to watch some of Sean Paul, as it will be a laugh and he's got a few anthems, but he now clashes with Wet Leg and Overmono. Add into the mix that probably my no.1 for the whole weekend, Job Jobse, is on then too so it's not great! The end of the night is slightly better as just got a clash between Jungle and Frank Carter now but really want to see some of Paula Temple too (who clashes with Caribou!). Think I'll be doing the usual split sets for a lot of these but that's not really an issue as it's so easy to get round the site.
  3. Few reports and pictures coming through from HEAR HEAR, both official and from friends who are there. Loving the look of the new Castello tent (it's completely open at the back and there's sections of the side that are open too) and the Boiler is the same style as the Marquee, which should hopefully offer some new possibilities with the production. There's a live feed from HEAR HEAR starting at 6pm CEST. Not sure who they're showing though: https://events.pickx.be/nl/hearhear/
  4. Joost announced for the missing Main Stage slot on Sunday. That just now leaves a possible Dance Hall opener and mid afternoon in the Castello on Friday and on Saturday one afternoon spot in the Club and someone to play the Dance Hall in the evening. Don't think we're going to get anyone on after Slipknot on Friday, although it's a 45 min changeover so a DJ is a possibility. Still can't work out why Soulwax weren't replaced with a 2manydjs set, so that would be very welcome (even though I've already got Camelphat, Pendulum, Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupul and HAAI on my list at that time!). Weather reports are still looking good. Probably some light showers on Weds and Thurs but should be dry all weekend and temperatures still in the low to mid 20's. Should hopefully be on the meadow enjoying a cold beer this time next week!
  5. Looks like they've made a number of nice new additions to the site and I love the fact you can now cut through from the Marquee and Castello to the dance area, will save a good bit of time!
  6. HEAR HEAR map is up. Looks like they've moved the entrance so it is now in line with the Marquee (WAH WAH). GIMME GIMME is the Castello and YEAH YEAH is the Club, so all in roughly the same place as 2019.
  7. I know we're still a week and a half away but the provisional weather forecasts are looking promising. Some are suggesting there will be light rain on Thursday but all are currently predicting it to be dry for the rest of the weekend. Temperatures are between 22-25C which would be ideal, unlike this weekend when it's going to be 33/34! My niece and her boyfriend are coming for the first time and staying in the campsite across the road from the arena. I've never camped there but heard about this thing they do with a rope to stagger how people pitch their tent. Does anyone know if they did this in 2019?
  8. I have got information on the size of each one but it's now about 6 years old and the tents are different (and new in the case of the Backyard). Marquee is the biggest and, funnily enough, they get smaller in the order you've listed them! One of the (many) things I love about PKP is that the crowd is constantly on the move and no one really camps out at any stage, aside from the Main but that's only really once the subs and headliners come along. You should be able to walk up to pretty much the front of every stage (apart from the Main for large acts) a few minutes before a band walks on. You can often even do this as they start so no need to get there early. The only one I would be weary of from your list is Wet Leg. They are playing one of the smallest stages and are massively popular now so I think that one will be rammed. Should have been put on the Main or Marquee but there's quite a lot at the time they're playing so hopefully the crowd will be spread out.
  9. There's always plenty of lockers available so I wouldn't worry too much about that. I usually get one on Friday when I go into the arena at around lunchtime and it's never been an issue.
  10. Not doubting your info but I hope that's not the case as Jungle will then be clashing with part of Underworld's set (provided they close the Dance Hall as expected). Saturday is stacked though so that will probably just be the first of many.
  11. No big surprise really but the Castello is confirmed as back. It's directly behind the Marquee, so in a slightly different position to last time, and open along the sides (which I think will be better). Hopefully some news tomorrow or Weds on the final names and timetable now Dour and the first weekend of Tomorrowland are out of the way.
  12. I know the guy from PKP (Patrick) who's interviewed in the video and he posted on FB this morning that there's 9 stages. Could be a typo but that's what he wrote anyway.
  13. So there's going to be 9 stages this year and a number of secret rooms. Don't know anymore than that but there's a short video clip on TVL.BE which shows some of the build. Maybe some of our Dutch or Belgian members can translate the headlines?
  14. Thanks for that. Been looking at the Disclosure day but might hold out for a bit to see if any better deals come up. 2-4-1 is still pretty decent though so thanks for the heads up 😎
  15. That code isn't working when I try it? Are there individual ones for each customer?
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