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  1. I used to love Malcolm in the middle I would have been around the same age when it was on. Whenever I hear funky town by Lipps Inc it reminds me of the episode with Bryan Cranston skating! Is it on a streaming platform? Could definitely binge it
  2. I was never a big reader a couple of years ago but one of my favourite films is the shining so I decided to read the book, I’m now on my 19th Stephen King book and planning to work my way through his whole back catalogue. Some really good stuff and I enjoy watching films that have been based on books, which a large number of his have. Regarding non fiction, Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis is great. Saw it recommended on here last year and it’s such a good read - and I’m not a RHCP fan
  3. Yeah love that, sticking to what they’re good at and I like it a lot
  4. Link to test and trace app in the quote. Anyone after track and trace may be disappointed, you’ll need to go to https://www3.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/
  5. Love the idea! Are you doing it based on first listen or giving each one a few spins? How far have you got with the first list? I was surprised with the amount the list has changed, I'd imagine that's down to a different pool of voters but still thought there would be a lot more crossover
  6. There are quite a few of the older albums in the top 100 I've not listened to in their entirety before, working from home for the foreseeable future so a perfect opportunity to give them all a few spins each. Thinking of setting up a little ranking spreadsheet for it too, I think someone else on these forums did something similar with an older list
  7. Not much on my radar today apart from a couple of new tracks from Black Honey and Sunflower Bean, so will go back over the last few weeks worth of releases but will definitely check out Sault. Sometimes nice to have a quieter week of releases!
  8. New Royal Blood next Thursday by the looks of this, hopefully a single with announcement of an album. Would be happy with more of the same as their first 2 albums
  9. Baggins7

    Taylor Swift

    Her stripped back performances with just her and the guitar or piano really are great. Love how she can vary between a big production song with a band and dancers and lots going on, but then have a section with no distractions and nothing to hide behind. Incredible voice and musician. I feel Gaga can do the same, would be chuffed with either of these for Glastonbury
  10. Totally get this. I love getting away and exploring other parts of the world but I can’t think of much worse ways of catching/spreading the virus by mixing with people from all over the world in an airport and then on a plane. Unless it’s important or a business trip then I’m of the view it should be avoided. I know of people who say they have ‘HAD’ to go abroad because of their mental health, and that then always makes it had to argue or disagree with them but the UK has some amazing places to visit if you need to get away.
  11. Thanks, that’s concerning that’s testing appears to have decreased across that period with an increase in cases. Could be some big moves over the next few weeks with schools and unis going back, just hope it’s watched closely and acted on swiftly
  12. Although the rise in cases isn’t good, does anyone have the detailed data on whether this is likely to be increased testing? I know today’s data was shown but I’ve not got previous days to compare to. Also deaths remain low, this could be suggesting that there is just more testing leading to more reported cases, unless treatment has gotten a lot more effective
  13. Used to live 3 doors away from Garry Roberts from the Boomtown Rats and played with his daughter a few times but I was only nursery age so don’t remember it, according to the parents Bob Geldof made a few visits to the town too
  14. Not much in terms of new releases on my radar this week, missed this one from last week though from Crooked Colours. Only discovered them earlier this year when going through a period of listening to a lot of Aussie bands. Back catalogue is really worth checking out, got a bit of an Alt J sound to some of their tracks but a bit more upbeat and electronic dance vibe.
  15. Really like this new one from Temples
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