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  1. I got the same genre in second place too... no clue!
  2. My best gigs of the year have been: Tool The Pixies Gengahr The Beths Also the only gigs I’ve been to this year 🙁
  3. This is simply phenomenal! Jane’s Addiction - Sympathy for the Devil
  4. Terrific version from my favourite band, see also their Dream On, Aerosmith cover
  5. Bob Iver just cancelled their NZ dates.
  6. I just discovered this track (by virtue of a gig listing popping up for them). Me likey
  7. I’ve also discovered Makeshift Parachutes, but perhaps That’s more suitable for the new music thread.
  8. Pottering around the house, I put on Michael Kiwanuka’s Tiny Desk Concert performance on YouTube. It’s only 20 odd minutes and after that the TV did it’s thing of bringing up similar videos. Still pottering I paid no mind as up came Sting, The Cure, Bowie etc.... then... this came on and stopped me in my tracks. I simply sat and watched, mesmerised. Nubya Garcia Anyone else got stories of being blown away by new discoveries? Usually I’ll make these kinds of discoveries then find out they were on an obscure stage/slot at the festival I was at three weeks earlier (Grimes at Readin
  9. Chris Rock is in it as a tough-guy gangster. He’s excellent, but when he speaks I just hear Marty the zebra.
  10. Binging: Queens Gambit, Legends of Tomorrow S3 & Clone Wars. Not technically binging ‘cause episodes are released weekly: The Undoing, Supernatural, ST Discovery, Fargo S4 & Mandalorian.
  11. I can confirm this is true prima facie, although we do have Crowded House back for a limited tour in March.
  12. I’m not allowed to give blood in NZ because of mad cow disease! ps well done Scotland
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