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  1. Saw that report on tv last night and it was harrowing. It seems the West's sanctions have managed to have just as terrible an affect on the country as the Taliban has
  2. Result, that means I'm going to see Self Esteem in March (presuming she doesn't cancel)
  3. The Tories have found 2 ways to make me angry in one day. Their attack on the BBC is horrible news, but they are also planning an attack on end to end encryption, which is the digital equivalent of saying nobody should have locks on their house doors: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/revealed-uk-government-publicity-blitz-to-undermine-privacy-encryption-1285453/?fbclid=IwAR3Nm8Q8U6XzR5QYKnZZtb_fy3iY0eV-1uf9HxDAVaQPF41pvhpelcLUIUQ
  4. The Lib Dems have now tabled a Vote of No Confidence: https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/lib-dems-motion-of-no-confidence-johnson/ Hopefully Labour will back them in opposing the Tories.
  5. I still think he should call a Vote of No Confidence. Tories won't vote for a general election so will have to back Boris. Longer he's in charge I think the worse the Tories will do in next election. Tories stayed in power for a long by changing leader whenever they get unpopular. A VONC backs them into an awkward position. Back your leader or have an election
  6. That's why I think it would be good to call one. Make his MPs back him, then they look hypocritical if they try to change leader. Basically leave the Tories stuck with a dead duck leader
  7. Why haven't Labour called a vote of no confidence? Would force the Tories to either rally round the PM (& be tarred by association) or risk having a general election at a time they are incredibly unpopular. It seems like it's win/win for Labour if they do it.
  8. found home in 2009


    Considering their politics they seem perfect for the festival. Seems like Glasto have became more open to metal acts recently with Metallica playing and the Hell stage having lots of heavier acts.
  9. Normally Gove will go out and defend them no matter what they've done. If even he's keeping a low profile you know they've really fucked up.
  10. I find it strange you are obsessed with attacking Starmer, who hasn't broke the law, when the Tories have repeatedly broken the rules they set. Furthermore they are corrupt, both syphoning off public money to there mates as well as taking cash/house decorating services. How can you think Starmer is the bad guy and never have anything negative to say about Boris Johnson and the Tories?
  11. If I was in his shoes I'd be calling for Boris and all those at the party to resign. I'd be angry at them rather than disappointed in myself. I'm presuming he wasn't at the party as his name hasn't been listed, if he was, then he definitely should go. If there was a hundred there, being realistic I can't see them all resigning, but hopefully this is the final straw that brings Boris down. It seems like there have been so many scandals now even the Tories can't be happy with him. And they are normally ruthless at getting rid of anyone that they perceive to be holding the party back.
  12. The story doesn't say if he was at the party or even knew about it so bit unfair if he becomes the bad guy just because he read the announcement. Obviously if he was one of the ones there then it's indefensible, but we should hold judgement till we know the facts. I do think all MPs that attended this party should resign, but considering one of them was Boris I won't hold my breath.
  13. Wonder how that effects the economics of doing a tour. And also wonder what will be left at the end of this. I know that Debenhams just permanently closed all their Scotland stores because we'd been slower to open up
  14. I was meant to see him at end of January in Glasgow where gigs are currently banned so was unlikely it would have went ahead.
  15. Frank Turner cancelling instead of postponing was frustrating. Means I lost £3.45 in ticket fees. Think he was trying to do the moral thing as he said he didn't want to hold on to peoples money with Christmas coming up, but personally I would rather have something to look forward to than having paid money for nothing
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