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  1. TiZuff

    R1 Big Weekend

    id imaging his big weekend set to be different to his arcadia set. id expect alot more Love Regeneratgor stuff at arcadia (and the big hits ofc)
  2. is luke solomon the solomon who does the sweet remixes?
  3. TiZuff

    Sam Fender

    where doth this rumour come from?!
  4. TiZuff

    Sam Fender

    subbing who? pyramid?
  5. the amount of times i read a comment on here and shit myself and then look to the left and see its nal posting and im like.. "he got me again....5th year on the bounce"
  6. TiZuff


    ill never understand people who come in late and just push in front of everyone and then just plonk themselves in front of you. just odd behaviour
  7. went to my first 2 glastos solo, was amazing and met so many great people (who i still see every year). eventually after banging on about it to my friends a few came with me in 2016 and now are upto a group of 20 the last 2 times. 24 this time. totally different experience . special in its own way. if you fancy a friendly group and feeling a bit alone, look out for the flag which says "ANYBODY SEEN MY DAMN DOMINOS" and you can have dancw with us 🙂
  8. who is dashing dreams by putting olivia rodrigo clashing with sam fender... stop it now.
  9. my mate got his this morning. General ticket and we were on the same order. there is no pattern.
  10. TiZuff

    West holts

    John Peel surely? talking of which does JP have its own poster? i dont remember one last time
  11. TiZuff

    West holts

    that saturday night is SO tempting to skip macca for. I know macca will be a moment but roisin headlining west holts and straight into SE is incredibly tempting
  12. buyt that year it was like 1 months worth of rain in 4 days right? something insane. i remember dragging my bags from car park to oxlyers and feeling like id been at the festival for 5 days
  13. just on the general convo of safety and pick pocketing. avoid the La Mina area , which is not too far from primavera when walking home. one of the roughest areas according to my local catalan friends and told me to get a taxi / tram and never walk through the area at night, even in groups. Luckily trams run 24h through the fest so no reason to but if you are staying in the area , better to get a taxi straight to your door. Just a heads up!
  14. Also looks like it might actually be in order ?!
  15. im sstill holding out hop bad bunny does a secret set
  16. do i see all of fred again and then run over to tame impala (weekend 2) ?? or do i just get a good spot for tame impala? how long do you think the walk is from the Ouigo stage to the main stages? eeeek
  17. my friends dont have campervan (normal ticket) and they got the email. i was in the same group as them when we bought and i dont have an email. there is no pattern 😄
  18. omfg who put fred again and tame on at the same time. for fucks sake thats the 2 MAIN ACTS i wanted to see fml
  19. too hot > too wet. at least with hot it naturally gets cooler later on. while when its wet its just muddy all fucking day. you cant sit down anywhere all day and its just an absolute slog.
  20. whats a valid vaccination certificate? just the NHS app?
  21. i am very interested! i always look out for the jar updates . im just a silent watcher ... in the shadows.
  22. yeah i learned over the years to not look at a forecast till the monday. panic stations / celebratory drinks on the tuesday night.
  23. TiZuff

    Kendrick Lamar

    man thats an incredible setlist when you just sit back and think about it.
  24. TiZuff

    Kendrick Lamar

    shocking review by picthfork. i do find myself agreeing with alot of their takes on music but this is so off. feels like a kodack black comprimised review to me. i listened to damn yesterday and stand by my view that morales is superior to damn in every way other than catchyness. and they have damn 9.2 (which i did think was inflated at the time, i had it at an 8.X on the pitchfork scale). Some of the stuff the reviewer says are just plain odd. lacks depth? I have the album at 9.3, same as TPAB. nutty review.
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