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  1. Sounds like Johnny Marr isn't too happy about the Rick Astley/Blossoms covering The Smiths thing. Looking forward to him fighting "The Blossoms" next week when they're both playing the same gig.
  2. I'm sure their Glasgow gig has changed venue three times now, started at SWG3, then The Garage and now Saint Luke's. Not complaining, they've ended up in a better venue but it shows it must be quite tricky rearranging gigs at the moment.
  3. Really like that new one, this sort of sound did seem like the natural evolution for them and I'm not surprised they're managing to pull it off. Looking forward to heartland rock October with new War on Drugs and Sam Fender albums.
  4. I'm sure the story that year was that The Strokes were due to headline the second stage at TITP but asked to go on before the headliner for some reason. Second stage headliner at a major festival is probably about where they were at in 2011 so it makes sense.
  5. I can see Paolo Nutini headlining Latitude, they seem to like him. I think his day at TRNSMT will sell out quite easily, he’s one of the acts people ask for every year.
  6. Hopefully Foals are on the Saturday again, The Strokes and Foals would be a very decent top two. I’m not sure how well their day will sell but the other two should sell out no bother.
  7. Burst out laughing when I saw The Bravery on the second line here
  8. This is great news, hopefully we'll get new music from then next year too. They're a brilliant live band so I'd be really happy if they're at Glastonbury too. BST does seem a good fit. I wonder if they'll go with 9 days next year given Elton's playing a week earlier than their usual gigs. The Strokes seem a decent fit as an act who won't necessarily sell it out but will be a decent ticket shifter to fill a night while the stage is up.
  9. I’m sure someone said West Holts tried to book her for last year’s festival. Seems like a decent shout as a replacement for The Isley Brothers if she’s touring next year.
  10. I could see them still booking Kasabian to be honest. I don’t think Biffy will do it, no point when they’ve pretty much done it this year. I’ll guess Kasabian, George Ezra and Lewis Capaldi, which I think would sell fairly well.
  11. I listened to a couple of her EPs a few years ago and enjoyed them, had no idea this was out but really enjoyed it, great shout! I haven't got round to Kacey Musgraves yet but it's been a strong day for new releases between this and Low.
  12. Looks like you’re in luck
  13. I think he’s booked in Europe on the Thursday, Saturday and Monday over Glastonbury, so seems very unlikely to play unfortunately. Another night at APE must be pretty likely for him, especially given how well his previous APE day sold.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000zf8k 1:26:10 here, certainly does sound likely.
  15. This is good news, not too fussed on seeing Noel again but I doubt he'd bother subbing for just any act given he's generally only done headline shows since the second High Flying Birds album, so I think this makes Paul McCartney being back a bit more likely.
  16. Would Happier Than Ever have been ready for this summer in normal circumstances? Given she was due to do a fairly big tour in 2020, she ended up with a big chunk of extra time to write and record which she wouldn’t have normally had. I don’t know too much about this, perhaps everything would have been ready and COVID delayed the album anyway but I’m not convinced she’d have been ready to do another big tour alongside a new album just a year after the planned 2020 tour. I do think she’s someone Emily has had in mind for a while as you say, but more in terms of a future headliner to try and book when they’re next touring, rather than someone who was already pencilled in for 2021. I would guess that the festival tried for Kendrick again in 2021, as we know he was touring then, but quickly moved on from him for 2022 when it became clear that Billie Eilish would be touring next year and Kendrick wasn’t planning to.
  17. Cheers, yeah sharing headliners with Hard Rock Calling does ring a bell now you both mention it. I knew they’d shared headliners with BST before but the ones I could think of (Arcade Fire, Rolling Stones, Kendrick, Taylor Swift) were all the following weekends. The Who did BST on the Friday of Glastonbury weekend in 2015, though we know that crossover wasn’t exactly planned!
  18. Has there ever been a BST day on Glastonbury weekend before? It’s usually over the following two weekends isn’t it? I suppose if that’s the only weekend Elton’s available then it’s easy enough to just set everything up slightly earlier but it does seem quite odd.
  19. Some interesting observations (to me anyway): Halsey (6), Turnstile (6), Big Red Machine (5) and Jungle (5) all received more first place votes than The Killers (4) but Pressure Machine being everyone's second favourite album (8 votes) won it for them. Big Red Machine only got 5 votes, all of which were first place. A few of us loved it, the rest have had enough of constant chat about The National, Bon Iver and Taylor Swift apparently. The people who liked Turnstile's album really liked it. It didn't receive any third place votes, 6 first place and 4 second place sealed top three for them. Halsey was similar, although one extra third place vote was enough to finish above Turnstile. Lorde, something of a forum favourite before this album, only getting 5 points really highlights how disappointing Solar Power was.
  20. I just counted this morning's posts as they didn't affect the top three anyway. 5. Chvrches - Screen Violence (18 points) Apple Music Spotify Three points ahead of Big Red Machine, a somewhat return to form from Chvrches gets them fifth place. 4. Jungle - Loving In Stereo (18 points) Apple Music Spotify A late post from @Quarksees Jungle shoot up to fourth. They ended up level on points with Chvrches but Jungle got more 1st place votes than Chvrches did, so gave them fourth based on that. 3. Turnstile - Glow On (26 points) Apple Music Spotify I was surprised to see this so high up but a resounding third place for Turnstile. 2. Halsey - If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power (27 points) Apple Music Spotify Halsey narrowly beats Turnstile into second place. I'm not sure she'd normally place this high but this is a very good album, turns out getting Trent and Atticus in is what you need to do well in the eFests album of the month tournaments, which I'm sure is what everyone is aiming for. 1. The Killers - Pressure Machine (32 points) Apple Music Spotify A predictable but well deserved winner. Brandon and the lads continue their recent return to form with their most stripped back album yet. --------- That leaves the albums of the month so far as below: The Killers - Pressure Machine Halsey - If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power Turnstile - Glow On Inhaler - It Won't Always Be Like This Dave - We're All Alone In This Together Snapped Ankles - Forest of Your Problems Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend Sault - 9 Lucy Dacus - Home Video Iceage - Seek Shelter Squid - Bright Green Field St. Vincent - Daddy's Home Royal Blood - Typhoons Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg The Coral - Coral Island Arab Strap - As Days Get Dark Bicep - Isles Black Country, New Road - For the First Time Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - Carnage Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over the Country Club For Those I Love - For Those I Love Mogwai - As the Love Continues Arlo Parks - Collapsed in Sunbeams Shame - Drunk Tank Pink
  21. 1. Big Red Machine - How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last? 2. Halsey - If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power 3. The Killers - Pressure Machine
  22. New album "Music for Psychedelic Therapy" out 12th November digitally and 11th February on vinyl.
  23. kingcrawler

    Wolf Alice

    I was thinking about this and I think we all commonly predicted acts like Bastille, Foals, The Vaccines, Two Door etc to move up to Pyramid sub/Other headline around album three but it never really happened for any of them, apart from Foals on the following album. Although I’ve been predicting them for a bigger slot, based on tour dates Wolf Alice probably fit into that category pretty well. Wolf Alice are very much forum favourites, so we’re more likely to discuss them more and overestimate them compared to someone like Bastille. I know they‘re headlining Latitude but Foals, Two Door and The Maccabees were all booked to headline there before or around the same time as playing big Other stage slots.
  24. I’m happy to count it. My number 1 last month was a 6 track album that was just over 30 minutes, so no reason why a long EP like that can’t be considered.
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