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  1. Surprised at that, it's littered with bangers.
  2. One of my lasting Glastonbury regrets is not being in a fit enough mental or physical state on the Sunday in 2017 to get down to the Pyramid for Laura Marling. That would be my fear if SVE ended up in a similar slot.
  3. Park would be my number one pick, JPT would be ok, hope she doesn't get lost someone early on the Other tho.
  4. Just listening to SVE right now on Mary Anne Hobgoblin's show, she really is something else. She just knocked out a great version of 'Seventeen' in the live lounge. Already a contender for my album and song of the year, I'm seeing her over here two weeks on Thursday and (ticket gods permitting) will be one of the performances I'll want to be at on the farm. I'd mentioned a few weeks back I thought she'd make a great Park headliner, hopefully not on the Friday if that's the case. SVE vs Tame Impala would be a right horror clash. Any whispers or thoughts on where she'll be placed?
  5. I'd agree with easty here. I wrote a fairly lengthy reply to a not dissimilar discussion towards the end of last year which I've linked below cause I'm lazy like Sunday morning.
  6. SwedgeAntilles


    In Degrees should give them another but you just can't trust people.
  7. Their debut album. One of the best of the 2000s
  8. Worth giving this chap a follow on twitter. Explains how a lot of the technical issues (and, unfortunately, signatories) are the work for alt-right trolls operating from the likes of 4chan and 8chan; Check out @mikegalsworthy’s Tweet:
  9. Yeah I like that. Definitely see what you mean CalGon about the disco vibe. The piano/keyboard hook is a bit ABBA-like
  10. 100% #TeamRightKylie Not even close.
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