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  1. Was going to ask if Mallory Knox were possible until I saw yesterday’s announcement, shame
  2. As has been mentioned earlier, holding back on a huge secret set makes it more appreciable when there is one.
  3. That Radio 1 gap opposite Billie Eilish is now like an hour and 45 minutes, at least at Reading, safe to say that’s a secret set?
  4. inb4 Biffy fly in on a water plane, land on the river and open the arena early for a set
  5. okay if that moves Himalayas to clash with anyone I won’t be happy
  6. Looks like they’re keeping that slot too from the app’s schedule
  7. For anyone not looking in the main thread, Scarlxrd is on the 1xtra Friday at Reading Edit: Listed on the app so not-so-secret set
  8. First secret set confirmed then
  9. I’m going for Milk Teeth, Yungblud, Hot Milk, Enter Shikari/Stand Atlantic, TSSF, Himalayas, FCATR, ADTR and then Foos, all sound good from what I’ve heard.
  10. Appreciate the reply, there are quite a few of us so we’ll head up as early as we can.
  11. Since I’m still a child I’ve got my GCSE results to pick up on the Thursday morning before leaving for Reading. My mates and I are trying to figure out when to head up, so how quickly will the best of the rest camping spots run out on Thursday and should we be rushing to make sure we aren’t left with the scraps?
  12. lol i suggested it but didn’t put it on, they’d have to squeeze up the other acts’ gaps to fit it in
  13. Yeah that’s true, thought they’ve been changing up 1975’s timings on the app despite the band themselves evidently knowing the right schedule. Just being hopeful tbh
  14. The set times seem to be constantly changing on the app ever so slightly, just wondering if it’s possible the relatively long breaks between acts on R1 Saturday for Reading could be squeezed up to make that King Princess-NAV gap big enough for a secret set?
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