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  1. Oh, I only saw positive feedback on Twitter about it 😅...
  2. They did something like this at Printworks a couple weeks ago - didn't announce the lineup in advance you just had to turn up and see who was playing on the night
  3. Mattymooz

    First Gig Back

    Had Low Island at Moth Club on Friday - had gone to see them at G2019 bvut they had tech issues so was good to see them on top form. Cracking venue too. Then had Declan McKenna on Saturday at Brixton and reckon I was the oldest one there. Might be a weird complaint but I wish he would play the guitar less? On the tracks where he was just singing he was great and charismatic, but as soon as he picked up a guitar he had to focus and all the energy was lost. Side note as well - the kids really do love PinkPantheress don't they - got a pretty huge singalong during the gap after alfie fucked off (and surprisingly so did American Boy)
  4. Eh, I dunno - feels a lot like a Post Malone album to me. Dabbling in lots of different styles and getting a few hits but also a fair few misses. Nothing particularly exciting or innovative, but pretty fun while it's on
  5. Mattymooz

    Taylor Swift

    Surprised she was able to get Shellback back for the production tbh
  6. Cheers to whoever recommended the DJ Seinfeld album on here - just what I needed yesterday to get me through work!
  7. Sleigh Bells' new one was very good too
  8. Damn, I thought it was pretty awful...
  9. I think sub would be a good spot for him, in a year where people have been suggesting Wolf Alice and Haim for the sub slot, I think Paolo would easily get a bigger crowd than them
  10. I feel like even if Dua isnt playing next year their is a pretty high chance she turns up with Elton - she'll be there as a punter regardless so
  11. In at no. 4 in the charts behind drake, Kanye and Iron Maiden, pretty respectable tbh...
  12. I like how in one breath you say that they won't break up the 2020 headliners, and in the next only predict 2 of them... Yeah would be legendary if they can get all those bookings in one year, but if anything has that kind of pull it's Glasto. We were getting 3 of those in 2020 tbf already, it's just adding Elton on top of an already impressive collection of heritage acts
  13. My favourite hip hop song is Shake It Off
  14. 1. Turnstile 2. Halsey 3. Chvrches That last week was really killer, and I still haven't gotten around to Indigo De Souza, Big Red Machine and Donda yet...
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