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  1. TiZuff

    Kendrick Lamar

    these prices are a joke. gone are the days seeing him for £20 in the apollo or the academy. Do wonder what type of crowd he will attract.
  2. TiZuff

    LCD Soundsystem....

    Would anyone want my ticket ?? I can't go tonight . I work in manchrster , you will need to meet me in town . £30 . Pm me I work near the urban exchange top of northern quarter in town. First person gets it
  3. TiZuff

    Arcade Fire

    really like the new track. prefer it over signs of life (though i thought signs of life sounded great live). Everything now / Creature comfort Blue electricty Signs of life Thats my order.
  4. TiZuff

    Lovebox 2017

    Yeah its about standard for him, same at parklife but he came out 20mins late then went 10 mins over curfew. On a side note, whats the quickets way to get out of the festival and get to clapham??
  5. TiZuff

    Arcade Fire

    I noticed no laddish behaviour at all I was front middle a 5 yards back from the railings and it was just ppl having fun. The emotional moments were great the dancey moments dancey the nanana moments blasted back at the band. It was excellent. The band clearly agreed. Also I judge the laddishness of the crowd by how many cups of beer or piss are thrown. I had it at 0 where I was. Amazing gig the smaller venue was perfect
  6. TiZuff

    Arcade Fire

    Phenomenal !! What a night !! Down the front boogying with anyone and everyone !!
  7. TiZuff

    Arcade Fire

    Never been to castle field bowl for s gig before but how early would I have to get in so I'm near the part of the crowd that loses their shit to reflektor??
  8. TiZuff

    Arcade Fire

    Wtf... this is confusing ... I hope this means they are doing a longer set ??
  9. TiZuff

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    one thing i was surprised by was how it finished 10mins early?? Surely they could have either started the set at 10pm so day dreaming was done in the dark or played 1 or 2 more songs?!? Reckoner??!! I remember looking at my phone at it was 11.36. maybe a good thing as my brain couldnt handle anymore emotions!
  10. TiZuff

    Dick move of your festival......

    the guys behind me who kept whining through radiohead, especially at the start. gave them a look and they kindly shut the fuck up at around EITRP. There was a reason i got to the front and that was to not be stuck next to fucking talkers. Generally felt there was alot more talkers this year. Considering i get to the front for the stuff i love i was surprised.
  11. TiZuff

    Sexual Assauly at Silver Hayes

    A mate of mine helping a drunk guy when he tried to kiss her. She says no so he pushed her into a bush and walked off... she lost her wallet. felt the crowd was significantly younger this year if maybe I'm just getting older.
  12. TiZuff

    Dave Grohl & Famous People

    i was outside the greenpeace engine room tree thing and jarvis cocker walked out. it was well funny because of the way you come out of the tree. We were just like "wtf..."
  13. TiZuff

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    incredible night.
  14. TiZuff


    this was superb! was towards the front about 10-15 rows back. It was going off! people dancing , jumping around. So much fun!
  15. TiZuff

    Frank carter and the rattlesnakes.....

    100% . I listened to the stuff pre-Glastonbury and hated it. went to watch him pre-killers and he totally won me over. also the bit about female crowd surfing got me emotional. Especially when loads of girls went for it !