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  1. They sold out two nights at Brixton Academy in less than 10 minutes. But they're playing there literally 2-3 months before, so they're going to need to get some high-profile other names.
  2. I would argue that she would probably play similar size venues to Beck and Pavement these days. But yeah, I agree she might not be headline material. I also think Missy Elliott would be a good addition.
  3. A legend like Patti Smith, someone like Rihanna, Cardi B or Sia for pop and maybe a St. Vincent or PJ Harvey.
  4. I’m going to stick up for @Gnarler here, he has provided the most credible names and given the absolute mess of Gabi’s rollout and Radio Primavera, we don’t really know what is happening re the lineup. The National makes perfect sense, especially given Primavera sitting between their Danish festival and Irish dates and the fact that they missed Barcelona on their current tour, which seems like a massive oversight if they aren’t doing Prima. No one was talking about Massive Attack before and this name has been vindicated with the fact that they are doing a date in Liverpool, as well as a rumoured 2020 European tour to gather data about their emissions before coming up with an environmental solution to touring. I think this line up is going to be different somehow. The theme is 20/20, which could mean 20 headliners for the 20th anniversary. Pavement for example are unlikely headliners, on their last tour 10 years ago, they were playing 3-5000 capacity venues, and I know there is the exclusivity factor, but if you compare record sales and venues the other potential headliners like The National, Tyler, Lana and Massive Attack play, Pavement should really be on the second line of the line up. So I don’t think the line up is going to follow the conventions of 2 main acts per day. But @Gnarler seems like the best source we have until the line up drops.
  5. Iggy Pop? Although he's been around closer to 50. Or Thom Yorke...
  6. Weren't Bicep and Forest Swords rumoured for the Kraftwerk day? Much more of a fit than Johnny Marr.
  7. That's 11 acts today. Their maths is almost as good as their lineup strategy.
  8. Damn that's a biggie. Is it part of their Mezzanine tour?
  9. Back to one day, interesting. Probably left scrambling after Primavera pulled out.
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