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2021 New Music


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5 hours ago, SwedgeAntilles said:

Excellent. Still spin I'm All Ears regularly. Terrific record. 

One of my all time favourite albums. I'm yet to find a better album closer than Donnie Darko.

Very, very excited for the new single/album. Loved Rosa's track for the Cyberpunk soundtrack; probably the best thing to come out of that game tbh.


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12 hours ago, FloorFiller said:

When they play these poppy songs live does Oli just run his vocals through something, lip sync, or does the other guy do the heavy lifting, because there’s no way he can sing like this?

I've really loved how BMTH have grown into 'pop' music in a creative way but this very much sounds like them trying to jump on a tik tok trend. If it takes off then power to them but it's not getting me too excited for this next EP. On the other side, they've teased that EP3 might sound similar to the Music to Listen to... project which I really enjoyed so am looking forward to that! 

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I've listened to Calls Of Tiree a billion times since it got released so was looking forward to Hamish Hawk's new album, nothing hits me as hard as that song on first listen but it's a good album, I'll have it on a few more times today. Worth a go, I reckon a few round here would enjoy it 




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1 hour ago, JoeyT said:

Really surprised there’s been no chat about Lil Nas X’s album.

It’s absolutely incredible and is definitely in the top 3 albums this year.

Eh, I dunno - feels a lot like a Post Malone album to me. Dabbling in lots of different styles and getting a few hits but also a fair few misses. Nothing particularly exciting or innovative, but pretty fun while it's on

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