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  1. Breaking my self-imposed, missing-out-on-Glasto-depression fuelled efests sabbatical to drop in and say how amazing the gig was in Dalhalla last night. An absolutely stunning venue, it's huge and was only about half full when the band came on but Matt did an amazing job of working the crowd up and creating an atmosphere. It also meant I could head down the front for the 2nd half of the gig which in turn allowed me to a) shake Matt's hand as he leaned into the crowd during Apartment Story, and b) help him get over the barrier to come into the crowd and join us for Mr November. Was an absolutely amazing experience, I'm still buzzing. Here's a few pics of the venue and the gig; https://imgshare.io/image/lSCCp https://imgshare.io/image/lSSsH https://imgshare.io/image/lSbed https://imgshare.io/image/lSlEq https://imgshare.io/image/lSa6f
  2. Seventeen. Already loved it before seeing it live last week and it's just pushed it higher in my estimation. Not only will it be high in my TOTY list but it'll be a late entry into my Tracks of the Decade list too.
  3. You're getting confused with the First World War. I did the same during the mud of 2016
  4. Here's me trimming my beard today cause I was uncomfortable running a 6k with it last night 😭
  5. The 'super' prefix is justified in this username
  6. I just had to check the Lib Dems deputy was indeed Jo Swinson after reading the above 😂 Jo Swinson that voted to increase tuition fees and was vocally against increasing minimum wage as part of the coalition government? That Jo Swinson? Aye she's great eh.
  7. Just saying to a few mates my sizzling hot take is that it's their best album since Push The Button (which incidentally is 14 years old this year 😭)
  8. Yup, I'm in the same boat. Absolutely loved Young Chasers when it came out, it really was a proper 'sound of the summer' record. Last album was bang average (although I did think Fire That Burns was a great single), but this one just felt completely devoid of the fun of the first album. Real shame. @priest17 really digging that album by your name sakes. Haven't listened to them before but enjoyed it enough that I'll take a peek into their back catalogue
  9. 👍 for Idlewild 👎 for Circa Waves
  10. Ms Antilles had a not too dissimilar situation to yours in the UK, she's a software dev, it seems particularly prevalent in IT/Tech.
  11. Yup, wasn't even that went (relatively speaking) in 2016, but the damage was already done before they opened the gates on the Wednesday morning.
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