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  1. John the Moth

    The Rock Slot

    I’d love it to be slipknot but their tour is Jan / Feb. Could come back I suppose.
  2. Did they play in Williams Green?
  3. Wait til you hear the LDR song 😱
  4. Lana del Rey / Radiohead / The Hollies Get Free / Creep / The Air That I Breathe
  5. The National And Vampire Weekend are both really, really boring live. Good on record, excellent musicians, but my god do they lack presence!
  6. John the Moth

    The Rock Slot

    It’s January / February unfortunately
  7. Does anyone know how to hack the iPlayer servers and replace all Glasto footage with Drownload?
  8. Rammstein just announced UK gig for week before glasto* *it won’t be Rammstein
  9. John the Moth


    I wanted to see them, but the timing was too close to the missus’ only must see, Michael Kiwanuka. So I compromised as it meant I got to see both IDLES and Frank Turner instead. C’est le Vie.
  10. John the Moth

    T DAY

    I wore my 2017 T shirt to an IDLES gig and the drummers mum told me they were playing this year.
  11. Oh I saw loads of walk arounds in t&c / cabaret... nuns, kazoos, the applauding gents, sheep, bees, Seagulls etc. etc. the trolls were in the kidz field all day though.
  12. Great to meet folks tonight, couple acted like I’d just hoofed their puppy in the ovaries, but fuck em. Legends the rest of ya
  13. We’re at the campervan for a bite to eat, but heading over shortly, if you see a couple with a cute baby in s pushchair give us a shout
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