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  1. There’s usually a ceremony at the stone circle to resurrect long dead efests threads.
  2. Imagine being worse for wear and innocently attempting to use what you think are normal facilities, then… 😆
  3. Halfway through Pam & Tommy. Also started on Yellowstone.
  4. Imagine if it’s for a song that doesn’t end up in the set list 🤣
  5. Doesn’t it happen every year though that the stage times include previously unannounced acts? Including pseudonyms on occasion? Not saying you’re wrong, just trying to wrap my head ‘round the logic of it.
  6. I’d check the sell-by date on those cans… 🤣
  7. Re: miserably dressed. Aren’t pseudonyms generally used when the stage days/times are announced to cover up obvious gaps? Why on Earth would a pseudonym be on the poster?
  8. Backstage part of the Pyramid/Other inter-stage area? Easy access for some surprise mega-star pop-ups? (Probably not gonna happen and I’m not hanging round there all day just in case)
  9. There are rumblings that the need for a pre departure Covid test to return to NZ is under scrutiny. Getting it dropped would make me very happy as I have tickets for All Blacks vs Ireland the Saturday after Glasto 🍀
  10. Right I’m going for 1 Wet Leg 2 Fontaines DC 3 Father John Misty
  11. Agree with those three but also have Father John Misty and Orville Peck in the mix. I was expecting Rammstein to be close to the top of my list after the first single, but in the end it trails the 5 above. Still need to give Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, King Gizz and Regrettes a listen. Best month for new music in ages! When’s the deadline?
  12. The Damned / Macca / Yola Subject to change of course, and I’m only picking from a small pool of highly probable/confirmed headliners. I’m ignoring for now, all the speculative ones that over the course of three efests pages go from “I’d quite like…”, to “We have info that…” and finally “Nailed on.” only to end up somewhere completely different. Further, still got time to catch a second headliner on the Sunday of course.
  13. Aah! The Die Hard method 🙂
  14. The only puddings I’m interested in at Glasto…
  15. Great line up re the music acts. I’d happily see all three headliners and quite a bit of the undercard. The clash anxiety is getting real. hmmm Billie Bragg then nip over for Billy Eilish? (just kidding… I won’t be at Billy Eilish)
  16. I’m on a Thursday coach and don’t have an arrival time. So I have 0% chance of being there Wednesday, 50% chance of being there Thursday. Friday the fest is in full swing so I have no clue where I’ll be.
  17. Daft Punk 105 (-10) Depeche Mode 47 Elton John 67 Kate Bush 85
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