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  1. The Cure - 80 (+10) REM - 75 David Bowie - 86
  2. If VAR is inconclusive the on pitch decision stands.
  3. They’re more of a ramshackle art collective than a band. Popping up here and there under different guises and this was their first show under the Voyagers name. Unlikely you’ll find anything by googling. Having said that, this theatre performance was well received so maybe they’ll give it a serious go now. Not sure if Mrs Moth will stick with them though, they’re all part time and she does it for a living so she can’t spend 6 months rehearsing for a single gig.
  4. Running late with these only listened to one of them fully and only once... Ison - Sevdaliza Loved it at the start, not so much at the finish. But whiny in places. I could feel my score slipping from 4 to 2 as it progressed. Probably needs a revisit but at the mo... 3
  5. 3 hurt/heal games to determine when those years were?
  6. She’s in the middle with the accordion. Not sure what’s going on with the split screen, the bottom half view from the back is a bit weird.
  7. Mrs Moth in World music mode. Art fest gig finally happened after being cancelled in last lockdown,
  8. Just finished it 10 minutes ago. Terrific 🙂
  9. The Cure - 120 (+8) REM - 93 (-2) David Bowie - 140
  10. I stopped about 3/4 through episode 7 about 18 months ago. Should try and finish it really.
  11. The Cure - 115 (+10) R.E.M. - 83 David Bowie - 138
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