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  1. They just said on Twitter that someone has guessed it right, so that narrows it down a bit
  2. Last date of American shows is tonight, then he’s playing London on June 1st. Nothing on slam dunk weekend out of interest, how big is the key club stage/tent? could it be a smaller arena band for health and safety reasons Seen Busteds name pop up
  3. Have either of those played slam dunk before? They seem like bands that would’ve
  4. I don’t know about underrated, every mainstream UK rock radio station has been pushing them. Not that that’s a bad thing!
  5. Catfish smashed Wembley last night, they gotta be doing the secret set and headlining next year surely whilst they’re at this level of popularity
  6. Good Charlotte and Frank Turner added to Pukklepop the week before, could we see them added here?
  7. Yeah, the Leeds festival newsletter
  8. Just had an email saying that more names are coming soon, so there must be an announcement coming in the next couple of weeks?
  9. Noel Gallagher day? Sounds like all the Radio X bands, he’s doing fests and hasn’t got anything for London yet
  10. Yeah I heard that from Greg too, thought he misspoke
  11. Why is that troubling? I’m sure it’s pretty common for people to often not check out bottom of the bill bands unfortunately - regardless of gender before you bring that up next.
  12. Just had a listen and they’re pretty good, probably wouldn’t of bothered checking them out if the festival didn’t push them in this way, which I’m sure would be the same for a lot of people
  13. This is out of context, they’re doing a whole month of ticket giveaways each morning. This morning was the same thing but for download festival, before that was a load of gigs
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