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  1. SwedgeAntilles

    2018 - What it might have looked like

    Been doing this in my head over the last few weeks. Self-torture.
  2. SwedgeAntilles

    2019 Headliners

    Smashing Bubles - the ultimate combo
  3. SwedgeAntilles

    The National

    Holy shit, Boxer in its entirety. Must've been fucking excellent
  4. SwedgeAntilles

    eFestival Music Awards 2017

    List eh? Gonna have to do shortlists of three for a few, will finalise later in the year; 1. Rate Glastonbury Festival 2017 - 8 2. Best Glastonbury ever - 2017 3. Best Performance at Glastonbury 2017 - First Aid Kit 4. Worst Performance at Glastonbury 2017 - Liam Gallagher (the stage did him no favours) 5. Best album of the year - LCD - American Dream, Laura Marling - Semper Femina, The National - Sleep Well Beast 6. Best song of the year - Empire Line (The National), How Do You Sleep (LCD), Only God Knows (Young Fathers) 7. Best gig/tour of 2017 - LCD Soundsystem @ The Barrowlands, Radiohead @ TRSMT, Arcade Fire @ The Corn Exchange 8. Best Other Festival 2017 - TRSMT (by default) 9. Most Wanted Band for Glastonbury 2019 - Arctic Monkeys 10. Best New Act - The Big Moon, Soccer Mommy, Gurr 11. Legend Award (Dead or Alive!) - David Bowie - rationale being that I feel his influence helped create two of the records of the year, American Dream and Villians 12. Biggest Loss To Music in 2017 - Tom Petty
  5. SwedgeAntilles

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Got Friday/Sunday tickets for this. Hopefully the first of a few smaller festivals next year. Also considering just spending a week catching up with London based mates and going to The National the following Saturday. My bank balance needs your prayers
  6. SwedgeAntilles

    Acts you don't "get"

    Biffy Clyro. Don't believe the press, everyone in Scotland hates them too.
  7. SwedgeAntilles

    One month on...

    Took me two months to come back to my favourite page on the internet. Fair to say this one had a big impact on me.
  8. SwedgeAntilles

    Acts you don't "get"

    London Grammar. Convinced its a nation-wide practical joke at my expense that people (who normally have good taste) genuinely like them
  9. SwedgeAntilles

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    1. In Rainbows 2. OK Computer 3. Kid A 4. The Bends 5. A Moon Shaped Pool 6. Hail to the Thief 7. The King of Limbs 8. Amnesiac 9. Pablo Honey So.... have I missed much?
  10. SwedgeAntilles

    2019 Headliners

    Back in time for Nutbush, here wi!
  11. SwedgeAntilles

    The XX

    I'm not quite there yet, but I could see myself coming to that conclusion too. Listened to it on vinyl last night for the first time and the whole Side A is pretty much perfect
  12. SwedgeAntilles

    The XX

    I thought they were brilliant. I'm a fan but I had concerns going into it. Tough spot on the Pyramid for a band that probably, on paper, looked like they'd struggle in that environment. But they smashed it. Great performances, great chemistry on stage, good interaction with the crowd, they looked like they were loving every moment and it was infectious. Romy's voice was unbelievable, delivery on Permformance was spine tingling. Jamie's production makes a huge difference to their live performance, even songs like Angels you could almost dance to. Only minor complaint would be that I'd have liked to have heard A Violent Noise as it's my favourite song on the new album, but aside from that the set list ticked most of the boxes. As a quick aside on the latest album: I've been listening to it again after having a break for a few months and I absolutely love it. Brave For You is about the only track I can't get on board with. As a record it's streets ahead of Coexist and I'm increasingly of a mind that it's up there with their debut.
  13. SwedgeAntilles

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    And beard-stroking, don't forget that.
  14. SwedgeAntilles

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Difficult to predict Friday's set. Please play Reckoner.
  15. SwedgeAntilles

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Oh good lord.

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