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  1. Woven Hand is a really cool booking, might work very well in one of the tents. Also very happy that DIIV, Black Country New Road, Squid and Jessica Pratt do both Primavera and BKS. June will be a great month!
  2. That's a very decent set of headliners, much better than last year.
  3. Can imagine PS wanting to announce them first, but if they play BKS announcement should be coming days... Don't expect them tbf, probably something like Underworld. Hoping for a better undercard than last year and curious how they deal with the Dutch team playing Ukrain on the Sunday.
  4. From Schiphol it's 90 minutes by train to Tilburg, or 70 if you take intercity direct (you'll need a supplement ticket which is € 2,60 and change trains in Breda). From Tilburg station festival busses will bring you to the festival.
  5. First two days look awesome. Guess I can skip mainstages on Saturday and no need to change flights on Sunday. Going to be a wonderful weekend again! (Although I would have loved to see Frank Ocean)
  6. I saw Kraftwerk at Best Kept Secret and for me it was by far the most boring headliner of all editions. Totally not my cup of tea, but in case they're booked that'd be one clash less to worry about 😀
  7. Close call between Anthony and the Johnsons and PJ Harvey, but PJ is my all-time highlight..
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