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  1. Pretty big set of names then for Pangea Chems, Chase & Status, Love Regenerator - something there for everyone
  2. I have a dream that one year they will get Kelly Clarkson in for the pyramid pop slot. I'm never going to pay to see her at one of her shows, but would kill to see Since You Been Gone, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Never Again etc in the sun on the farm. Doubt it will be this year cause of her talk show but one day...
  3. Unfortunately I can't go to this anymore due to other commitments, so if anyone on here wants a Weekend 2 ticket with Refund Protection then you can have it for face value, just drop me a message
  4. Honestly stick him in the Craig David slot and I'd be all over it....
  5. Again she is a fan of the fest so will likely be there as a punter anyway even if she is not performing (like she did in 2019)
  6. I dont remember seeing anything similar to this...
  7. Sounds like we will be getting a new Flume album next year too which has me quite excited (plus it sounds like Damon will be featuring somehow as I think its him at the end of this teaser...)
  8. Only just been able to get through the 500 Server Error so unfortunately missed out on this, also backing Simz for the crown!
  9. Was just coming to post nearly the exact same thing as you! The other 2 feel like b-sides but Im very surprised this didn't make the standard edition
  10. Unfortunately I dont think its doing it for me in the same way that NFR and COCC did.... Interlude fucking rips though
  11. I think she did say that, but then the next fest she chucked Foals on the Park so she must have forgotten
  12. Not quite the bangerfest I was hoping for but there are some decent tracks in here
  13. Mattymooz


    Can't wait for the Idles X Doja collab
  14. Not a good sign though if fests start moving on from Kendrick though. Does he have form for showing up and doing one offs?
  15. She was always going to be there, question is whether she is there as a punter like she was in 2019 or if she is happy to take a step down to do the Other
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