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  1. Not to worry @joeltg - FWIW the customer service reps over the phone were really helpful, sounded more like it was a supplier issue they had no control over. (AKA as @crazyfool1 says, Efests has bought them all)
  2. Word of warning on this one - I ordered the 3 man F&B from Next 2 weeks ago after discovering it was around £20 cheaper than Decathlon and would be delivered within 6 days. 10 days and two phone calls to customer services later, Next emailed today to say they couldn't fulfill the order and would be providing a full refund. I've gone back to order the same tent from Decathlon directly (for £20 more) and will be collecting in store on Thursday.
  3. Well, that was fast.
  4. 304 in the queue at 10.00am and not a sniff. We go again.
  5. Incognito browser on Chrome with 4G hotspot worked for the second time in a row! Sealed 6/6 in the 2019 sale, a further 2 within 4 minutes this morning for a couple joining after two festivals out. I'd never made it past the holding page before this festival - luck has certainly turned. Very ready for 12 weeks of exciting build up, it's happening!
  6. Chvrches at Brixton Academy tonight - absolutely brilliant. Best I've seen them, and the new songs sound so good live. Joined on stage by Robert Smith for the encore for How Not to Drown, and Just Like Heaven - a real treat and a great gig. Would love to see them on the farm.
  7. For anyone who went to Waterworks last Summer, how was Gunnersbury Park as a venue? I live about 20 minutes walk away, and have never been to a gig there. Quite fancy this - decent enough lineup (especially Georgia and Jon Hopkins), though I'm not sure how RdS are seen around these parts!
  8. Fantastic news! Confirmed that all existing acoustic tickets are valid.
  9. Really enjoying this from Amber Mark, maybe one or two tracks long, but a great sound throughout. Darkside in particular.
  10. Silk Sonic - West Holts or el Pointo.
  11. Dawn FM slaps. Get Abel on El Pointo.
  12. Four Lives was absolutely devastating. A brilliant piece of drama with stellar performances from Sheridan Smith and Stephen Merchant. Highly recommend.
  13. 1. Halsey - If I can't have love I want power 2. Chvrches - Screen Violence 3. Manchester Orchestra - The Million Masks of God 4. London Grammar - Californian Soil 5. Jordan Rakei - What We Call Life 6. Oh Wonder - 22 Break 7. Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World 8. Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend 9. Noah Gundersen - A Pillar of Salt 10. Black Country, New Road - for the first time
  14. First in 11 years if so
  15. Looks like Rob Harvey was there rather than being played over a backing track.
  16. Brownie30


    The Emirates?
  17. Enjoying this one this morning, including a Phoebe Bridgers feature on Atlantis.
  18. Confirmed - will definitely be on this and hope for a full band show later in 2022!
  19. That would be a shame if that's all we're getting
  20. Nothing seems to have been announced on their official channels asides from a Facebook event, but Manchester Orchestra seem to have some January UK dates (only 2 if ticketmaster is to be believed) set to be announced, and on sale now...? https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/manchester-orchestra-tickets/artist/1098628
  21. Not sure if it's been mentioned already, but the new Jordan Rakei album has been getting a lot of Monday spins from me today. https://open.spotify.com/album/6Ifae2tRjg49lTQ9390iOD?si=nF8RM8ILTyOV2a0lrlirwA&utm_source=native-share-menu&dl_branch=1
  22. Thought these weren't on sale till Friday?!
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