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  1. what an odd festival, never been to one in london before but HOLY SHIT why the hell does everyone fucking talk THROUGH EVERYTHING?!?! wtf . It didnt help the jamie xx set was possibly the worst headline set ive ever been to and ive seen him headline stages before and be brilliant, but other than weird fishes and 1 or 2 other moments it was boring AF and i was near the front where nobody was dancing at all. Also which genius decided to hide the water points in some maze like structure so you can never find them? Bicep was good visuals and decent enough atmosphere , i was in the first barrier for foals and had a good time. caribou were awesome too. My highlighht was Fred Again in the northeast tent. really enjoyed that (especially playing frank ocean - channel). but i dont think ill ever do a london festival again if thats what its like.
  2. got a spare ticket for the saturday and monday if anyone is interested. will take £50 per ticket. ill be there myself so happy to meet if you want to
  3. TiZuff

    2022 Headliners

    heartbreaker, kendrick headlining the 50th was such an incredible statement by glastonbury. gutted its not happening. Also sadly for my own tastes, neither of those 2 acts do it for me on a friday, so on a personal level, a touch deflated, fingers crossed for WH / JP / PARK to save the night ! delighted for those who love billie or qotsa though, good for you 😄
  4. gonna listen to wolf alices all the way on journey tommorow and decide if i should see them (my 2nd fav album this year) or go see hot chip. Hot chip just seems the right thing for the last 2 years... but I LOVED Wolf alices album... cant beat a good dance to hot chip though can you?
  5. fuck it. last min solo mission it is. need a proper festival and hot chip / chems back to back at night is too good not to turn down, would love to see wolf alice but i feel like after the last few years, hot chip is what is needed.
  6. tnx for this! im guessing you can't take your own booze?! so gotta buy everything at the bars?
  7. hi all , quick one, never been to latitude before. How big is the venue compared to glasto? Thinking of going solo (done glasto solo but dunno if ive got it in me now hah) , friendly enough place?
  8. TiZuff


    underwhelming tbh, just released on Tidal. but she has enough bangers to carry her headline set in primavera + Glasto Sub slot next year and im sure the album will be full of good stuff.
  9. TiZuff

    Wolf Alice

    what an album. never paid too much attention to them before, they have my attention now. get them on the farm (again)
  10. yeah but ill have to drive all the way back up either that night or early in the morning, friday would have been great.
  11. if kid cudi is at wireless and i dont have tickets ....
  12. FAAACK why is this on a monday! i thought it was the friday lineup! Roisin Murphy caribou foals gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  13. will there be a 3 day ticket option or is it all 1 day tickets only for 3 days?
  14. well i was adamant glastonbury was happening this year, so i dont believe in my own optimism anymore 😄
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