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  1. Another double weekender booked - pray for my body!
  2. I get through to the instalment page on FesTicket, but I can't buy anything...
  3. I was there. It was amazing. No Vanderlyle sing-a-long though. I’m intrigued about their Primavera set.
  4. Move Jamie XX to The Strokes slot and get Floating Points and Four Tet to do a B2B, as both are in Europe but for some silly reason aren't booked to play...
  5. It'll probably be someone like Florence or Foals, if they're replaced as both are touring in Europe...
  6. The woman in the video looks an awful lot like Rosalia.
  7. After hearing the new Kevin Morby album and the fact he is touring Europe, it’s a massive shame that he isn’t playing this year.
  8. I remember the last tour was €65, but this time you’re getting Feist supporting which brings the price up I imagine.
  9. I also think logistically, if he does end up touring and it will be deeply personal for him - he will take the whole of June off. His son was in Australia and I imagine he will definitely want to be at his funeral and be with his family.
  10. Nick Cave's son has just died, poor guy - https://www.nme.com/news/music/nick-caves-son-jethro-has-died-aged-31-3221399 I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls out.
  11. Maybe Björk could be the MA replacement, she starts her mini tour of Europe on the 12th of June - no Spanish dates and 2 festivals. I remember she said no to Bestival in the UK in 2012, and then 6 weeks before, she said yes and played.
  12. Arcade Fire just announced a London Koko show on the 29th of April, which makes it less likely they will play Primavera. I can't see them hanging around Europe for over a month, or flying back to America and then back in.
  13. Maybe they’ve been practicing since Massive Attack pulled out. It definitely feels like it takes heaven and earth to bring the band back together - I get the impression that they are a perfectionist band, and perhaps in the course of making new music (here’s hoping), they’ve rediscovered their love of playing with each other. A man can only dream.
  14. Is Mitski a Massive Attack replacement option? She has a massive Primavera gap in her schedule and no Spain dates.
  15. What is the likelihood of The Smile being a surprise guest?! Sons of Kemet are already playing, so they just need to fly Thom and Jonny in. I live in hope.
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