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  1. Best act of that day, best announcement since last year probably
  2. Is that a serious question? - they don’t do festivals this year - they too heavy for Opener - playing in Poland later this year
  3. I wouldn’t see watch anything from SuperBock except Cat Power
  4. I wouldn’t see watch anything from SuperBock except Cat Power
  5. Almost every festival got the worse lineup than last year. As I said before I’m very happy with two days of NOS ( thousand times better than SuperBock ) and very disappointed with lack of announcements,
  6. Probably everywhere except UK
  7. I'm afraid not for me, but will give them another chance
  8. Last time The Cure headlined NOS Alive, they only had 2 bands supporting them (Florence & Mumford) and played 36 songs. When they performed in South Africa last month, they played pretty long sets, 32 songs. I fully expect the same in Lisbon, 3 hours set. That's why I think there won't be any more acts on the main stage on Thursday. Cure, Weezer and 2 other acts already announced. Plus Sharon van Etten & Xavier Ruud on other stage. Very happy about that Saturday is already sorted. Pumpkins, Chems, Bon Iver, Idles, don't need much more to be honest. Friday is probably the worst day I seen anywhere this year. One decent band called Primal Scream, and the rest is just a waste of time & space. Still think that missing headliner will be Kings Of Leon. Maybe they got some strange deal / agreement with Beni that they can't announced KOL for a time being? Still don't get it why some of the acts that been released lately by Mad Cool are not shared by NOS. 2 great days, one to forget, terrible PR. I haven't been there since 2008, might be tempted enough to come back
  9. As soon as this topić reaches 100 pages, they will announce another name
  10. Forget about headliner for a second, there are more names missing on the poster. I know most of people dream about Foals, Impala, Florence, I don't 😃; but right now I just take anything. Speaking about other festivals, I think only Opener is missing more than NOS, including couple of co-headliners
  11. Yesterday MC announced 26 artists, today another 16. Pretty sure few of them will be at NOS, so why do we have to wait another day, another week for another artist?
  12. My opinion is a bit different; if you look at previous years there's always one headliner / co-headliner that only plays NOS. 2018 it was The National, 2017 Weeknd. Before Mad Cool, they used to share majority of the line-up with Bilbao BBK, but always had at least one big name that wasn't playing there. Radiohead in 2016, and before that Sam Smith, The Libertines .... So far all the major names are playing both NOS and MC, maybe it's about time to announce something that can't be seen in Spain during that weekend. Kings of Leon ?
  13. I’d be over the moon with Prophets, much much better than all those Foals, Impalas, Florence ...
  14. Perry Farrell please !!!! What a legend
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