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  1. Didn’t leave the site during the weekend last time, Reading don’t care about bringing alcohol in on second entry do they? Boardmasters were pretty strict about it
  2. Sounds about right for a mid-sized secret set, not expecting anyone at the level of BMTH but someone like the Vaccines for 25 mins makes sense
  3. Yeah just Friday for me, I assume they’re sorting it slowly
  4. Definite gap for MSW secret set on the Friday morning Reading
  5. I’d appreciate if they sorted that so I can actually see who’s clashing haha
  6. Just me or have the forgotten MSE on the Reading schedule??
  7. Formatting looks the same at Reading, so definitely expecting someone to slot in below YB at both sites
  8. Nathan got there first, strange they didn’t announce a replacement with it, don’t have one yet perhaps?
  9. Good spot, expecting a replacement with the set times then Edit: Same for the reading stage breakdown
  10. Yep, that’s definitely the Nando’s logo by the green gate
  11. Disappointed by your screenshot reaction times there mate
  12. I’m not committed enough to scroll back through the hundreds of pages of posts, but you seem to be forgetting when you reappeared during discussions of whether the festival would go ahead a few months ago and complained that it was irresponsible and that all of us were being hypocrites for wanting to go. I also have no idea where I said you were blaming people haha. I get that your whole persona is this guy whose only opinions are the opposite of whatever the majority is saying, but just try to lighten up a bit
  13. But the Reading stage breakdown has YB subbing
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