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  1. 1. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes - Sticky 2. Magdelena Bay - Mercurial World 3. Biffy Clyro - The Myth Of The Happily Ever After Good month
  2. Orchestral version of Paranormal Romance. Very nice
  3. I'm not getting tickets but saw ticketmaster had a queue system in place so I joined out of interest for the Friday, there were 39,000 ahead of me in the queue! Cant deny that is impressive demand
  4. Just came here to post this. Can’t wait to get stuck in absolutely loved the first 2 series
  5. Typical I went and booked an air bnb this morning for the dates in November and gets rescheduled a few hours later! Makes it tricky getting to Brighton on a Thursday evening now…
  6. 1. The Vaccines - Back in Love City 2. Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert 3. Amyl and the Sniffers - Comfort to Me
  7. New Parcels tune out today
  8. The Vaccines announced a Spring 2022 UK tour. Couldn’t find a proper poster so had to screenshot from their promo video. Always great live so will definitely be getting on this and new tunes sounding good
  9. 1. Jungle - Loving in Stereo 2. The Killers - Pressure Machine 3. Lorde - Solar Power Found this month tough to pick out the top 3, had a shortlist of 6 to pick from also including Chvrches, Turnstile and Jade Bird. Decent month
  10. Baggins7

    Wolf Alice

    I saw the setlist before seeing the highlights and didn’t think that would work as a closer, giant peach always works so well but going from that into don’t delete the kisses was a great way to close. Really showcasing their versatility with that set. Would love to see them get a decent slot, I think sub pyramid or headline other
  11. Baggins7

    Wolf Alice

    Just watched their Reading set on iplayer and I’m gutted their tour dates didn’t work for me. So so good, really thought play the greatest hits came across well live too. Not sure why Ellie didn’t play the keys for last man on Earth, cracking set though and will be top of my list to see if they’re at the farm 2022
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