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  1. Biffy headlining some German festivals at the start of August, I’m not losing hope
  2. *(substantial) announcement
  3. Could this push FR to give an early announcement?
  4. Just preparing for the worst
  5. how many of the headliners are liam gallagher?
  6. At least give us something to overanalyse
  7. Maybe they genuinely don’t have a single act booked yet haha
  8. I can see both of them having pretty major spots, it would be great to see Denzel Curry on stage with Glass Animals, their new song is great
  9. Plenty of talk about headliners, is there anyone people would like to see lower down the lineup? I’m hoping COIN make a return higher on the Festival Republic or low R1, EDEN would be nice too.
  10. Think he got that from the Jack Webb prediction video
  11. haha you quickly accepted the truth
  12. Was going to ask if Mallory Knox were possible until I saw yesterday’s announcement, shame
  13. As has been mentioned earlier, holding back on a huge secret set makes it more appreciable when there is one.
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