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  1. That Biffy set was good. Not 2013 good, but good nonetheless.
  2. Watched it too and really enjoyed. They somehow managed to make Instant History sound a lot heavier live too
  3. Yeah I think it's a huuge improvement from previous album Ellispis , Biffy are back to being weird and unpredictable and really enjoy that in their songs. I thought "Cop Syrup" was bonkers!
  4. I love how weird it is, you never know where a song is gonna go next! felt like they lost that with Ellipsis...Biffy are definitely back! Stand out songs for me " The Pink Limit, End Of and Cough Syrup"
  5. Waaaay better than Ellipsis IMO. Absolutely love it
  6. Agreed, after the first listen I had to go peel my face back off the wall.
  7. Biffy's new song "End Of" sounds huge. Hope they get announced to headline other.
  8. I'm starting to think Biffy would be happy to sub a legendary band like Rage ... Biffy --> RATM would be sick. Third headliner either Stormzy or Eminem
  9. Biffy would do it for 50 K and still bring a massive production , they love playing Reading & Leeds.
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