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  1. I’m quite exciting... but no doubt soon to be disappointed think I’ll pop God’s Own Medicine on
  2. Halfway through my training program for my first half marathon. Up to 9 miles now, weight’s down, pace is up, recovery time is faster... I’m feeling pretty happy
  3. John the Moth

    Fleetwood Mac

    Today I’ll be rediscovering FM’s Green era back catalogue 😞 RIP Peter
  4. I am currently listening to Fleetwood Mac’s eponymous debut album. RIP Peter Green
  5. You’re probably right that they’re as well known, they don’t seem to be as well loved though. For me personally, I saw them at Reading so ticked the box* and could happily be drawn away elsewhere. *just an expression I don’t actually go to see bands to tick a box
  6. I like how over the course of a few pages we go from “I’d quite like it if this band I like plays” straight through to “nailed on at this time on this stage with this set list”.
  7. I’m gonna have to listen to about 10 of those before I can make an unbiased vote... It’ll be MK though 🤣
  8. I like that, although making light of it, she’s tried to own it rather than make excuses.
  9. That’d be enough for the 1 depth I can manage.
  10. Well... as we’re sharing good footy news
  11. Happy Belated Birthday! Don’t drink all the Stella at once!
  12. John the Moth


    Can you please bet on Brentford, Fulham and QPR on Wednesday?
  13. Official statement (if this is the same company) suggests it’s increased costs from new safety guidelines that are to blame. https://driveinclub.ticketline.co.uk/
  14. Nope this will be my first, although I’ve done shorter distances and a couple of obstacle courses before. Doing fairly comfy 6 miles at mo with 10 weeks to go so feeling confident.
  15. Few weeks in to my training for half marathon in October and feeling good
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