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  1. Held off listening to the new James Blake stuff until this morning, bit of a mixed bag overall but I really like 'I Keep Calling', it's banging. Will give the others a few more listens before judging. Got Matt Berninger on at the moment, liking what I hear so far but that was always likely to be the case. I'm not exactly the most objective when it comes to these lads.
  2. Radiohead - The Gloaming Paul McCartney - Love Me Do LCD - Movement
  3. Deserved downvotes for it being shite patter.
  4. Let me know your thoughts once you've watched it 👍
  5. Finished The Haunting of Bly Manor the other night. I've seen it getting a lot of heat online for being boring/not scary but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Overall I preferred Hill House (same show runners and, strangely, a similar cast playing completely different roles), mainly due to Bly having a weak finale and (as much as it not being a priority for me in these shows) Hill House having more genuine jump scares, but Bly was an entertaining 9 episode mini series. I've seen it commented that it's more of a love story than ghost story, and that's probably true, but don't let that put you off.
  6. Sunak will lose support as soon as the general public realise how short he actually is.
  7. Still maintain the Tory gains made in Scotland only recent years weren't much to do with a warming to the party, it was down to the personality Ruth Davidson appealing to the centrist/centre right unionist vote. With her headed for the Lords I don't think a Starmer led Labour will have much of an issue prizing those voters back. Regardless of what the SNP do I'm pretty confident that Labour will be back as the 2nd biggest party before too long.
  8. A record high for independence. Johnson is doing a cracking job.
  9. Trying out the dark theme since last night. Not convinced but as I use dark mode on pretty much every other site/app I'm going to persevere for a few days and see if I get used to it.
  10. Bit worried about the situation in Manchester. One of my best mates lives there, had symptoms since Friday, got a test on Monday but was told yesterday the test was inconclusive and he needs to take the test again. He's going back in this morning. He had a condition a couple of years ago that would probably put him in the at risk category if he does have it so it's a bit of a worrying time. Pretty frustrating too as he's only been out and about for work and has been completely careful otherwise.
  11. https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/first-us-case-of-covid19-reinfection-suffered-worse-symptoms-second-time-around/ Hopefully just an outlier, still not great reading.
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