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  1. Leon Bridges and Angelique Kidjo we’re both incredibly good 🙂
  2. Currently sat in Singapore airport waiting for the final flight. All the best team, and safe travels. ’twas good times 🙂
  3. My mates wife and her son got a photo with Celeste, randomly walking along the railway track. She looked amazing despite the heat and dust. I bumped into Mik Artistik, almost literally. I was in his way with Mini Moth’s trolley while he was cycling his gear (in a bike trailer) to the bandstand. Found ourselves travelling side by side for a while and had a bit of a natter. What a thoroughly nice bloke.
  4. Confidence Man DJ set - it’s on the chalkboard outside the tent.
  5. Smashed it 🙂
  6. John the Moth

    BBC2 9pm

    “It doesn’t get much worse than this, does it Gideon?” 🤣
  7. It’s now official 🙂 if the first flight on your journey is 20th or later… no tests. Might still have to do the online form but think that’s a formality. Great news for me as we have tickets for ABs v Ireland on 2nd July 🙂
  8. On a different note, good news for the Kiwis incoming 🙂
  9. Just spotted an update, not sure what bugs were fixed, mind.
  10. Best tip? Don’t take a four year old 🤪 Just kidding she’s been golden. There was a crying kid on the first flight and mini moth just turned to me and sighed “daddy, that baby is annoooooying”. Edit. We bought Apple Air Tags to attach to mini moths clothing at the fest. Tried them out in our checked baggage and they’re working a treat. Takes the stress away knowing your bags have arrived at the same airport as you. Double edged sword though if it suddenly shows your bag on the wrong continent. I guess in that case at least you can make a plan rather than be stuck in limbo.
  11. Frankfurt, checking in 🙂 🛬🛫
  12. Singapore, checking in 🙂
  13. Currently enjoying my first airport beer in 3 years 🙂
  14. Same here, it’s showing the line up schedule in your local time zone. I *guess* that will change when we hit the UK.
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