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  1. Ticket limit of 4, I bought 6 as we do most years.. seems stricter this year
  2. I reckon so. Seems like they’re being tighter against touts this year I had 6 tickets and they cancelled 2 of them last night.. I’ve never had that for Reading before. Put 2 of my mates right in the shit
  3. If it’s tomorrow as a few people are suggesting, surely there’s a pre announcement coming today
  4. Haha at least when pubs/festivals etc open, we’ll have a blurry memory for different reasons!
  5. Not sure I follow - they weren’t headliners at reading ‘20?
  6. Headliners different. Surely CATB won’t do this now they’ve been given the Reading slot
  7. My issue with this is: fine if you want to be pessimistic, but I’m so tired of seeing people try to bring others down - for no reason at all. you gain nothing from piling on the “festivals/sports etc are going to be cancelled” comments, cause the people making them likely haven’t got tickets anyway - so shouldn’t be concerned about the cancellations
  8. If it’s anything like that old Pink moon camping, that was beside white camp
  9. Any sights of early entry or car prk passes left? Couldnt get any as add ons
  10. 76k for reading too - must share a queue
  11. Readings website has crashed/slowed from the traffic after that sky news article just came out. going to be the quickest sell out in years I think.
  12. Got mine this week too. I feel now that there’s a good chance this goes ahead, it’ll sell out quick. with no Glasto, It will be the biggest festival of the summer right?
  13. To a point, it’s hardly their fault the music industry is the way it is. Look to blame the companies pulling the strings on who’s marketable first, then the attitude of who you call “ladrockers” will follow There may be more or less suited bands than Catfish (for example) that COULD headline this year, but you really have to go back at least 3-5+ years and say these women should’ve been promoted back then to higher slots/given the smaller slots to start the growth of their reputations within the festival. there’s a sizeable chunk on that line up with females in the bands (albeit lower) but this could be them planting the seed for the future... I doubt it but you have to hope. IMO the acts that are truly big enough and suit the festival are Flo, Billie and Haim. Flo hasn’t played in years so you’ve got to ask if she’s even interested. Billie has her own huge tour to be rescheduled. Would’ve liked to have seen Haim do it
  14. A lot of Download acts aren’t from the U.K...
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