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  1. Most of the stages line ups were fully confirmed a few days ago. I just got all my set times. For smaller artists, you sometimes don't know you're definitely playing until that comes through. So now people are announcing themselves!
  2. Fingers crossed he gets rid of Fuh You.
  3. admscott

    Kendrick Lamar

    Wow, thats great. Not at all where I thought he was going.
  4. The Rabbit Hole finalised their line-up today. Could be an announcement incoming.
  5. Hello everyone! Haven't posted in here in a little while. Struggling a little at the moment and part of that is that I'll be going to the festival solo this year! I think mainly a bit anxious at like, being left alone with my thoughts haha! Any advice on this from people who've done it solo in the past?
  6. Yes I had considered there would maybe be overlap! Will definitely be there πŸ™‚
  7. Used one of these tents in 2019. Never taking anything else to a festival. Incredible.
  8. I know there have been threads like this before, but couldn't see a recent one, or a more casual one. I'm going properly solo for the first time this year and thought it would be cool to set up some kind of way for other solo people (or anybody really) to hang out at the festival! I have to camp behind a stage in Green Futures so I can't be as involved with the groups that all camp together as I would like. I think I would also find that quite intense! Does anybody else vibe with that? Just looking for some kind of group or something where we could say "hey, I'm seeing this artist at this stage and I'm stood here if anyone is about?" With maybe a meet up at a bar to get to know everyone or something. I dunno. What do people want? There must be a bunch of us solo-ing this year who quite fancy a chilled, no pressure way to meet people and hang out, if only to chat while waiting for someone to come on!
  9. A lot of the stages in the Green Futures field have full line-ups on the Wednesday and Thursday. Including my beloved Mandala Stage!
  10. This will be the first year since I've started going in 2011 that I'll see all 3 Pyramid headliners!
  11. I'm on the poster. It's just that the text is the same colour as the background. Stupid design decision, imo.
  12. Thank you so much! I'm very proud of it πŸ™‚
  13. Oh no, I'm not nearly important enough for an embargo. It's unlikely tickets will be more hotly contested if people find out that I'm playing haha!
  14. admscott

    First Gig Back

    I went to my first gig back last Friday. Saw Jimmy Herrity, who was great. So many people in the audience just chatting all the way through, though. So irritating!
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