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  1. Looks like it’s their facebook, the randl mill posted a screenshot on twitter. Top stuff from them btw. Not sure about anyone else but NBT being the first act of the weekend is a hell of a way to kick it off
  2. Anyone else think the main stages look way too far apart here? Billie Eilish's crowd in 2019 made it probably two thirds of the way to the introducing, so that would mean literally the entire main stage crowd migrating across the arena between sets. I'm expecting MSW to be a little east of the introducing placement here
  3. Agreed, which to me means that we've got no more acts to be added to the main stage on any day
  4. The poster seems like a mix of the 2018 and regular formats, since at least it’s got the stylised names. I don’t think it would’ve worked any other way though tbf
  5. MGK is above on the reading site?
  6. Looks like it’s compensating for the lack of FR tent on fri/sat reading
  7. Nothing but thieves, my wishes have come true
  8. Done a set of 45 mins exams for each subject before easter, then got 2/3 of each around an hour before may half term, then all done
  9. Yeah mate, 3 weeks until final exams haha. Looks like I didn’t make it until the announcement though
  10. For the sake of my exams I’ll leave this forum alone until the announcement, here we go lads
  11. Hold that thought, we have an announcement to hype up
  12. I do think that’s a bit of a petty reason to put everyone else down, don’t you?
  13. Okay that’s my misunderstanding there, I thought you meant the Reading area. But even so, my point still stands that the council will do everything they can to work with FR to get the festival to go ahead, simply because of the money it brings into the area. Obviously they won’t put people at risk for it, but they’ll be working hard to get safety precautions implemented
  14. You said Reading will survive as if that meant the area wouldn’t do everything possible to get the festival to go ahead? If you take a compelling argument from that then fill your boots mate😂
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