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  1. As the closure of the window to sign up acts for next year approaches, Time Is Running Out
  2. I think the general consensus is that this year's acts have been offered the same spot for next year and most will take it. The big issues look to be at the top of the Pyramid with the fella Ken, who tends to have solid info about European festivals, saying that neither Kendrick or Swifty have made plans to reschedule as yet. Macca is looking a bit more positive (couple of clues point to it, he mentioned 'postponing' his Glastonbury appearance on the Howard Stern show - rather than outright cancelling - and his daughter made a social media post about him coming back next year). Sub wise; Lana Del Rey looks like she's not around next summer and there was some info the Noel G was also planning a year off from touring (although that might be this year now!), and we never worked out who the third sub was for this year so all 6 places are still up in the air. So we could be in a position where the vast majority of the card rolls over but from a first poster POV it looks very different (across those top two rows).
  3. It does make me wonder about line up announcements though. There might not be much appetite to announce any acts, even if they're signed up, until the festival are confident its going ahead. Which realistically won't be until next spring
  4. Exactly. I've already had to deal with a loss of pace and movement and adapt my game to suit. Not to mention I'm regularly subbed off between midnight and 3am unable to last until full time. By 2022 I might already have already been forced to hang up my walking boots and take a cushy commentating job from the comfort of the studio (my house).
  5. After a few more listens it's a solid 7.5/10 for me. Great record but not as good as Laura Marling's effort this year.
  6. What these crazy 'stan' kids don't understand is that the whole fun in fandom is being the first person to turn on your artist of choice and declare that they've lost it.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/aug/03/taylor-swift-folklore-hardcore-pop-fans-abusing-critics-stan?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook Be careful with those ratings
  8. Agreed. I don't think this album changes anything with regards her touring plans. As Filler says, you'll probably see a few of the tracks included in what is her current show, but it's not the kind of album you do a tour proper on.
  9. Jeeze. That's awful. Fucking horrendous.
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