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  1. Mattymooz

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Muse / Pixies
  2. Mattymooz

    2019 Headliners

    Would be a bit weird but do you reckon The Carters (Beyonce + Jay Z) could do it? Would round out the trio a bit more in terms of genres, maybe something like this: Pyramid: Friday: The Carters / 1975 / Cardi B Saturday: Fleetwood Mac / Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds / Catfish & The Bottlemen Sunday: Arctic Monkeys / Sam Smith / The War On Drugs / Kylie Minogue
  3. Mattymooz

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    GnR / MCR
  4. Mattymooz

    BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    Has anyone been to it before? I'm guessing the set up is similar to BST? Also does anyone know when the BBC Introducing stage lineup is announced? Thinking of taking my mum and my aunt for their first festival experience as they both love Kylie and Lenny. Guessing there is still 1 act to be announced too based off how many people performed last year.
  5. Mattymooz

    2019 Headliners

    One might say it is a huge testicle of a post
  6. Mattymooz

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Muse / Franz
  7. Mattymooz

    2018 New Music

    New Jorja is good but on first listen felt a bit samey?
  8. Mattymooz

    2019 Stage Predictions

    And to put it in perspective this is a B side from her album (C side maybe? as she already put out a bunch of B sides on an EP...)
  9. Mattymooz

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Prodigy / AM / Paramore
  10. Mattymooz

    2018 New Music

    Tove Lo casually dropping music video of the year (though the song is probably still one of my least favourites on Blue Lips) EDIT: Obviously with most Tove video's it's pretty NSFW.
  11. Mattymooz

    2019 Stage Predictions

    IMO it depends how well this album does. If it ends up being even close to as good as Emotion was I think she would be a great booking. Sure not a mainstream act, but imo not much different to Janelle/St. Vincent/Lykke Li/FKA Twigs.
  12. Mattymooz

    2019 festival

    Yeah, Idles are apparently playing Rock City which seems like it would be way to big of a venue for them but who knows. Will be interesting to see how it sells
  13. Mattymooz

    2018 New Music

    I found it a bit patchy personally. There are some great tracks, but it also feels like there is a fair amount of filler. Still will be interesting to see what she does next as I haven't heard anything from her since the album came out lol
  14. Mattymooz

    2019 Stage Predictions

    TBH by next year I reckon you could pretty easily swap Dua and TWOD. Dua will probably have a new album out by then which in theory giver her a boost. Plus if One Kiss is anything to go by (plus rumoured collabs with Major Lazer, Disclosure and Silk City due out this year) she could quite easily just be around the whole summer this year too.
  15. Mattymooz

    2019 festival

    Hmmm I thought they had but I can't find anything online saying that they are. My bad!