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  1. TiZuff

    Tame Impala

    Saw them at nos alive it’s a much better show at night. Definitely my Friday headliner great way to close out the first night
  2. dj koze john talabot the field Jon Hopkins Yaeji Rival consoles fort romeu AAL / Nicholas jarr
  3. if you cant find 10+ acts to enjoy at glastonbury then its probably you thats the problem not glastonbury! just saying On the face of it this is the line up poster that had the least acts im excited about. having spent the whole day listening to the acts i hadnt heard ive found some right gems. i had my own list of 5 must sees, 4 would see pending clashes. now having listened to the bands i didnt know, ive found 4 more id deffo want to see (Jungle, King princess, this is the kit and aurora).
  4. TiZuff

    "Moments" of 2019

    Tame impala - let it happen , Friday night other stage . killers - mr bright side Liam Gallagher - any oasis song Christine and the queens - doesn’t matter Vampire weekend - Oxford comma Chems - high velocity Lauryn hill - doo wop
  5. Every year the same old shit post about the lineup
  6. TiZuff

    2019 Headliners

    Such a great moment !
  7. TiZuff

    2019 Headliners

    But Liam Gallagher gets a free pass?? 😂😂
  8. TiZuff

    Other Stage

    id be all over grimes in JP on friday night, great way to open the festival!
  9. TiZuff

    2019 Headliners

    Because most the crowd thought mbdtf and yeezus are his worst albums 😂
  10. TiZuff

    2019 Headliners

    Apart from the cruel summer bit, it was pretty amazing for any proper Kanye music fans. He did hold my liquor and lost in the world with Justin on stage ! Ah good times
  11. Hope gambino headlines a stage rather than sub . Unlikely I know but headline other? Would he get a big crowd at Glasto ?
  12. Ouch there goes my Friday night stormzy alternative
  13. TiZuff

    2019 Headliners

    What a result if it’s gaga.
  14. TiZuff

    2019 Headliners

    really depends on whos playing, where in the crowd you are and how good the act performs. It can be the best music experience ever if everything comes together (Stones, Coldplay, Foos, Kanye, Radiohead). But its all down to personal taste. Doesn't mean you cant have an incredible time anywhere else, hell, justice 2017 west holts was superb.
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