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  1. Are there any volunteering options where you can sign up and work shifts with your significant other?
  2. gratefulbread

    The Streets

    Headline Other on the Friday night so I can get proper into it yes please
  3. Reading this thread makes me cry happy tears and I've got someone picking up 20 sourdoughs in 7 minutes. Need to compose myself ffs.
  4. Not a flashback as such, but exactly 7 days ago I was sitting on the ground in Shangri-la seeing two of everything while the sun came up ???
  5. There was one fella with two women, but older than us who were camped and in their chairs with a drink by the time we arrived in Paines on weds morning. There was a lot of space around them and we parked our stuff and I dumped my bag, trolley and tent and sat down to catch my breath and heard the fella say "wow, won't even say hello to us". I thought 'fuck me, I'm sweating, bright red, out of breath. Give me a minute to sit down and get sorted'. Couldn't be arsed with them after that tbh. I had intended to open my ice box full of Ice and cocktails to share but didnae bother.
  6. In Paines. Group of 5 or 6 camped to our 12 o'clock to our 4 o'clock and they were about our age, really nice and had a few chats whenever we were all at the tents together. Shared some booze, shared some highlights and shared some tips on areas with decent shade cover (shout out strummerville). The people on the other side to them had their tents facing the other way, barely mustered up a hello and did a remarkable amount of balloons around the tents. Never understood that one, what happened to just boshing a couple of littlans and enjoying the ride?
  7. Sorry Quarky, I did this. First time ever, though, and only because there was such an amount of stuff I wanted to see during the day that I didn't want to leave it any later. We stayed in a travel lodge Sunday night and left the site about 11pm as I was doing the drive back to Newcastle and needed a proper bed before doing so. I've been incredibly sad today. I can't work out if it's because it's my birthday tomorrow and they seem to depress me now or its just a massive comedown from the festival (not a chemical comedown as I was quite well behaved). Have felt flat and glum all day. Perhaps fitting that we are going to watch the Cure set on iPlayer tonight after dinner. My missus is the best, she's got me a box of cider to try and cheer me up. Total babe. I hereby offer a virtual hi five to anyone feeling shitty post-festival. We will be there again. Gets better every time
  8. The one time I did think it seemed a bit much was trying to get anywhere near Williams Green for Elvana on the first night. Couldn't get anywhere near the tent. Could just be the popularity of that act though!
  9. gratefulbread


    Maybe I was just lucky but only walked in on 2 or 3 horrorshows this year. Did encounter someone giving a blowjob in one, down between Arcadia and the Park. Unreal. They are some of the most fruity on site, too. Everyone needs to carry a toilet roll (thanks lock ups) and everyone needs to give the seat a good wipe when they leave. But as I say most often than not they were in an ok state whenever I went to go myself.
  10. One of them, who had the Brexit party logo as their profile picture, kept asking me to look up pictures of the festival online. I explained I've just come back from 5 days there and was able to see the difference between this year and previous years with my own eyes and he offered to meet face to face to "discuss" it. Imagine being that worked up about something you have no part in that you will offer to have a fight over it.
  11. Been arguing with Brexit types on Facebook all day about the litter and plastic. They just love to moan about anything that is good and positive. I'll happily give it them back, the mugs.
  12. Balled my eyes out all the way through two Mattiel sets, Lizzo and the gospel choir on the Sunday morning Pyramid Stage slot. Sue me.
  13. gratefulbread


    They will headline the pyramid stage in the not too distant future.
  14. Loved the water points, filled up most times we saw one, queue depending. Co op was great, was camped 2 minutes from it and literally didn't haven't to queue once, used it every morning for fruit and bags of ice. Also very impressed they managed to have ice every morning. Kept my cool box ice cold all weekend. Staff were also great.
  15. Loved it, got quite emotional seeing how much she loved the crowd. We were 2/3s back in the middle and the sound was spot on. Can't wait to get home and watch it back.
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