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2021 Lineup

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1 hour ago, RarerThanDandyB said:

didnt we say Tyler the Creator wouldn’t accept anything less than headline. HAIM not headlining with six would be strange also. 

I know R+L are known for their smaller headliners but Haim headlining this? C’mon. At Rock Werchter they would’ve been the second act on the main stage (with Fontaines being the opening act). Are they that much bigger in the UK? 

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4 minutes ago, Jack.194 said:

I’m not buying it either, Royal Blood is an odd one, on top of that you’ve got Melvin saying the ‘full lineup’ is going to be released, this doesn’t look full to me.

No he didnt he said: 'We are announcing everything next week, the lineup will go up on Monday'. Everything is the information.

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i think we are going to have to think outside the box with this one i haven't been on this form since 2012, its the first time ive been bothered about a lineup since around then. The idea of 2 stages to me seams like a really good one and too me gives Melvin the chance to do something that i believe would work very well split the music genres down the middle dance and rap on one main stage and rock and indie on another but anyway my totally bogus and not going to happen perdition baring in mind 6 acts never headlined before ps. sorry for bad spelling im heavily dyslexic 


MS1 Billie Eilish / tyler the creator 

MS2 Bring Me The Horizon / royal blood 


MS1 Dua Lipa / Rudimental 

MS2 LG / sam fender / lewis capaldi


MS1  Travis Scot / Dave

MS2 Slipknot / Nine Inch Nails 

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6 hours ago, Otis Reeves said:

Leaked from emails of a certain online media outlet due to be reporting on the festival lineup announcement tomorrow.1998124892_READINGLEEDS2021.gif.fd3e8cb0e29de4a027626c90873454b4.gif

sensational effort, but brand new account with the same animation style as the last brand new account with a fake poster seemingly correcting the criticisms of the last one is sketchy 

This ain't it

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