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  1. Our man Ken says Rock Werchter are working on another TW Classic headliner too. We know Macca was down for that in 2020 but this year seemed to be Springsteen until he cancelled the tour, though I’m sure Ken said they still had something lined up for Macca. Hopefully he’s decided to tour and this is him finalising everything, it would fit in with him generally not sorting things too far in advance.
  2. Yeah I went with Park sub, given how her tour sold I think she'd be fine as a Park headliner but the competition this year means she’s probably not top of the list. I’m not sure about Koffee but you’d certainly expect the other three support acts for Harry Styles to be at the festival.
  3. Wolf Alice subbing QOTSA on Friday Other has always made a lot of sense. They’re a great backup to have should QOTSA drop out too, which still wouldn’t surprise me.
  4. It looks like there’s a presale for previous ticket holders on Monday.
  5. The good news is he’s in Ireland all weekend. I agree with Matt on Robert Plant, early afternoon Pyramid makes sense. I get the calls for West Holts headliner but I think there’s probably other acts around who are better suited to West Holts.
  6. Going to be difficult to get a ticket in 2023 when both Emily and Taylor start handing out restraining orders.
  7. I think we knew they were Saturday JP but it was unclear who was headlining. The general consensus was Editors, Primal Scream and Charli XCX were the headliners in that order but could easily have been Glass Animals or FKA twigs too.
  8. This is where @Matt42 fits in
  9. Do many people care about Lucy Spraggan being booked or know about Camila Cabello’s background though compared to Harry Styles? I think he’s moved beyond the X Factor thing but a lot of people, including a large number of people at the festival, will still associate him with that. I’d quite like to see him headline, certainly more than George Ezra or Lewis Capaldi as others have mentioned, but it would undoubtedly be a very controversial booking. I’m not sure if he’ll be at the top of Emily’s list but I’m starting to come round to the idea of him headlining in the next few years.
  10. Yeah 2014 was a weird year for headliners. Kasabian, the one we seemed set on fairly early on, weren't announced until the poster and I'm sure Neil had info at one point which was something like them agreeing to be a backup while they tried for Prince. I think someone had heard a rumour of Metallica playing but as you say, we originally thought Other stage. Arcade Fire were the first ones announced and I think we were pretty confident it was them based on some info and hints from the band but even they just announced themselves. If only you had a YouTube channel for 2014 and 2015!
  11. I don't think we were sure on The Killers until much later on. Other than the Adele sunset slot nonsense, I think we were pretty sure early on for 2016, 2017 and 2020 but I think it's pretty standard for at least one headliner slot to still be unclear at this point.
  12. Yeah I just got a couple on ticketmaster for the first night in Glasgow so it's presumably just a few returns that are left. Looking forward to it, the only time I've seen Wolf Alice was the secret William's Green set in 2015. I saw Angel Olsen at the Barrowlands on valentines day in 2020 and that ended up being my last gig for 18 months, let's hope things go a bit better this time!
  13. New one from Parquet Courts, strangely on Ellen’s show again. This was a vinyl only b-side last year but has only just been fully released. I was a bit disappointed with their most recent album but this is quite good.
  14. For the Ray-Ban closers, are we expecting them to be the final acts (around 4-6am) or the acts before that (3-4am)? I can't say I'm hugely familiar with all of them but given DJ Seinfeld is doing a live show, I think at least him, Bicep and Disclosure make more sense as the 3-4am acts.
  15. New album out 22nd April
  16. To be fair, the only reason I knew that was because it was literally the top comment when I saw it on the Bonnaroo sub this morning!
  17. Chvrches are playing in Germany on that weekend
  18. Yeah I’m sure in 2014 we knew it was Metallica, they just couldn’t be confirmed at that point as they were meant to be an exclusive at Sonisphere. We didn’t have a clue who the special guests in 2015 were, though to be fair I’m not sure the festival did either at that point. If it comes down to that again then I think they’d do something similar, rather than delaying the full announcement.
  19. In 2019 we only had Stormzy didn’t we? I’m sure The Killers and The Cure were just announced on the poster. A Macca announcement would make things a lot less stressful for me, he’s the one act I’m really hoping carries over from 2020, so fingers crossed. I can’t see them not announcing at the very least a smaller poster than usual before the balance window. The festival don’t owe us anything but given the majority of people will have kept their deposit for over two years I think they’ll want to give us some names before we have to pay the balance.
  20. Pretty sure it was from @NoBusesabove, I can’t remember any of the details other than that so quite possibly the same thing.
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