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  1. Mattymooz

    2020 headliners

    Madonnas out, though no real clue on who that third slot is. Potentially Macca (back in the conversation due to French giggs in June), AC/DC (Rumoured for Graspop a couple weeks after Glasto) or really any other act you wanna shove in there that could take a while to negotiate with.
  2. God its such a bloated mess imo. First half is some really forgettable ambient-ish electronica (especially compared to other recent releases like Max Cooper, Ark Patrol, Ross From Friends etc.) and the second half is really hit or miss. The production in general is pretty nondescript (considering that's DJ Shadows contribution its especially meh), sure RTJ, Pusha, De La Soul etc. killed it, but Shadow did not. EDIT: Also shout out to Urgent, Important, Please Read which is the most boomer song I have heard in a while (though is one of the few tracks I think the production is actually alright on) In other news, the Madeon album is pretty good. Personally I didn't enjoy it as much as his first but I think its probably the better album (definitely felt tighter and more cohesive) Any other good albums this week? Felt like there were a bunch of singles but not really any full projects this week
  3. Weekend 1: alt-J (replacing Nine Inch Nails) // Arcade Fire // My Chemical Romance Weekend 2: Lana Del Rey // Tyler, The Creator // Aphex Twin
  4. Just to play devils advocate, people thought Sam Smiths second album was going to be a smash too
  5. Are Dua/Prodigy/Noel etc. really at that level? Other headliner would be about the right for them on a normal year surely, definitely wouldnt be calling any of them pyramid headliners (if Duas new album is a smash she has to be a safe bet to headline on album 3 imo, but rn seems a little early tbh)
  6. Mattymooz

    Taylor Swift

    Dont even like him but this just comes off as dickish considering I presume you have nothing of substance behind the gay comment other than hes pretty...
  7. Mattymooz

    Taylor Swift

    God that Lover remix is dire, it rivals JB's Bad Guy one for worst remix of the year tbh
  8. Mattymooz


    And thats without even whacking out bops like Like A Girl. Admittedly, there is quite a bit that could he trimmed from her G setlist with relative ease to make way for more bangers but still.
  9. Loads of new acts for Graspop announced today, but most notably imo
  10. Mattymooz


    Give it 2 years and maybe it will be
  11. Magdelene was great but I felt like it kinda dropped off for the second half of the album. Felt like it was missing a banger on the level of Two Wreks too tbh. SebastiAn album was great, thought the majority of the featurea worked really well (other than maybe the Charlotte Gainsborough track). Wish I hadnt heard Run For Me before, it makes such an amazing closer to the album. Max Cooper album was a bit of a mixed bag, liked a lot of the dancier tracks but a lot of the more ambient cuts were a bit lost on me.
  12. Mattymooz

    2020 headliners

    Nick Grimshaw said repeatedly on Radio 1 that they he'd heard they were headlining last year
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