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  1. Why not apply for the Voucher and leave your options open? Under the two options on that form it quite clearly states: "If you chose the voucher option, you can always still apply for a refund later." That way, if you like the new BKS line up for 2021 you can use the voucher to buy tickets for it. If you don't, then apply for a refund.
  2. Kraftwerk 3D. I'd take that for PKP
  3. No it isn't. It has been decriminalised, and the official policy is that is tolerated in small quantities for personal use. But it is illegal. The law basically says 'don't take the piss and you won't get charged'.
  4. Good announcement for me. Love Tropical Fuck Storm, Girl Band and DIIV. Bit disappointed that Wovenhand were on the 'leak' but are not in the official release. They are great live. And a whole bunch of stuff I've never heard of, so I'm sure there's plenty for me to learn about and 'discover'.
  5. I'd be happy with most of those. I'd also love to see Napalm Death show up as I think they'd be a right laugh. Not sure I've forgiven Bauhaus for ruining one of my better dining out stories. I used to be able to namedrop the fact I was at their "last ever" gig at the Hammersmith Palais in 1983, but then the buggers kept on reforming and it turned out not to be the "last ever" gig by a long way...
  6. My first reaction on seeing Front 242's name on that line up was "Blimey, are they still going?" But they might make a good link with the past for the 35th anniversary since they played at the very first edition back in 1985. Philip Glass would be one hell of a coup for Pukkelpop. Not sure he'd really get the crowd rocking though...
  7. If the real line up is as good as that I'll be getting a refund on the Early Bird tickets I just bought.
  8. Other name was a bit more predictable (from me). Nick Cave always goes on the teamsheet, even though I've already seen him about 9 times in his various guises, including three times at PKP... Edit: I was going to point out that I was the grand age of 43 the last time Nick Cave played PKP...! But then I realised that just makes me sound old...
  9. That's me already happy. Fontaines DC and black midi were 2 of the 3 names on my Pukkelpop wishlist sent in last week. Different festival, same result.
  10. Zebrahead (American punk outfit) played the Shelter a few years ago and so have PKP 'previous'. They were OK, but I'm not sure I'd go out of my way for them if they returned. The Fever 333 I would definitely welcome back - they were excellent in 2018(?).
  11. And the next day members of Vlaams Belang came down and were distributing free flags at the site entrance. The all-black lion flag was used in WWII by extreme right (Flemish) Belgians who collaborated with the Nazis, that's why the current bunch of fuckwits have adopted it as ''their" symbol.
  12. I only caught the first half, but they played pretty much all my favourite National songs in that time, so I was well happy.
  13. Only camped a couple of times in the past, but back when I did the only place it ever got muddy was around the wash basins - and that was due to the sinks getting blocked up with soap and toothpaste and overflowing. The rain had little or no effect.
  14. Well they do say Opposites attract... (...a bigger crowd in Belgium.) I'll get me coat.
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