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  1. Seems to be the case so far. Just keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way. Appreciate the kind words 🙂
  2. The submission window has slammed shut! Thanks to everyone who took part So, I was generously given covid for Christmas, so I'm not quite at a 100% at the moment but still aiming to post the results on or before Hogmanay.
  3. Due to the forum being offline for such a long time I extended the deadline to the 27th, so plenty of time left still to vote!
  4. By the way, I already took note of the entries for the following peeps: @circus92 @Claire96 @EssexIndie @Avalon_Fields @Ddiamondd @fuzzy_logic That's all I managed to get before the site went down, so if you posted your list on the old thread and your name isn't one of those metioned above, please do me a favour and post it again. Thanks!
  5. Tremendous work @found home in 2009. Thank you! Given the sites been down will extend the voting period until midnight Monday 27th
  6. Well, that's certainly a look.
  7. Mattiloy already covered everything else I'd want to say in response to this, but I'll just add that this is one of the most naive things I've ever read on this site.
  8. Well that's the last time I put more trust in @Ddiamonddthan Google
  9. Join the Auld Alliance 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇫🇷
  10. I know that 2020 has been stricken from the record but it still feels bonkers to me that EN was five years ago.
  11. If that were true the opinion polls would be showing "any other leader being 20 points ahead by now" as we were repeatedly told.
  12. Mad the Phoebe isn't placing higher in European fests given she swept the boards at the efests 2020 awards
  13. Saving himself for Taylor's set next year.
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