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  1. John the Moth


    I’ve decided I’m boycotting TOOL. Tickets just went on pre-sale, no prices given in advance. Get in there and it’s $200 for GA inc fees (£100), my bro in law was buying but missed out. 10 minutes after selling out “hey we’re putting on another night. Second presale in 10 minutes”. Shitty prices and shitty behaviour. I’ve not even bothered trying for the second show. I’ll see ‘em at Glasto anyway edit. Probably management doing this, not the band, who knows?
  2. Possible, but it’s a heck of detour between Poland and Norway. I would be quite surprised if they show up.
  3. Very close to definitely see, but voted for most probably see as we have no info on clashes yet. For example Rage Against the Machine on other would personally give me a dilemma! For extra context I saw Sir Paul at Live8. Of course that was a limited set, but I lost my na na na na cherry.
  4. She slept through Foals secret set soooooo... no.
  5. Mine DJ’d at the eFests meet 😁 (that’s not me with her)
  6. If you must, always use eco friendly / biodegradable soap. All good camping shops will stock some.
  7. I have a spare tent but you’d have to collect before the festival as I’m going on the coach. I can take it back with me as all my booze will have gone.
  8. You’ll probably not be surprised to hear it was Auckland 🤣 Absolutely right on the biosecurity though. We had sniffer dogs all over us last time we came back in. Just a few food crumbs the 18 month old had scattered on the plane and got into the carry on, but we got fully searched.
  9. Actually eating out is great in New Zealand, even standard pubs tend to serve top quality food. Far removed from your Wetherspoons microwaved curries. No good when you just want some stodge though 😁
  10. Mrs moth has a Wednesday night residency at a nice little bar. Bono went in on the Tuesday, she was particularly disappointed as on the night in question she was playing a one off gig at a bar a few doors up from her regular place.
  11. Went on a stag do Saturday. Thought I’d prepare first, as is customary, by going to the cafe for a full English breakfast. Of course being in NZ it was served with sautéed kale and beetroot purée. The horror! The horror!
  12. I’d be there with my group, you’d be most welcome to join.
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