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2021 New Music


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2 hours ago, FloorFiller said:


Cracking stuff - absolutely love this.  Starts like an early 90's oldskool piano house tune!

Loved her previous stuff (Bad Guy in particular) but this is a real step up - hopefully more new stuff like this to come

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On 9/14/2021 at 7:14 PM, FloorFiller said:


Well that's a bit bloody good innit?

20 hours ago, FloorFiller said:

Edit: Well that’s annoying. It’s Snail Mail’s new single for anybody interested! 

Thumbs up

21 hours ago, lessthanwill1 said:

Lovely debut single from Honeyglaze (produced by Speedy Wunderground). It’s got a Weird Fishes vibe to it. 

Big thumbs up.

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1 hour ago, Gnomicide said:


Think this will become a live favourite, on the TRSMT footage the crowd were all singing along despite it never having been played before.

Needs another couple of listens, hasn't quite grabbed me on the first spin.

Really looking forward to seeing them having seen some of the TRNSMT footage though

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Maybe this would be best saved for the 2023 new music thread knowing what he’s like, but in his downtime from running a luxury jewellery brand Frank Ocean has apparently been shopping an album around to labels, so fingers crossed that’s gonna come sooner rather than later. 

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