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  1. It's announced as "early show" which might implicate there's enough time for a late show as well on the closing party..
  2. There are already tickets on ticketswap, so they do sell them. Bit daft trying to sell them 20 euro above the price when it's not sold out...
  3. Maybe Fontaines may outgrow Pitchfork if their second album does as well as I expect it to do...
  4. Curious about the day splits. Since day tickets remain valid, I'd expect most acts to be on the same day as they'd been in 2020. Wonder if they'll put Tame Impala on "Strokes day", that should sell a lot of tickets...
  5. Main days are Thursday - Saturday. Wednesday just a few bands on the Forum, in 2020 that would have been Jesus and Mary Chain, Metronomy and a few others. Sunday is supposed to be DJ's on the beach. And there'll live acts in local venues in the cities on both the days.
  6. Always nice making top tens. 1. Black Country New Road 2. The Strokes 3. Fontaines D.C. 4. Idles 5. DIIV 6. Shellac 7. Tyler, the Creator 8. Pavement 9. Tame Impala 10. FKA Twigs
  7. Does anybody know how many tickets were already sold for the 2020 edition? If - let's say - 80% of these tickets are not returned, that would mean that a decent amount of tickets are "sold" for 2021 before the presale starts.
  8. Agree with all of the comments ("Ray Ban" stage is the best place to sit down and relax) and would like to add the advice to try and find a hotel in walking distance of the festival. For me, it really is worth the extra money to be able to walk past the late-night queues for buses and taxies and walk straight into your hotel. That way you don't need to save energy to get back at night.
  9. The last part suprises me as Bon Iver at DTRH seems like a massive mismatch in my opinion. Not the kind of crowd to stand still and be quiet for 90 minutes. Really liked the show at BKS, but also there the field was much emptier at the end than at the start. Just a "difficult" headliner I guess... Tame Impala at DTRH will surely happen someday, wouldn't surprise me if in 2021 already.
  10. The wednesday was 150 a night, thursday - saturday was 240. So, I guess 150 is more like the regular tariff
  11. Diagonal zero is far more expensive. We paid 440 p.p. for four nights, incl. breakfast. Worth it for me as I want to go to bed asap after the music ends, but can imagine this price gap is a good reason to book elsewhere. But for anyone interested, I'd suggest to send them an email as they're very responsive and helpful.
  12. Booked it early january. Yes, it's not cheap, but good value for money. Didn't intend rubbing it in haha
  13. Hotel emailed me this afternoon politely asking if I'd mind to have the dates of my stay changed to the 2021 dates. No extra costs. Great service!
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