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  1. admscott


    Manics vs Kendrick makes more sense than Manics vs. Macca right?
  2. admscott


    Nooooooooo. Opposite Kendrick AND Thom Yorke. Or opposite Macca? Fucking hell. Right ruined my day that has.
  3. Dont get too excited. This is me repeating the hype from this thread.
  4. Have touched base with the person who books me, who ran it up to the person in charge of the Green Fields area. They've not heard news of a cancellation. Not saying you're wrong, but that's the info/sources I have.
  5. admscott


    They played it on their most recent tour too!
  6. admscott


    Now wouldn't that be something?!
  7. admscott


    Been listening to Everything Must Go today. Very up for this.
  8. admscott


    I think if they include any left-field picks they'll be from Gold Against the Soul. Reissue coming out soonish.
  9. admscott


    Didn't know that! Can't see them being opposite Macca. So afternoon slot then? They usually crack out the hits, so should be a good one!
  10. admscott


    They're playing in Halifax on Sunday. So Saturday or Friday. I reckon 4th or 3rd down on Other, Saturday. Or JP in Friday as counter programming to Kendrick.
  11. admscott


    Yeah, looks like they're rehearsing some covers for upcoming festivals and the Killers and Green Day support slots. That definitely won't be their setlist. Don't see why they'd write down Glasto if they weren't playing. Nicky's overt trolling days are somewhat behind him. Somewhat.
  12. admscott

    Self Confirmed 2020

    I've known people called Katy. But Manics fan isn't ringing a bell!
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