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  1. Mattymooz

    2020 New Music

    Spotify links dont seem to be working atm for me but luckily this is on youtube - feels like squarepusher meets 100 gecs
  2. Mattymooz

    2020 New Music

    I mean their EP last year was pretty much pure disco too...
  3. Honestly thought they were a lot bigger than they apparently are, after looking at their first week sales for their new album it debuted with about 3000 less than Foals last one did (who I also think are too small). Was looking for a suitable modern rock group to balance out the 2 more poppier acts in Elton and Lizzo. She could do, but I think shed get a bigger reception and pay day from doing R+L. Considering she is doing early summer eu fests this year I reckon she'll be onto the late EU summer fests next year. Oya, Flow, Sziget, Pukkelpop, R+L etc. Reckon they will probably show up this year in some capacity and then want to give it a break considering how frequently they have played (same deal with Muse, though they could also easily turn up in 23) He has said he is stopping extended touring but will still do big one off shows. Reckon Glasto will probably be one if Emily ever gives him a call As Gaga has a new album out later this year I dont see her waiting nearly 2 years to do Glasto personally. I mean the majority of people didnt predict it in 2018, but that spoils the fun if we say no predictions in advance!
  4. I mean I dunno who else would be a better fit that hasn't been around for ~5 years. Billie is more likely for RnL imo, 1975 probs wont be touring, seems a little soon for Ezra to be back imo, don't think Dave is big enough (more likely to sub off next album imo and headliner Wireless/Reading, I could be wrong but he doesnt have the same omnipresence Stormzy had), Dua looks to be playing this year so would be a bit soon to be back, reckon Capaldi has another album before he headlines... Maybe something like 2021: Gaga // Mac // Arctics 2022: Ezra // Guns N Roses // The 1975 2023: Tame Impala // Lizzo // Elton John Maybe replace Guns N Roses with some other classic act or a crappy 00's indie band would do too (Kasabian maybe?). Could easily replace Lizzo/Tame Impala with anyone else for 2023 too.
  5. Imma go with Lady Gaga // Fleetwood Mac // Arctic Monkeys Reckon 1975 will take next year off and headline in 22
  6. Mattymooz

    2020 New Music

    Kero Kero Bonito and Charli kill it, but this aint my favourite verse from Rico.
  7. Although that seems really unlikely a run of Haim < Diana Ross < Dua Lipa < Childish Gambino < Taylor Swift would be a pretty fucking great day for me
  8. Mattymooz

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Agreed, especially considering how shite her last album was. Could have hoped shed get the anne-marie treatment but thats probably more likely for Mabel imo
  9. Oh no I love poster day, but I also like the seperate stage announcements and then day splits/times coming even later. Wouldnt want them to merge all that fun into one big drop
  10. Am I the only one who likes the suspense? First you just get a tease who is playing, then the individual posters start giving day and stage splits before finally the big reveal of everything. Feel like I wouldnt have as much fun if they just gave us everything at once
  11. Completely agree with what you're saying, but I've cant help pointing out that Lizzo had 3 albums out before she played in 2019...
  12. I agree, feel like we've been quite lucky with a constant stream of announcements and leaks - dont feel that desperate for a poster at all (compared to last year when we still hadnt even got our 3 headliners sorted at this time)
  13. Mattymooz

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Ah right, remember someone saying they had info playing but not the second part
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