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  1. What a nightmare. Why is it called super rock??? Because it rhymes with super bock?
  2. They should be around, playing festivals only. Werchter is an obvious choice in Belgium. Don't have to stay only for Werchter: there are Opener, Roskilde, Volt...
  3. Think everyone knows that they playing 2 European Lollapaloozas
  4. Fingers crossed for Springsteen
  5. Getting worse with every announcement
  6. Next week Hellfest will be announced. Let's see if Zegut is right predicting Foos and Faith No More. If they are there, my two favourite F bands should also be playing Werchter.
  7. Forget about Macca, the rest is very realistic
  8. Yeah but Dimi knows what he's talking about and they're coming back
  9. Mookie BLAYLOCK!!!! PEARL JAM 😀😀😀
  10. He was pretty good in Roskilde 06
  11. They not gonna waste money on Taylor or Billie 😂
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