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  1. omfg who put fred again and tame on at the same time. for fucks sake thats the 2 MAIN ACTS i wanted to see fml
  2. too hot > too wet. at least with hot it naturally gets cooler later on. while when its wet its just muddy all fucking day. you cant sit down anywhere all day and its just an absolute slog.
  3. whats a valid vaccination certificate? just the NHS app?
  4. i am very interested! i always look out for the jar updates . im just a silent watcher ... in the shadows.
  5. yeah i learned over the years to not look at a forecast till the monday. panic stations / celebratory drinks on the tuesday night.
  6. TiZuff

    Kendrick Lamar

    man thats an incredible setlist when you just sit back and think about it.
  7. TiZuff

    Kendrick Lamar

    shocking review by picthfork. i do find myself agreeing with alot of their takes on music but this is so off. feels like a kodack black comprimised review to me. i listened to damn yesterday and stand by my view that morales is superior to damn in every way other than catchyness. and they have damn 9.2 (which i did think was inflated at the time, i had it at an 8.X on the pitchfork scale). Some of the stuff the reviewer says are just plain odd. lacks depth? I have the album at 9.3, same as TPAB. nutty review.
  8. when are wet leg on ?!? that sounds liek a dream night if i can squeeze confidence man in!
  9. TiZuff

    Kendrick Lamar

    Bigger question, if hes going to do some covers / songs hes featured on what are the best bets?!
  10. TiZuff

    Kendrick Lamar

    Majority of the set is Certified Crowd Pleasing Bangers: Humble DNA maad city backseat freestyle Swimming Pools Bitch dont kill my vibe Money Trees Element Alright All the stars Die Hard N95 Mr Morale
  11. reckon we will get full set times / stages before june 8th? just so i can watch stuff at primavera i wont be able to see at glasto 👀
  12. whats the info on setlist times for weekend 1 and 2? both at same time? a week apart? whens it dropping ?
  13. TiZuff

    Kendrick Lamar

    though i agree wasnt it huge?! like in terms of general public? maybe i got it mxied up with something else
  14. TiZuff

    Kendrick Lamar

    Drop purple hearts replace with united in grief and then throw all the stars in and mr morale for crown. also.. if he played the goosebumps remix do you think people would be like "omg its a travis song" or would people just get on down and party?!
  15. TiZuff

    Kendrick Lamar

    sat here at 2am and listening to Auntie Diaries and it hit me... demetrius is sheranes aka master splinters daughters cousin? from GKMC. HER FAVOURITE COUSIN DEMETRIUS IS IRREPITABLE This song is from sheranes POV?? the girl that led to him being robbed in GKMC... where the fuck is the mind blown emoji Also, subtle thing but whenever kendrick says Demetrius is Mary ann now... the sound moves from left to right (in religeon, right side is good, left side evil). when the preacher calls out demetrius in church the sound moves from right to left... its a fucking small details but it just shows the level of detail kendrick puts in his music... man this guy is a genius.
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