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  1. Zebrahead (American punk outfit) played the Shelter a few years ago and so have PKP 'previous'. They were OK, but I'm not sure I'd go out of my way for them if they returned. The Fever 333 I would definitely welcome back - they were excellent in 2018(?).
  2. And the next day members of Vlaams Belang came down and were distributing free flags at the site entrance. The all-black lion flag was used in WWII by extreme right (Flemish) Belgians who collaborated with the Nazis, that's why the current bunch of fuckwits have adopted it as ''their" symbol.
  3. I only caught the first half, but they played pretty much all my favourite National songs in that time, so I was well happy.
  4. Only camped a couple of times in the past, but back when I did the only place it ever got muddy was around the wash basins - and that was due to the sinks getting blocked up with soap and toothpaste and overflowing. The rain had little or no effect.
  5. Well they do say Opposites attract... (...a bigger crowd in Belgium.) I'll get me coat.
  6. I've been going to Pukkelpop since 1990, long before the Club existed. Probably seen 250+ acts on that stage since it arrived. Perhaps one third of those I would describe as 'quiet'... Only a handful were 'subdued'... Edit: Think you may be getting confused with the Castello, which is more subdued.
  7. If you think they aren't a Club band then you can't have heard them playing Killing in the Name or Kashmir at full volume...
  8. Bit late to the conversation, but 17.40 meet up works for us too. For those of you complaining the other day about Brass Against being moved into the vacant Club slot, we saw them last Saturday supporting Gogol Bordello at a tiny festival down the road from here and they were bloody good. Well worth checking out. Mind you, like everyone else I would also have much preferred them to get Fontaines DC in to fill the gap...
  9. We're getting there Wednesday evening. Pub crawl around Hasselt on the Thursday.
  10. Get off in Diest, go to the main square and go to the Biertempel (Grote Markt 11 - biertempel.be) - there's a clue in the name... If that doesn't appeal there are other places on the square.
  11. Already got my hotel booked (with 'Free Changes and Cancellation' this time after getting caught out this year).
  12. Agree with Mellowmaniac above about the stage Five and Seven tents being far too small (and about the toilet smell - have they changed their supplier as it wasn't an issue in previous years?). After being pinned up against the side of Seven unable to move for half of Shht, we abandoned that stage and never went back for the rest of the weekend. Did get inside Five for Whispering Sons, but it was very busy. Other than that though, another great weekend. Friday highlights for me were Stereolab and Jambinai, with honourable mentions to John Grant, Primal Scream and Spiritualized. On Saturday Cigarettes After Sex were excellent, and Fat White Family were my band of the weekend - seen them a few times now and they keep getting better. Sunday was a bit flat by comparison, except for The Raconteurs who were brilliant (unexpectedly so for me - I had thought I only liked "that" song by them, but the whole set rocked).
  13. Aren't "the Franks" playing different nights (Carter on Friday, Turner on Saturday)? So it's still possible they could both close the Club on their respective days.
  14. I always stay in Tilburg and return by shuttle bus. It's rarely taken much more than an hour stage-to-hotel door. If you get lucky with a bus departing as soon as you reach the stop and board (can happen), then it's little more than 30 minutes.
  15. Timetable is up. Friday and Saturday looking busy but not many clashes for me. Sunday could be an early night.
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