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  1. I think they could legitimately call FKA, Doja Cat and potentially Charli XCX headliners, each are definitely bigger than Brittany Howard, King Princess and Kacey Musgraves. FKA was meant to headline Lovebox and Doja Cat is having a moment.
  2. It'll be The Strokes, The National, Massive Attack (if they are confirmed), Pavement, Disclosure, Bad Bunny and Tyler from the original lineup and then Gorillaz and Tame Impala as new ones
  3. I imagine some acts have probably reduced their fees as well to kickstart their touring operations next year and actually get an income - the competition from the number of festivals for next year, coupled with festivals not rising prices and having to cut their costs given the financial hit of this year will be a factor. Maybe it was no longer economically viable getting Lana.
  4. Aphex Twin has not been confirmed, they've said. They were referencing previous lineups.
  5. They've switched to English on the radio show to discuss the lineup. So hopefully some clarity.
  6. According to Reddit, they dropped Aphex in casually
  7. Pavement The National NIN Portishead Thom Yorke Four Tet Massive Attack Tyler The Creator Caribou Disclosure I think we’ll get a couple of exclusives, similar to Pavement last year, they could have easily announced some rollover artists yesterday.
  8. With Primavera 2020 unfortunately no more, who's going to be playing next year? Will the lineup stay the same or change? Hopefully there will be some room for NIN on the lineup.
  9. One thing that they could do to make up for the inevitable loss of American names like Lana, The National and (probably) Tyler, is to potentially merge with Sonar - just an idea, but it would definitely fill up the programme and there is a lot of crossover with acts like The Chemical Brothers, Despacio, Princess Nokia, Arca, Max Cooper, The Black Madonna, etc. if Primavera goes ahead on this new August date. Sonar is either going to be postponed or even cancelled, so it could be a logical step. I believe the day tickets to Sonar are near the same price as Primavera's day ticket, so it wou
  10. If only Primavera was this transparent...
  11. I don't mean to be the harbinger of bad news, but I can see the quarantines around the world lasting for at least 6 months - many governments are gearing up for that timeframe. I reckon the whole summer of events will be cancelled. I've heard rumours that Glastonbury has already been canned. I just don't think they are going to risk mass gatherings, if the virus is still about.
  12. Bauhaus have rescheduled their London and Paris dates for August...
  13. Yeah I could see it, although he is headlining Reading, so there might be a radius clause which could prevent him.
  14. The last act will be one of two things, either someone has pulled out and they're scrambling to find a replacement so will put on another day like the Kooks/Wombats shitshow, or they've got an act that they're confident will sell this out without any problem (The Cure, Lizzo, etc.)
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