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  1. Mattymooz

    Lady GaGa

    Can't tell if the comments from 2009 in this thread are funny, cringey or disgusting tbh... Glad to see things have changed on here though!
  2. Which one do you reckon its worth starting with for someone who has never listened to them before?
  3. I'm still honestly shocked that the Homemade Dynamite Remix wasn't huge. How a song in 2016 that featured Post Malone, Khalid and Sza didnt get a lot of traction I'll never understand....
  4. Don't think this has been mentioned yet but Kacey Musgraves has herself down for Rock Wertcher on their website so I expect she'll be back
  5. I mean Basement Jaxx headlined the Other Stage in 04 and then the Pyramid in 05 *(admittedly under exceptional circumstances). Prodigy and Stormzy both did that jump over consecutive fests but with a fallow year in between... I'm not sure its particularlly likely, but it wouldnt be that unprecedented
  6. I feel like there wouldnt be that much crossover between TSwiz and Charli tbh
  7. One thing I've noticed is that the navigation bar at the top that shows you what subforums is currently invisible (its still there but its the same colour as the background)
  8. Bit late to this but it slaps imo
  9. That new PVRIS record is pretty disappointing - feel like they did everything better on the EP they dropped last year (though the guitar at the end of Gimme A Minute is killer)
  10. For Disclosure just chuck on their first album - Settle is one of if not the best electronic album of the 2010s.
  11. You get that with most acts though. No one was complaining that much when Paul McCartney got announced for Glasto last year (and the majority I had seen were more that he was past it rather than that he'd be playing Beatles songs)
  12. Were Foals even that likely? Feel like they have pretty much finished up that last album cycle at this point let alone a years time
  13. It's not gonna be Tame, they're an AEG act so definitely wont be at this, and they have no reason not to just be back at APE again this year
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