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  5. Sawing bits of wood is a professional sport, though admitedly not an Olympic one. . It was on Eurosports when I was flicking through channels. I thought who the hell would watch this, then found myself watching it for about half an hour. They had all kinds of different events with different types of saws, different sizes of wood and different numbers of people involved (there was even a relay race at one point). Was actually quite impressive.
  6. It was listed on wikipedia's album releases page, but yeah now I look into it, it's an EP. 5 songs and 3 interludes, all leftovers from the last album.
  7. Friday looks like a fairly strong release day. I'm looking forward to Creeper(they are a bit like My Chemical Romance and I loved their last album) and Lump(Laura Marling's side project). And I'm guessing everyone else is excited for Billie Eilish, which I'm not that fussed about, but will probably give a listen to out of curiosity.
  8. For me so far my favourite albums this month are Snapped Ankles and Arthhur. Looking forward to new Creeper album on Friday so that could well round up my top 3.
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  10. Watched the start of it last night & just googled the results. Can't believe they race for an hour & 45 mins yet there was only 50 odd seconds between first & eighth. Must be gutting to simultaneously be that close & that far away from a medal.
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  12. I'd imagine people travelling to work in public transport and busy shops for Christmas shopping would be a bigger factor. Telling people to work from home if possible in winter sounds doable. Can't imagine retail would be willing to give up their busiest time of year every year though.
  13. That will be perfect peak fitness for Glastonbury. No worries about climbing that hill to the Park for you
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