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  1. Oh im not saying shes ruled out, but I dont think she is particularly likely either just like most american rappers... (especially as she has no past history with the festival unlike Paak, Lizzo etc.) And I definitely dont think shes going to be something Emily will chase - her music isnt that critically acclaimed, she isnt known for her live performances, her ethos doesnt particularlly align with the fests etc. And I dunno about wether she would cash out - shes played her game very well to get from weird meme song up to the level she is now. Could go either way...
  2. Would she? Eh she seems like someone who would just turn up to lovebox+parklife or maybe wireless.
  3. Mattymooz

    Black Lives Matter

    the blackout was designed by 2 black execs at a record label (think it was Atlantic?) and the aim was that they promised not to relase any new music/post on social media etc. promoting their buisness and instead focus on sharing information and helping in their local community. Sadly it seems most of the message was lost at some point along the way and instead it just became post a black square and then if that wasnt bad enough there was then a huge amount of anti-blackout tuesday stuff clogging up the feed too...
  4. Mattymooz

    Black Lives Matter

    Think tomorrow will be the first day I haven't been on this website in probably about a year (yes I have a problem...) I always find it really difficult to talk about these kind of issues without feeling like I'm either pandering or ignorant, and honestly its hard to find words to describe how I feel about some of the events from the past couple of days anyway... I dunno words are hard, racism is bullshit, not sure what much else I can add
  5. I think with Taylor she shouldnt be in any rush to come back next year. It's not like her star power is diminishing that much - she can wait till 2022 and come back to give a publicity boost to a new album just fine. IMO shes clearly doing stuff like the South America tour for the fans as opposed to bigger festival shows to a mixed crowd. Kendrick on the other hand I would assume has pushed his album to next year, so should still be on the cards. Macca has his health to worry about too, so I imagine if he wants to play he would also want to do it ASAP to avoid something coming up that means he can't play it anymore...
  6. He addressed it in his new song Enemy (as in NME geddit...). Think Katherine Ryan sorta saved his bacon with how she handled it too but who knows
  7. Mattymooz

    2020 New Music

    The new Gaga sounds really dated to me. Wish she leaned more into the 90s grooves on Babylon, Enigma, Rain On Me etc. rather than messing about with all the early 10s edm stuff...
  8. Mattymooz

    2020 New Music

    I havent been able to embed a spotify link for a while now, don't know if its a setting @Neil changed or something?
  9. Mattymooz

    The 1975 2020

    It was my first 1975 album and I honestly quite enjoyed it. Lots of great tracks, but as an album there were were two main problems for me. 1) the ordering was all over the place. Who thought a Greta monologue into People into a Orchestral instrumental was a good idea 2) too many repeats of the same idea. They nailed it with People imo, just 1 taste of that heavier style and thats all you get for the whole album. Come back to it on its own project, but for this kinda "selection box" take on an album just shoot your best shot at that style and move on I really need to get around to going over their back catalogue at some point. I've also attempted to cut it down + restructure it to something that I would come back to. 1. Guys 2. Me & You Together Song 3. People 4. Then Because She Goes 5. Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied 6. Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America 7. Frail State Of Mind 8. I Think There's Something You Should Know 9. What Should I Say 10. If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
  10. In the absence of a selfconfirmed thread im just gonna chuck this in here - from Tom Mischs IG story (obvs could be read as just he eants to play again rather than defo booked but ya know)
  11. Mattymooz

    2020 New Music

    Its Charli baby
  12. I assume Reading (conveniently ignoring the &Leeds part of that fest)
  13. Mattymooz

    2020 New Music

    This feels really oddly mastered (his vocals are so low in the mix)...
  14. Considering it appears as though Kendrick has delayed his album I would be suprised if he hasnt also tried to just delay the festivals to next year too
  15. Mattymooz

    2020 New Music

    Really enjoyed that Hazel English album, feels like a cross between Tame Impala and Lana Del Rey...
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