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  1. Huge Doubt would be a good name for a No Doubt tribute act.
  2. Literally every post on the last page is about covid.
  3. Probably best to stick your question in here - It's the general covid-19 thread and one of the busiest on the forum so you'll get plenty of discussion.
  4. Jeeze, I'm glad no one has asked me for an outline of my job and expertise. I really have achieved fuck all in that regard so far.
  5. A couple of mine have already been mentioned (namely Karma Police and All My Friends), so I'll throw this one in.
  6. Anyone else give the new Badly Drawn Boy record a go? Much more of a pop sound than I expected.
  7. Indeed, I propose that the 'meal deal comparison' be the official measurement when assessing acts on the forum.
  8. Yup. But, why bother taking the time to read and comprehend something when you can save valuable time firing out a hot take as quickly as possible.
  9. I enjoyed that a lot @the wonderwhy cheers for the recommendation.
  10. SwedgeAntilles

    The 1975 2020

    Given them a go every time a new album has rolled around and never found anything in there to interest me, can't see this record bucking that trend.
  11. He's bringing Blur back as 'Handsome Damon Albarn + Three'
  12. Just ordered it but my email confirmation says its "currently out of stock" 🤔
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