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  1. A bit of a tangent to the NBT stuff but I can't believe I slept on QOTSA for so long, so much quality.
  2. Re. Day tickets from what I remember they don't get released until closer to the festival or at least when they release the splits so we have a good idea of who's on each day.
  3. But then the rush from one side of the arena to the other between headliners would be horrendous and potentially dangerous, surely the best option is side by side no?
  4. Cheers for the suggestions lads, I'll check them out!
  5. Daniel P. Carter was still bigging up the lineup and he books the Pit so I would be a bit surprised to see it go from that sense
  6. Not listened to much QOTSA or Disclosure before so if anyone has any suggestions on some tracks / albums to start with it would be appreciated!
  7. It is though cause they're taking away Radio 1 and if there's no clashes between main stage chunks that's losing quite a few acts across the weekend
  8. They sent an email with the poster from a few pages back so I assume that's all we're getting
  9. Agreed, I'm just above the demographic and I don't know anyone who's heard past No One Knows, can't imagine anyone younger listening to them either tbh
  10. Tbf he dropped his most recent album after last time so there's that
  11. If its Slipknot fair enough but if ever there was a time for BMTH surely it was now
  12. It'll be how they always do it, play a snippet of all the headliners + some acts then the full thing goes on twitter
  13. Tbf the email did say bucket hats at the ready 🤷‍♂️
  14. Does Giggs play with a band? Swear Dan said it's a solo act with like a backing band
  15. Surely not? His crowd last time headlining R1 was so poor
  16. Jamie XX maybe? Idk how popular he is though
  17. Noel and Liam, one on each main stage at the same time 😂
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