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  1. They didn't play Pork Soda?! Love Glass Animals, but left after the first three songs; really wasn't feeling it with the crowd. Think it's the first time a crowd has swayed me away from an act. Saw Porridge Radio instead who smashed it out of the park.
  2. Definitely will be trying for tickets again this year. For the sake of £50, it's worth having 5 or so months to contemplate further, not that I can see me changing my mind!
  3. Thought Caribou was fantastic, despite the technical difficulties.
  4. 2 man bellepad was £395 and bought separate from the ticket. There were cheaper options (scout tents) but can't remember how much they were going for. It's pretty much a Worthy View alternative.
  5. First year of Sticklinch this year so thought it'd be worth getting people's opinins. For context, I was in a 2 man bellpad by myself. The bellpad itself was nice and roomy, was able to fit in a double airbed (although it was a squeeze with the pole coming down the middle!) and all my belongings with space to spare. Only downside of the tent itself was that it could do with something to keep the heat out if it's a scorcher; lay down on my airbed for 20 minutes on the Wednesday and puddles of sweat were forming. The site itself could do with some improvements in terms of facilities. Not sure how it compares with Worthy View, but they could have easily done with another food trader or two as lines were pretty long each morning; waited around 45 mins for a coffee on the Sunday. Also more benches outside the traders would have been a good shout; they definitely had the space for it! The toilets were clean and well kept, again usually a long line if you went at peak morning time but tended to move quickly; same could be said of the showers (although opted for a wet wipe wash from Saturday onwards). While it's pretty out of the way, I found it was a nice walk to the stages. You're on the railway track in about 10-15 minutes or so and I can imagine Worthy View is a more punishing walk! One thing I'd love to see is a shuttle bus from Gate A to the Sticklinch gate for us getting the coach to the festival; it was an absolutely brutal walk on the first day. Overall, I was pretty happy with Sticklinch, especially considering it was its first year. Would definitely consider staying there again (tickets pending!), especially if they offer a shuttle bus to the gate next year.
  6. Hutchmaster


    I thought she was good but the atmosphere was terrible from where I was standing (about 5 deep from the front barrier, close to left screen).
  7. Porridge Radio @ William's Green was superb.
  8. Fairly heavy rain at Sticklinch, hope it passes through quickly!
  9. Red packet cheese and onion or yellow packet cheese and onion?
  10. I think you may just have to walk from Gate A to the Sticklinch entrance, I can't remember seeing anything about a shuttle from Gate A to the Sticklinch in the welcome pack.
  11. Aye I asked them at a signing a couple of months ago and they said they weren't playing. Still holding out a bit of hope they were just saying that to not spoil the surprise...
  12. Think I'm going to pick up a pair of walking boots in my last minute Decathlon shop today...
  13. Hoping Let's Eat Grandma is one of the Transgressive Rabbit Hole TBA's; especially as their 2019 Rabbit Hole set was cancelled last minute. Was fairly surprised they didn't make the line up proper.
  14. Debut album out 9th September
  15. Hello! I've unfortunately became a bit intolerant to gluten over the years and it seems the worst culprit for me is lovely, lovely beer. I'll probably bring some of my own cans in (recommend Peckham Helles personally), but does anyone know if any of the bars sell pints and/or cans of GF beer? Would be good to have the option of actually enjoying a cold beer in the sun. Also open to hearing suggestions of other GF beer people have came across!
  16. Porridge Radio heavily hinted they've got a secret set on their recent Reddit AMA. Seem to fit the bill for your typical William's Green Thursday slot, but we shall see!
  17. Sticklinch email just came through for me!
  18. I was thinking Wet Dream but pretty sure I heard that being used to promote Lauren Laverne's 6Music show on an advert the other day!
  19. Hutchmaster


    I thought the exact same. It was long enough to think "Christ get on with it" and did take a wee bit out of the gig. Although to be fair to her, on one occasion someone from the crowd needed assistance so that can't be helped for one of the rambles. Regardless of that, I thought she was absolutely superb. Ok, the run of Stoned to California was a bit of a slog but apart from that she put on a hell of a show. Feel like Solar Power is going to be a real Glastonbury moment.
  20. Asked Porridge Radio on their Reddit AMA if they were playing any other slots than their billed William's Green slot and got a "maybe ;)". Potentially one for Thursday WG?
  21. Foals/Jamie T/Courtney Barnett is looking like my trio.
  22. Jessie Ware v Jamie T v Roisin Murphy v The Waterboys is a monster Saturday night clash for me.
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