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  1. Mattymooz

    Kendrick Lamar

    Feel like the album would have been a lot stronger if they had left the rapist off it but there we go
  2. I dunno there were a few that I'd stick up there from last year (SIMBI, Silk Sonic, Injury Reserve, MagBay, Gensis Owusu, Peggy)
  3. Mattymooz

    2023 Headliners

    I guess they'd get better exposure at Glasto which might sway them? If they continue more in the direction of After Laughter then I think they'd slot in easily
  4. Mattymooz

    2023 Headliners

    Oh no doubt they won't be at Glasto. Tbh I assumed they were nailed for R+L when they did After Laughter but they never did, so guess they could just do their own shows again
  5. Mattymooz

    2023 Headliners

    I still think Paramore would crush a set on the farm
  6. Just been listening through, Wargasm sound ace
  7. Nova Twins I guess is up there too? But yeah nothing crazy
  8. Cant remember now but did we get info in the end that Khruangbin where the Friday park headliner or was that assumed? If not then that seems like a good bet for 4tet
  9. Can't see Phoebe headlining The Park at this point, would be very surprised if she isn't mid other/early pyramid
  10. Think someone had info on it as we had all assumed West Holts before that
  11. That's huge - I had Big Thief down as a headliner at this point...
  12. Koven Sunday / Charlie Tee Friday
  13. Ferris & Sylvester are Sunday edit - I see we have this one on the list already apologies!
  14. just spied that piri & tommy are Thursday
  15. Mattymooz


    Here's hoping it's with a full live band too
  16. Strange, I had that Friday slot nailed on for rob plant
  17. Her last album was really good but don't think there have been any direct rumours. For fans of the latest Twigs mixtape
  18. Would have guessed he would be on Avalon if he was there but I guess it's possible
  19. Mattymooz

    CD Swap 2022

    Unfortunately I have got a new PC since 2019 and don't have a disc drive anymore. Would be up for doing a virtual one though! (Spotify playlists capped at 1hr 20 long?)
  20. Silent Disco is an option too. It's not the best silent disco but they have an alright cheesy channel
  21. Think you will enjoy this thread then if you aren't lurking on it already!
  22. Now that's a bit more like it
  23. Orla is very good news
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