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  1. New Shygirl EP bangs (but I still reckon the singles are the best tracks from it)
  2. My mates dont even really look at the lineup outside of the headliners till they get there. They're all psychopaths imo
  3. Mattymooz

    Grammys 2021

    Can't see her getting the nod over there, she's way smaller in America (and it tends to be harder for british acts to get a nod anyway). I'd put FKA Twigs odds higher than hers, but would still be very shocked if either of them got a nom. I guess maybe there is a chance if they put Charli up for electronic/dance album...
  4. Mattymooz

    Grammys 2021

    Grammy nominations are out next week - who are we thinking will be up for some of the bigger awards? Personally for AOTY I'm thinking: Bob Dylan - Rough & Rowdy Ways Taylor Swift - folklore The Weeknd - After Hours Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding Harry Styles - Fine Line Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters A Country Album (The Chicks/The Highwomen/Luke Combs) A Rap Album (Roddy Richh/Da Baby/Juice WRLD/Pop Smoke) I guess maybe an outside chance for The Strokes being nominated too (maybe in place of Harry Styles?)...
  5. Also spotted one of the McCartney daughters in the comments of that insta post... Keeping Kendrick, Paul and Diana would be a great result
  6. I mean, the 2016 polling was actually pretty accurate on a national level iirc (definitely within the limits of error), it just didnt factor in the Electoral College messing things up. I'm debating staying up, but equally a lot of the swing states probably aren't going to be declaring for another week or so (as far as I am aware, the only swing states we are expecting to hear results from tonight really are Florida, Arizona and North Carolina? All the rest werent allowed to start counting early and postal votes before today/yesterday so will take a while for them to verify and count every
  7. I know its a bit of a meme already but on the new ariana album I reckon I understand less than half of the words she is saying. I like the songs that are less "trap"-y (motive, my hair, pov) - I feel like she really crushed the trap influenced style on thank you, next and in comparison most of these aren't as strong. Apparently the lyrics are pretty bad across the whole album too - but again, I wouldn't know as she barely enunciates.
  8. rumours I've seen is the 30th, but that would be clashing with Ariana (and potentially Drake too?....) so I'm not sure I can see that happening...
  9. Maybe better than Bartender but otherwise just sounds like an NFR B Side.... Not the most exciting imo
  10. Personally, I would say change all the toothpaste coloured elements to match the peachy colour used for the "reply to this topic" button.
  11. OK so I got through both albums this weekend and they are both pretty decent. The Wilkinson + Sub Focus one is pretty standard dnb, think they sample Glue by Bicep on one of the tracks... The Machinedrum one is a lot more eclectic, goes through a bunch of styles with varying degrees of success As this has been a bit quieter for releases I've been able to catch up on some of the stuff I missed. Whoever it was that suggested the India Jordan EP (i think it was someone on here?) - its fucking banging so thank you
  12. Both albums will probably have some of the more melodic chill stuff that those guys make (havent listened to either yet mind)
  13. Ive also got Headie One, Mat Zo and then some D&B albums on the list (Machinedrum and the Sub Focus x Wilkinson). Definitely seems like a quieter week though
  14. Yeah, I'm not sure I'm a fan of the mint but the light text on dark background is very nice. Thanks Neil
  15. Usually it just has a dark background so that there is less glare - i just find it makes it slightly easier on the eyes For example, Twitters night mode:
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