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  1. Baggins7

    2020 New Music

    Love a cover too. Recently discovered the triple j like a version playlist on Spotify which is like an Aussie version of the UK live lounge. Some really good stuff on there
  2. Baggins7

    2020 New Music

    After a week of plays, I agree that DMAs not breaking the mould but still a decent release last week, for me Lime Cordiale with the strongest release of the week and challenging my AOTY list. Looking forward to Jarv Is today
  3. Baggins7

    2020 New Music

    Very good day today. Really enjoyed Lime Cordiale and Margo Prices new albums. Another decent single from Easy Life almost passed under my radar too. Had a quick listen to Bugeye after @Quark recommendation and they’re right up my street, will be playing this one a lot more! Not given the Beths a spin yet but after good reviews on here that’s lined up for tomorrow. Weekends are always better after a strong Friday of releases!
  4. Baggins7

    2020 New Music

    DMA's, Lime Cordiale and Margo Price on my new album release radar for tomorrow. Have enjoyed singles from all 3 so looking forward to getting into these in the morning
  5. I doubt I would be there, she's not really for me but I wouldn't be surprised if she got the spot. I know Gaga's tour dates make Glastonbury look unlikely, unless there's potential for a few more European festival dates through July.
  6. That’s a decent shout if they were to carry on, hard to replace a front man but think between him and serge it could work. First time I saw Kasabian was with Miles Kane supporting
  7. I feel for any users logging in later to see Headliners 2021 thread being a hot topic expecting some early news or announcement
  8. Totally agree, this is the issue with people having too much information at their fingertips almost instantly in this day and age then feeling like they have to hound the person involved over social media. I don't condone what he has done, however he has been sentenced, lost his livelihood, and will always have this against his name whether he does come back or not. Also I very much disagree with Matt42 that indie culture is to excuse such behaviour, ridiuclous that just by liking a type of music means you excuse abuse. We get it, you dont like indie music.
  9. Agree with this, not sure what else they could have said without actually saying what he had done, and there may be some laws around what can be made public with court cases. Re-reading the statement now it mentions his behaviour and doesn't wish him well and also doesn't allow comments which makes sense now. Like I said before what he's done is not ok and hope she is ok now, but I also feel sorry for the rest of the band having something they've been a part of for 20 years tarnished and possibly brought to an early end
  10. Sad to hear the reports about Tom Meighan, he’s had some dark times but what he’s reported to have done it obviously inexcusable. Really hope he can get the help he needs. Feel bad for the rest of the band being dragged into this and potentially putting an end to Kasabian
  11. Baggins7

    2020 New Music

    Love the new Dream Wife album, nice follow up to the debut with a few slower tracks thrown in which works really well. Just seen they’re touring the UK April 2021, lovely stuff
  12. Please can you change it to Baggins7 so it’s less like my real name. Cheers
  13. Baggins7

    BBC Glastonbury

    Ah I didn’t know that! Gutting, one of the bands I love but have never managed to see live
  14. Baggins7

    BBC Glastonbury

    Just watched Pulp on iplayer, would love to see them there again at some point although I know Jarv Is was on the line up this year so pulp could be a few years away. Just seen that Disco 2000 made its live debut in their 95 glasto headline set
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