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  1. What is the likelihood of The Smile being a surprise guest?! Sons of Kemet are already playing, so they just need to fly Thom and Jonny in. I live in hope.
  2. What’s the likelihood of Metallica playing?
  3. Nine Inch Nails are apparently a European exclusive for Hellfest 😔 -
  4. Iggy Pop just announced a French tour in May - hopefully it means he will be back...
  5. Do you think we're missing a couple of headliners? There is only one female headliner on Weekend 1 - and Beak> are only doing a DJ set, which makes me wonder if Portishead will be added (although not sure if they would be classed as a female act), maybe FKA Twigs will be added to Week 1 or Haim - I'm sure they will do a festival tour next summer.
  6. Also Beak> are there, which might make a Portishead appearance more likely, maybe...
  7. Pavement Thom Yorke Portishead NIN St. Vincent Godspeed You Black Emperor Gorillaz Shellac Iggy Pop Japanese Breakfast
  8. Yeah I think if festivals go ahead this year, they would have to work together to agree timings. I imagine the camping festivals, particularly in Northern Europe (Roskilde, Open’er, BKS, Werchter, etc.) would get first dibs on mid September and then the Mad Cool, Prima, Nos could take place at the end or in October as they would be warmer. I think then acts would stay in Europe to get some form of income.
  9. Could Primavera conceivably take place in October? Would the weather still be relatively warm, say if it took place mid-October? I imagine that there is going to be a lot of competition for acts if it took place in September and everyone is holding their festivals over a 2 week period.
  10. Governors’ Ball which is usually on the same weekend as Primavera has today announced its dates. They seem confident, hopefully telling for Prima...
  11. https://www.nme.com/news/music/primavera-sound-hold-successful-trial-for-live-music-events-without-social-distancing-2841244 👌
  12. I think the scientific consensus is that for full herd immunity to take place - 60-65% people will need to be vaccinated - so we would be on our way for that. Also, it's important to keep an eye on the US, they have promised to vaccinate 100 million in 100 days after Biden gets elected. So maybe something for Europe to learn from...
  13. I was thinking of spending the week before PS in Ibiza - got to make up for 2020...
  14. Mixmasters, and here is the article - https://theibizan.com/pcr-test-required-to-enter-spain-but-ibiza-will-pay-for-tourist-tests-in-2021/
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