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  1. Thought Harry Styles was alright on first listen but likely to be forgotten by next month. Nice debut from Eliza and the Delusionals
  2. Another vote for Jam Shed Shiraz I’ll be bringing a box of this. Added bonus you can pick up a bottle for about £6 to taste test before committing to the box
  3. Baggins7

    Kendrick Lamar

    I’ve changed my mind a few times this week between Bicep and Kendrick. Feels like a really hard decision and I’ll. probably decide on the day but it’s a good problem to have
  4. New one from Crooked Colours
  5. Mrs B insists on having radio 1 when she’s in the kitchen or driving, I’ve noticed a lot of songs getting airtime that sample other songs from the last 20 years. I know sampling isn’t a new concept and I actually like when there’s a recognisable bit of a song and treat it almost like a quiz but i feel like it’s a lot more common in the radio 1 playlist at the moment. And it really bugs me. A few I can think of with Mrs B’s help are Aitch - Baby sampling Ashanti, A1&J1 - Night away using JLo, ArrDee - Flowers using Destiny’s Child
  6. 1. Jack White - Fear of the Dawn 2. Fontaines DC - Skinty Fia 3. Wet Leg - Wet Leg
  7. A few out today that I’d almost forgotten about, Arcade Fire, RBCF, Sunflower Bean, Warpaint. Should be a good day
  8. Foals in Birmingham yesterday 2 years after it was meant to go ahead. Thought the setlist was potentially the best I’ve seen for them, possibly change a little for glastonbury set but hope they end the same way, Friday night will be a real party. Really liked the lighting and visuals behind them too. Blondie tonight in Cardiff.
  9. Saw The Vaccines in Leeds last night. Came out about 8.30 which seemed early and were done just after 9.30, a couple of their songs are less than 3 mins long so would have liked a longer setlist or chat between songs. Really enjoyable as always and the new songs slotted in nicely think they played 5 off the latest album and 1 off the new EP.
  10. Yeah that was one of the names missing that I was really hoping to be on the poster. Makes sense to do a big UK festival if he's only doing 2 UK dates. I was thinking secret set, wouldn't be sure where else to place him on the line up but think a secret slot on the Park similar to Foals a few years back would be saucy.
  11. Good start to the day with Jack White. Would love him to show up on the farm. Next up Wet Leg, the Vaccines EP, Lime Cordiale single and Tom Misch new project… busy day!
  12. Another new one from The Vaccines. New 6 song EP is out on Friday with half of the songs now released in advance
  13. New Franc Moody https://open.spotify.com/track/2xj5J9KdJbFmm5xBB3XjNa?si=DPBVxf6OSuGmm4qoDFLBXw
  14. New single from Spector just ahead of their UK tour.
  15. At Royal Blood last night in Bham a lot of the pre gig music being played was Foos, the Amazons supported and did a cover of My Hero, and Ben Thatcher the RB drummer did an extended drum solo with a photo of himself with Taylor on the big screen from when they supported Foos on tour. Emotional night, a lot of fan crossover with FF and RB
  16. I thought it sounded a lot like Artful Dodger
  17. Fingers crossed for something Autumn 22 or Spring 23. They're on the road around the US this summer until October
  18. Who’s going to make the first poster playlist then??
  19. Wow that is some line up, and I’m not really bothered by the entire top line of acts. Personally hoping Jack White to be a later addition as an Other headliner or secret set
  20. Has anyone here been to see Dry Cleaning on their current tour? Considering going solo Tuesday evening but was hoping to see some reviews. Not seen them live before but setlist looks good
  21. Trying to think where Jungle would fit best, possible play before Foals on the other stage Friday evening?
  22. Enjoyed Alt Js new album on first listen, thought it was a lot better than their third which I didn’t go back to much
  23. Baggins7


    Surprised with some of the comments about the 2 part album, I thought they nailed it. They often find a way of dipping their toes into new sounds but very much still Foals. Can’t wait to hear the new ones live
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