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  1. I used to think he was quite witty & good fun on celebrity Gogglebox. Can't believe how much of a nob end he's turned out to be.
  2. Just had a read of his wikipedia page and there are a few things that stand out. In the expenses scandal he had to apologise as he'd claimed electricity for his stables and riding school. He's been accused of not always declaring all his interests to parliament. There are also been accusations that he avoided paying stamp duty on a property he bought, though he denies them. He was involved in the initial share price for Royal Mail and his defence of that is laughably bad: Shares quickly rose to £5 following flotation at £3.30 and the Financial Times claimed that two investment
  3. I like the Tame Impala album as background music whilst I'm working. Though that's kind of damning it with faint praise, as part of the reason I find it good to work to is it never really fully grabs your attention. Definitely preferred their earlier stuff. Ironically, tame probably is a good word to describe the recent album. Needs more impala
  4. Hopefully they don't sell this one off after a couple of years. Lib Dems forced them to start a green investment bank as part of the coalition. It was a massive success funding loads of positive projects whilst making a profit. First thing Tories did when they were back in sole power. Sold it off 😠
  5. Just listened to 6 music revealing their list on BBC iPlayer. The BC Camplight and Nadine Shah songs they played feel like classics to me already, find it crazy to think they came out this year. Hadn't heard the Cornershop song before, but it sort of felt like a modern take on the Kinks. I really liked it, will need to try to listen to the rest of the album.
  6. We've had dinner at my parents sitting miles apart. In the restaurant we were sat right next to each other. Both had sanitiser outside the toilet. But in my parents house I know they would have been using it and they would be the only people that could have touched the door. Whereas in the restuarant there could have been hundreds of customers that touched the bathroom door handle without sanitising. You could say all families will show a different amount of caution, but similarly I reckon all businesses will make different amounts of effort to comply with the rules too.
  7. I've been making sacrifices all year and so have my family. I just can't see if we've all been really careful that it's high enough risk to cancel the thing that keeps you going through a miserable winter.
  8. To be fair, back in the day I absolutely hated when T in the Park made it so you had to buy tokens to use at bars. They always closed the bars quite early on a Sunday to so there would be a point you'd go to get a drink and it would be double frustration. Not only could you not get a drink, but you'd also realise that you now had completely useless tokens that you'd wasted your money on. The RFID idea appealed to me as I don't have a contactless card and wouldn't feel secure owning one, but I wouldn't mind being able to pay contactlessly for one weekend at a festival.
  9. The meal with other people is the important part of it. That is the essence of Christmas to me (an atheist who doesn't like consumerism - though I have no objections to booze).
  10. It depends how the family have been acting before hand. The only contact me and my girlfriend have with anyone is when we do our food shop. The only contact my parents have with anyone is when they do their food shop. Is there really much risk of the four of us meeting up? At one point the rules in my area meant I was allowed to have a meal in a restaurant with my parents, but not go to their house. My mum had been really missing us so the four of us went for a meal at a restaurant bringing us in contact with a waitress who had been in contact with lots of people. In my opinion foll
  11. "Meanwhile, all attendees will be allocated an “RFID wristband” which will eliminate the need for queuing and allow for cashless payments at drink and confectionery stands" I'd be quite happy for that to stay the norm going forward. Obviously you'd need some kind of back up in place in case the system went down though
  12. This is going to drag on forever isn't it https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/11/politics/georgia-full-state-recount-2020-presidential-race/index.html
  13. I gave it a listen last week as your description of it really intrigued me, but if I'm honest I was a bit underwhelmed by it. It was pleasant enough, but didn't really grab me. Sorry
  14. A while back I remember watching the news and they had footage from America where some white racists had turned up to "defend" a statue from BLM protestors. Then a black militia turned up to defend the BLM protestors. Both sides looked like proper armies. I remember watching it and thinking that country is heading for a civil war. Seeing that video reminded of it. You don't need to board up buildings before an election result in any stable democracy. I genuinely think we might be seeing the equivalent of Rome falling in our live time in terms of American world domination ending and I
  15. What your describing is federalism, which the Lib Dems have been advocating for years. I agree, it's the only way to make the union fair and without it I could easily see the UK breaking up.
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