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  1. Just contacted my 2022 hotel (Diagonal Zero, opposite of Princess) and they informed me "sales havent started yet". So, I assume this applies to more hotels.
  2. Yes, BKS 2022 was awesome. Nick Cave even more enjoyable (less crowded, less talking) than at Primavera. King Gizzard absolutely rocked and can confirm the singer surfing all the way from stage to the lake (see picture). Amenra in the morning was awesome, Beach House as always pure beauty, Fontaines D.C. are getting better and better and even the Strokes were pretty awesome! Only negative issue was sewer troubles at the camp site, which made our bungalow end up under "water" saturday morning, smelled like piss and beer, horrific, but kind of funny as well. Did get a refund day after, so no complaints in the end.
  3. On my way to Best Kept Secret now to revisit W1's highlights Nick Cave and Beach House and see the Strokes, Big Thief and Fontaines D.C. (skipped them last week). Have fun and stay strong W2-people!
  4. Relaxing in the outdoor lounge of my hotel while the waiter is getting fresh mint from the garden to make me more mojito's. This is the life, so glad it's finally happening and looking very much forward to tomorrow. Cheers all!
  5. K-pop lightstick apparently, popular for Dreamcatcher fans
  6. Let's hope they'll end up playing, but in case they don't make it W1, have you considered day tickets for Best Kept Secret? Pretty close to Belgium... (Doing both, fingers crossed)
  7. That Friday is so stacked, they'll definitely clash. Question of course is who they'll clash with. Happy to see them at BKS the week after which will make decisions less painful.
  8. Only weekend one, but still hard to only pick five: Beach House Little Simz The Strokes Black Country, New Road Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (And Shellac as always)
  9. Adrenalin/excitement. As you long as I watch entertaining stuff I can stay awake quite easily. Once I ended up at James Blake or Cigarettes after sex in the past, I was done for the night 🙂 Not getting totally wasted also helps..
  10. No problem, my German is a little rusty, but still able to read it.
  11. From the website: In Haldern kannst du direkt neben deinem Auto campen, es gibt aber auch separate Parkplätze. Öffnungszeiten des Campinggeländes? Das Campinggelände öffnet am Donnerstag um 08:00 Uhr und schließt am Sonntag um 12:00 Uhr! Camping opens on Thursday morning 8 o'clock. And can confirm that it's next to the festival grounds. (And you can park your car next to your tent)
  12. Dry Cleaning is really ĂĽbercool, really enjoyed their show and the great vibe at the venue. Saw King Hannah the night before and it was less interesting. Potential is there, but an hour felt quite long.
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