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  1. Maybe that's why they look so unwell. Sick of it.
  2. New Order http://www.neworder.com/newordernow/2020/2/24/only-uk-show-of-2020.html
  3. Can we not just shoot Biffy into space or something?
  4. New Order and Pet Shop Boys have announced a co headliner tour of the US
  5. The cows on Worthy Farm are actually horses.
  6. SwedgeAntilles

    The 1975 2020

    Agreed, it's bollocks. (also old and miserable)
  7. If you'd read the other one you'd have known about Pavement 🤷‍♂️
  8. Wouldn't the original Pyramid stage simply eat the other Pyramid stage?
  9. Aye. If they hadn't played in 2017 I'd be more inclined to think they'll be there in some capacity but it feels to early for them to be back given they festival doesn't seem to be short of options.
  10. The latter could certainly come across as a bit of a tadger at times.
  11. Conversely Sunday at headline o'clock is my prime position. Going on best guesses/predictions I'm so far struggling for a headliner that day so The National would be perfect.
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