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  1. They’ve arrived now. All entry and CC tickets present and correct in the same envelope.
  2. My festival tickets have been despatched. My campervan ticket still says in stock and waiting. Seetickets said they’d all go together though. Confused.
  3. Still “in stock” for me, and yup, I’m in the CV ticket group.
  4. “Positive intersectional masculinity” I recognise all of those words but I don’t know what they mean arranged in that order. Chuck “quantum” in there too and we’re good I’ll pop by if I get chance, I’m a curious sort
  5. But will she drop a Nine Inch Nails cover?
  6. Mine still stays “in stock” 😬
  7. John the Moth

    EE app

    Tweet EE about it. They’ll say “soon, keep an eye on the store”. Then come over all super duper friendly, like the daughter of an Alabama Sunday morning Baptist minister and ask who you’re looking forward to, while bemoaning how they missed out on tickets. Creepy fuckers.
  8. New Zealand... you couldn’t get further away unless you left the planet.
  9. Someone at work called a meeting for 27th June. I told them I’d be too busy in a field getting off my tit’s on ket.* Didn’t go down well. *I don’t do drugs** **not judging 😝
  10. I take it their song about killing children is ok? It doesn’t specify children of Tories does it?
  11. John the Moth

    Humble -well ?

    Think It’s the daytime bit around Wormhole. There was stuff about it on the Park’s page when line up was released. Acupuncture and stuff.
  12. Gojira finishing 23.10, Frank Turner starting 23.05... waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! 😖
  13. John the Moth


    Please tell me that was accidental 😝
  14. Congrats. You win a prize!!! I was in, now locked out aaaaargh!!
  15. Oh I do hope so! This lot have got me convinced of it now 😝
  16. Is that the sound of nervous back-pedalling I hear? 😜
  17. Efesters are lovely people, but I don’t think even they have that much charity in them 😋
  18. Thread title is gonna be right sooner or later.
  19. Poetry and feckin’ words!!!
  20. Is that the Pangea installation?
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