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  1. Brownie30


    An overwhelming case for AOTY coming for this one I think. I would give anything to see an Other headline set, and it would almost certainly be in with a chance of one of my favourite festival moments. Make it happen!
  2. A slightly lesser known 'Lover' album was also released today... enjoying this from Seattle singer / songwriter Noah Gundersen - mixture of his folk roots with more pop influences, but the guy is a cracking songwriter.
  3. There absolutely were a lot of talkers, which unfortunately seems to have gradually become even more of a norm at gigs in recent years from what I've noticed, and it pisses me right off. More low-key gigs I've seen in recent months like Bon Iver and Ben Howard would have been almost insufferable without moving elsewhere in the crowd. I guess we were lucky being down the front that the speakers drowned most of it out, and were near a decent bunch, but I'm sad to hear the experience was ruined for so many of you.
  4. Magnificent form tonight, even if Matt can only remember about 60% of his lyrics! The new songs are fantastic, and what a setlist aside - probably the best I've seen them since their last Latitude headline set. Crowd wise we were about 5 rows from the front, stage left - right next to the group called out for their "bullshit" by Matt early in the gig. There were a fair few weapons on show tonight unfortunately, but not nearly enough around us to really get in the way of the show. I'd be interested to know where people whose night was ruined by the crowd were stood?
  5. Extremely excited about this all. Will be the 5th time I've seen Matt and the lads (and ladies) and with IAETF proving a genuine challenger to No.1 on my National Album Rankings I for one am very excited about the prospect of lots of new stuff and different arrangements. Only killer being no trains back to Lancaster after about 10 past 10, so I will have to drive and not have all the wine.
  6. Completely forgot about catching Josephine and the Artizans! A thoroughly unusual yet weirdly enjoyable mix of styles - I still don't know what to make of it.
  7. Brownie30


    Stand out was a soft shelled crab burger with pickled cucumbers and hot sauce from the Crabbieshack in Leftfield, and another vote for a cracking Steak and Cheese pie and mash in The Park on Wednesday night.
  8. Brownie30

    2020 headliners

    Chris Martin supergroup guaranteed
  9. Albeit was the coolest morning of the weekend, but in a hungover stupor on Sunday morning I managed to sleep in the tent until about 11am without realising the time. Worked wonders whilst those I camped with were boiled out of their tents by around 8am, some of them using mine simply for shade when they needed somewhere to go. Second hot festival in a row that I've taken it to and it has proven an inspired buy.
  10. The simple cartoon of a puffin with the caption "Beaky Twats" made me laugh each time I saw it, whilst also wondering what a puffin had ever done to the respective owner of the flag?
  11. Absolutely magnificent, third time I've seen them now and they get better and better. Seemed to me like most of the crowd at first were there on a whim / a way of ducking in for some shade and they'd won them round and got most people dancing and cheering within about 3 tracks of starting.
  12. Now you're taking the piss
  13. One of many of the most incredible things that crossed my mind one night about Glastonbury is how thousands of people can converge on one site, and yet have entirely different weekends from one another, but still almost all have the most incredible time imaginable. With all these threads about best sets / flops etc, how did your running order end up over the weekend, and was it close / far from what you had planned on Clashfinders etc? I'll kick off with my condensed weekend: Wednesday: General bimble, up to the fireworks at The Park, wander round the SE Corner Thursday: Bar crawl across the site for our friend's birthday, followed by the night in the SE Corner, mainly Block 9, plus New York Brass Band in Shangri-La. Friday: Pip Blom (JPT) > Mo (OS) > The Wombats (OS) > Sundara Karma (WG) > Haelos (WG) > Two Door Cinema Club (OS) > Tame Impala (OS) > Mystery Jets (RH) > Wormhole and up the Ribbon Tower. Saturday: The Proclaimers (PS) > Maggie Rogers (OS) > Lewis Capaldi (OS) > Sigrid (OS) > Liam Gallagher (PS) > Hot Chip (Park) > Tried to get into Glade, too busy so danced the night away at The Brother's Bar (Parma Violet's cider is dangerously tasty). Sunday: Jeff Goldblum (WH) > Dermot Kennedy (JPT) > Kylie (PS) > Miley (PS) > Friendly Fires (JPT) > Christine and the Queens (OS) > One final bimble around the site before taking in the views from our camp in Big Ground. Spent considerably more time at the Other Stage than 2017, and more than I expected. Only four major must sees before the fest were Hot Chip, Haelos, Friendly Fires and Christine and the Queens, all of whom were fantastic. Special mentions to Dermot Kennedy, Mystery Jets and Maggie Rogers all of which were great! All in all a stellar weekend, how did your running orders look?
  14. Louis Tomlinson, one of the One Direction lads, suitably pissed up and bantering with a security guard in The Park on Wednesday night pre-fireworks
  15. Brownie30

    Flops 2019

    Wandered through during the set to head to JPT and could have walked past in front of the sound desk with little difficulty
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