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  1. 3lau (an electronic act) sold some nft copies of his 3 year old debut the other week and made $11.3 million the other day - I guarantee most people in this thread havent even heard of the guy and he was able to make bank... (though as I understand it, a lot of people were buying copies as it was either the first or one of the first nft albums so might become a bit of a collectible, but still)
  2. 1. Black Country, New Road - For the first time 2. C. Tangana - El Madrileño 3. SG Lewis - Times Still got loads on my list to listen to from this month too...
  3. If this is what it takes to get Charli as a pyramid headliner, I'll take it....
  4. Nothing quite like a new Roosevelt album on a sunny morning....
  5. Seems like the rules for this & the Brits have changed after Rina's problems last year....
  6. Wait, its the end of February already????
  7. Got a new Puprle Disco Machine single today too!
  8. This will probably get lost in the new music spam, but I just found this new record from an act called Luna Shadows that came out back in Jan - been enjoying it quite a bit. Very reminiscent of Purity Ring, Sylvan Esso etc. (even a bit LDR at times)
  9. Yeah, I think maybe removing the upvote/downvote button and just sticking with the like would be the best way to do things. Not really sure what the difference between upvote/like is anyway... Can probably do away with the counter under users names when they post too, reduces the emphasis on trying to farm the upvotes. Its definitely useful to have a quick way to react to things. Its nice to be able to tell someone I liked their simpsons meme without having to actually add a reply and potentially derailing a thread.
  10. Yeah I have no idea what I'm missing... This sounds relatively standard imo. Lyrics don't seem anything particularly special, production & melodies are so basic. The bridge seems so disjointed from the chorus and also seems to be way more high energy (and also such a blatant Lorde rip off?...). idk man, its the kids that are wrong
  11. I think the government won't wait that long. They are prioritizing the elderly and the vunerable, after that I think stuff will go back to normal remarkably fast. They won't wait for herd immunity just like they dont enforce people to wait for her immunity for the normal flu. Spread goes down over the summer anyway (as seen last year) so I reckon by July/August, gigs will be relatively back to normal (just attending events will be at your own risk). I dont think big events like Notting Hill Carnival will necessarily be on (less money tied up in it compared to fests) but I'm pretty
  12. Feel the same way about the Wax Tailor album. Put it on for the first time this morning and it really slaps
  13. 1. Arlo Parks - Collapsed In Sunbeams 2. Fredo - Money Can't Buy Happiness 3. Bicep - Isles
  14. I guess in a similar vein, SZA supposedly has a new album coming out. I know she didnt do much in EU last time she played, but I guess if Kendrick is playing its not too out of the question for other TDE members to come along with him...?
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