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  1. They can shift What If? back another couple of decades for me.
  2. I’ll pass along your kind comments to Mrs Moth 😜
  3. The Cult nailed on... wrap up their UK tour with Alice Cooper early June.
  4. I won’t believe this until the poster drops. He’s got nowt scheduled festival weekend.
  5. Every band is a dance band in my book.
  6. Just came here to post this... looks a pretty darn cool take on a fringe character. Colour me interested.
  7. 99.9% (meteor strike, anyone?) 99.9% me being there 🙂
  8. ‘Tis fake. The sun is so far away that while shadows may very well be elongated, they are never widened.
  9. The festival is on for 7.5 days!
  10. Watched Eternals last night. Best thing I can say is it’s separate enough from the rest of the MCU that it would be easy enough to forget it exists.
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