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  1. I was disappointed with Stones as well. Waited ages on a mate who then at the last minute decided he actually couldn't be bothered going to see the Stones then was involved in a crush at the back. I went away thinking they were old men that were past it, but maybe if I'd had a better start to the evening I would have loved it.
  2. It would be boring if we all liked the same things, but I thought Springsteen was brilliant and Neil Young bored me to tears that year
  3. They are a good way to meet mates. But you only need to have them up for the time you are waiting for your mate. I don't think the people in the pit holding them up for the duration of a set are trying to meet their mates. We need to differentiate between the flag w*nkers and the flag good guys. We put up a flag when a mate is coming back from the toilet or from another stage to meet us then put it down again. We've even had people we don't know come up and say can you put the flag back up for a few minutes again so I can tell my friend where to find me, which we are always happy to do. There is no need to have a flag up for the duration of a set though. People doing that just want to be on TV and don't care they are ruining others experience.
  4. I'm still frustrated that in 2015 two of the acts I was looking most forward to were Jamie T and the Who. Then on the day the Who were playing they had announcements saying the Who were starting earlier than originally billed, which meant I had to leave Jamie T a few songs in. Only for the Who to start at the original scheduled time! I spent ages standing about conscious I could have being seeing Jamie T. Still have never managed to see him. Think he's only played near me once since then and it sold out instantly. Missed out on Glasto tickets this year, but if I was going I'd definitely be choosing Jamie T over Macca who I've seen before anyhow.
  5. I'd wondered if the word didn't have the same connotations in America as I remember Tiger Woods using it in an interview.
  6. Hope the UK government does a better job of negotiating with train operators than the Scottish government has. We've had one going strikes for well over a year now and they now have a new timetable where there basically aren't any trains after 8pm. Honestly feel like Scotland is becoming a 3rd world country under the SNP. Crazy how far the place has gone backwards under their rule. Bloody got incompetent hateful nationalists in Westminster and Holyrood 😞
  7. Not going this year so didn't vote, but doubt I could vote for one anyhow. Normally I spend a lot of time going between the Pyramid Stage, Other Stage, John Peel, the Park, West Holts, Avalon, Williams Green and the Pussy Parleur. Don't think one stage dominates my festival normally. Do find I'm going to the Pyramid and John Peel less each festival, not sure if they are getting worse or I'm just moving out of the age range they are targeted at.
  8. Used to take wellies and walking boots. Then in 2016 my wellies got stuck in the mud whilst a crowd surge pushed me forward and I ended up in my bare feet in ankle deep mud. Never again, walking boots all the way for me now. Walking boots are more comfortable than wellies, allow your feet to breath better and just as waterproof, but less risk of coming off in sticky mud. For socks I have used the blister prevention ones (which is basically a sock within a sock) or have just wore 2 pairs of normal socks and never had any issues with blisters with either of these options. Also have those bamboo socks and can recommend. Obviously take trainers as well in case it's sunny and bone dry
  9. Got a gig to say the Big Moon gig I was meant to be going to on Monday has been cancelled again. No explanation to why.
  10. Deftones have been around so long I'm wondering if the special guest Grandson is a band or a relative.
  11. I agree with the far too many people on site. By unnecessaries do you mean excess workers or stages/areas you don't think add anything? If it's the latter there will probably be a lot of disagreement on what is unnecessary.
  12. I loved the first 2 singles. The other songs don't live up to the same standard and the lyrics for Oh No are terrible, it's like they were given a short time to finish the album while there was so much hype and they just sang any old rubbish: "Oh noOh my GodLife is hardCredit cardOh noYou're so wokeDiet CokeI feel grossOh no"
  13. 100% agree, there are so many female acts around just now that I love. I just hope they fix the gender balance by giving good female bands/acts like Wet Leg, the Mysterines, the Big Moon, HAIM, Courtney Barnett, Phoebe Bridgers and Sacred Paws an opportunity rather than filling it with mainstream pop like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Always feel like Glastonbury should be about alternative culture and these type of artists get enough promotion elsewhere. Having said that, Lizzo played one of my favourite Glastonbury sets ever so I appreciate pop acts can be good live. Though they kind of caught her on the way up before she was a mega star.
  14. The album was probably my favourite album of the year. Had booked to see them on the tour supporting it and it's been cancelled so many times, finally meant to be seeing them in a couple of weeks
  15. Totally agree with this. Generally best to see bands either on the way up or when you really enjoyed their most recent album. I had a much better time at James at Playground Festival last year than I did when I saw them at Glastonbury and it was because I was actually looking forward to them playing the new material. When I was younger I used to think it was pointless seeing a band twice. Now I think it's pointless paying to see a band if they haven't released anything I like since the last time I saw them.
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