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  1. I’m very biased since Biffy are my favourite band, but I think people my age, A Level kind of range, would receive Biffy Clyro a bit more positively. At least Many or Horror would be a big draw, I feel like QOTSA don’t really have anything that was massive in my time. No One Knows has always been decently present, but they haven’t seemed to touch the charts recently.
  2. I feel like they are, in which case why not just co-headline them all?
  3. Honestly baffled at that interview then, all new headliners?? Half of them have headlined before. Or has he got the audacity to say that co-headliners don't count?
  4. Was this updated just now or did someone just happen to notice it just now?
  5. But I can’t see him flat out lying in an interview like that? Stretching the truth maybe but an unnecessary lie seems stupid to me
  6. Personally I can't see melvin lying like that, it brings the risk of letting down lots of people who didn't want them there and just makes him look bad
  7. Apologies for bringing the bad news
  8. NME interview definitely made it sound like rage aren't coming back, "It would have been very special for me to see them again, but the great thing about Reading & Leeds is that it doesn’t stand still. You probably could have picked about 50-100 other acts that would have been more important to everyone else. We’re always happy to have a nod to the past, but we live in today and tomorrow. We never stop moving on."
  9. Yeah I don't doubt that they're both headliner worthy, I just don't see what we've been given that nails them on haha
  10. Billie and LG looking likely, but why the other two in particular?
  11. Personally going for some powerful cleaning products
  12. If they think they can bump up a couple of subs and pass them off as headliners then I'll be mad
  13. It’s 5 solos and courteeners isn’t it
  14. Rest of the lineup better be top notch with 5 solo headliners
  15. He said the entire lineup is in place though?
  16. Pretty sure in that NME interview he said the entire lineup is being announced
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