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  1. 1. The Who - Pyramid 2015 2. Ray Davies - Pyramid 2010 3 combo of seeing Years & Years in JP immediately followed by Zombies in Avalon. Both good gigs in their own right but fact I could experience 2 totally different bands with 2 totally different crowds appreciating the music in a totally different way sums up what's great about glasto for me 4. Frightened rabbit - other 2010 5 Passion pit JP 2009 Honourable mentions to Muse, idiotape, Bruce Springsteen, Slash, the Specials, Ezra Furman. Could go on for ever so many great glasto memories.
  2. Yeah I was pretty disappointed by them too.
  3. I don't know if I agree with the revisiting youth part. I was born in the early 80's but I was proper excited to see the Who, the Rolling Stones and the Zombies. Most of the 90s acts I like I've already seen so wouldn't be that excited about. Did like Skunk Anansie and never saw them so if the festival booked them I'd be there (but doubt they'd be a draw to most people). Though I did go through a teenage phase of listening to lots of 60s and 70s acts, which would have been when my parents music from when they were teenagers. If today's teenagers are listening to their parents music then I suppose they would like 80s music. Is the Cure actually a booking for the youngsters
  4. Speaking of past heritage acts was I the only one that went to Blondie with no idea Debbie Harrie couldn't sing and found it actually painful to listen to she was so off key? Re. this year I've just discovered Shagrat, mainly because the stupid name piqued my curiosity. They are a 70s rock band, formed by Steve Peregrine Took (who was also in Tyrannosaurus Rex) & the guitarist was also in an early incarnation of Motorhead. They are playing Croissant Neuf. No idea what the current lineup is though, Took passed away in 1980 so definitely wont be original front man.
  5. Count me in too.
  6. James started a lot later than it should have as they were trying to put woodchips down to sort the ground. Think it swelled the crowd as alot of people arrived after they were meant to have started. Though rather ruined the atmosphere as people seemed a bit impatient & not forgiving of the fact they didn't play all the hits. I thought it was a decent set despite that
  7. I think I would have went for a day in the life, but feels boring picking the same one everyone else has when there are so many good options so I'll go for "you've got to hide your live away"
  8. I loved the first MGMT album & that's what Superorganism remind me off(maybe with an added dash of the flaming Lips). Went through a phase of listening to them a lot last year & thought they were really good live when I saw them. Were supported by a crazy Japanese girl group dressed in pyjamas. Both them & their support felt like they would have fitted right in at West Holt's. Haven't listened to them in a while mind you & had kind of forgotten about them
  9. Although it doesn't play music I'm into I actually quite like the fact when you walk through Silver Hayes you walk past a fake ship (WOW) that always has people dancing outside it that look like they are having a great time. Silver Hayes always has a cool stage that looks like a kind of shanty town (think it's the blues and gullys stage a few people have mentioned though I might have my names mixed up). Think the worse thing about silver hayes is the main tent sonic is shaped like a cock and balls and the people in the balls can't see anything. Stupidest design ever, but they are replacing it this year and it doesn't really have any negative impact on walking through the area anyhow.
  10. I get slagged in my group for being a planner as I'll listen to as many acts on the lineup as I can on spotify before the festival and create a spreadsheet with all the acts I might want to see. But so many decisions are made on the day as I almost always have a few options for every time slot. A lot of it is in what mood I am at the time, how far will I have to walk to get there (or get to the act I want to see after it) and are friends going to one gig where as I might be on my own for the other. Never let whether I'm going to be on my own or not stop me seeing someone I really want to see, but if I've went off on my own for most of the day I'd rather see a headliner with my friends. How likely I am to get an opportunity to see an act again and what it would cost definitely play a small part. Also think festivals are good for getting to see people you'd quite like to see, but not enough to pay for. Did that with ZZ Top and Bruce Springsteen (both were really good live) and have been hoping for years that Elton John, Alice Cooper or John Cooper Clarke would be at a festival I'm at. Would quite like to see all of them, but not enough to actually pay for a ticket.
  11. If I'm thinking of the right place that is a sad loss. Was Copperdollar the cool bar where people could get their face painted in a coffin and there was an undertaker that would sneak up behind people and pretend to measure them?
  12. I knew this would happen. Act I'm most looking forward to (Lizzo) clashes with act my girlfriend is most looking forward to (JJ)
  13. It's wierd that she specifically mentions the inmusic festival & not Glastonbury. Clinging on to hope she's still playing as my girlfriend has been underwhelmed by the line up & Santigold was one of the few acts she wanted to see.
  14. Not sure if it's me that's changed or acts on the show, but it was the first place I heard Gogol Bordello, Rodrigo y Gabriella & seasick steve. I remember being genuinely thrilled by there appearances. However, they were all a long time ago. Can't remember the last time I was really excited by a new act on Jools. Think it needs a new booker, rather than a new host, but maybe I'm just getting old & grumpy.
  15. That's a great shout & would probably be my 2nd choice. I'm going to go for Photosynthesis. Discovered Frank Turner just before I turned 30 and it was perfect song for how I was feeling at the time. Coming up on 40, still love the song and still determined to not grow up Think it's quite telling of the depth of FT's back catalogue that everyone has picked different songs so far.
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