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  1. Can’t attest to their performance at Reading in particular, but the standard foam ear plugs from boots have worked perfectly for me on flights since they expand in your ear. You can get a box of them for pretty cheap too
  2. Ah mate how could I forget about Alan haha, I must be the only person here that is actually a fan of the chants. Potentially because they didn’t interrupt my sleep in white
  3. We hate tottenham, we hate tottenham
  4. Looking forward to the group hatred of tottenham again as well 🙂
  5. I completely agree, while it’s a fair argument that things haven’t gone too well so far, I find it hard to believe that we’ll still be in a position where covid restrictions are necessary over 4 months after all vulnerable groups are vaccinated. New variants can spring up at any moment, so I don’t think a new one of those (unless it’s significantly more deadly) will cause us to go back into lockdown or the economy would forever be suffering with every new mutation
  6. I can absolutely see that side, and if I could set my expectations lower I would. But it’s the people taking the piss that are rubbing me up the wrong way. It’s completely unnecessary
  7. Exactly the kind of message we need right now. Every social media post about festivals atm is flooded with comments saying they’ll be cancelled and it’s really not the message of hope that this announcement should have sparked. I’m personally staying positive, just hoping I haven’t got my hopes too high haha. Cheers mate
  8. I would've thought so since I can't see many smaller US acts wanting to come all the way over for one show. With some doing european tours I think we could see a few, but I reckon the bottom of the lineup will have loads of British acts
  9. Equally, I'm not sure Declan McKenna will stay 4th down on that same stage, especially if it gets downsized. I would be pretty pleased if that was the final lineup though, maybe swap All Time Low out for NBT and I'd be chuffed
  10. Declan McKenna’s tour has a nice little gap for the reading weekend
  11. these mockups are sick mate, the second one seems more logical for space efficiency, opens up the access to the tent on the right. It would be a shame to lose the R1 though, I feel like there are always some really great future headliners in there 😕
  12. I second glass animals, vistas and sea girls, would also love NBT, COIN, bad sounds and dreamers
  13. Yeah I saw that too. Wouldn't make sense for him to announce randl without them announcing him too, that would seem a bit mismanaged tbh
  14. With a fenced off pen at each end, I feel like the people desperate to get to the front will be funneled round the sides rather than crushing everyone in the middle, while the rest of the crowd can turn round and make their way towards the other stage. But that is very wishful thinking haha
  15. Now that you show it, I think I saw it as well haha. That was the original video announcing 2 main stages, wasn't it?
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