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  1. First European date for FNM in 2021 been announced
  2. Maiden should be easy to replace with Metallica, GNR or maybe even previously rumoured ACDC
  3. Summary done 3 weeks ago. Needs to be updated
  4. I like it a lot, but FNM never will sub RHCP
  5. RaR / RiP week earlier or week later due to motorsport event in Nurburgring https://www.motorsport-total.com/24-stunden-vom-nuerburgring/news/24h-nuerburgring-renntermine-bis-2023-stehen-fest-17090801
  6. https://www.ouest-france.fr/economie/entreprises/crise-du-coronavirus/info-ouest-france-coronavirus-pourquoi-le-hellfest-2020-se-prepare-un-report-d-un-6799786
  7. Not sure which one is worst, Berlin or Paris. RATM and PJ can't save 2 terrible line ups
  8. They never disappoint me. Always got what I expect, lots of shite. RATM & RTJ 2 stars, surrounded by lots of garbage
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