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  1. Not so sure about that, chief.
  2. SwedgeAntilles

    2020 headliners

    Jeeze, that's an unwanted blast from the past.
  3. SwedgeAntilles


    Fuck Macca getting less time to give Aerosmith an extended sub set. Not having it.
  4. SwedgeAntilles


    On second thoughts let's not got to Glasto Chat. Tis a silly place.
  5. SwedgeAntilles


    Some booking that
  6. Yeah, the Tomorrow´s Modern Boxes reviews have been great, Thom Yorke is probably only 2nd only to Macca on my list, would be gutted if they´re clashing
  7. This is great, agreed with the Doves comparison, especially from around the 3 minute mark when it kicks in. Looking forward to the album
  8. SwedgeAntilles


    My Live At The Bataclan vinyl just arrived. Looks great 😍
  9. If Kenny is not our Friday night headliner I'll eat both of @stuartbert two hats two hats.
  10. Surely the park is the best place for them?
  11. Shazza Van E all that's standing between a clean sweep for The National
  12. You are literally history's greatest monster.
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