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  1. Results: Milk Teeth: 2pts: Nearby Catfight / Owning Your Okayness 1pt: Fight Skirt / Vitamins / Stain Peace: 2pts: California Daze / 1998 1pt: Bloodshake / You Don't Walk Away From Love I think that's all of the really well known acts done unless anyone has any that I've missed. I don't know if people want me to put all the winning songs into a bracket to vote for the best overall to keep this going or not?
  2. Thoughts on the new Frank Carter album. Only had a couple of listens so far but I'm really liking it.
  3. Sorry for leaving this a bit late. Out of It / Another You Results: The Story So Far: 2pts: Keep This Up 1pt: Nerve / Mt. Diablo / Upside Down / Out of It Of Mice & Men: 2pts: Unbreakable 1pt: Would You Still be There / Bones Exposed / How to Survive / Second & Sebring / Another You Milk Teeth // Peace
  4. Palm Trees / Crash Land Results: SWMRS: 3pts: Berkley's on Fire 2pts: Lose Lose Lose 1pt: Trashbag Baby / Miley / Palm Trees Twin Atlantic: 3pts: No Sleep 2pts: Free 1pt: Make a Beast of Myself / Heart and Soul / Skinny Dipping / Crash Land The Story So Far // Of Mice & Men
  5. Smoko / Laika Results: The Chats: 6pts: Smoko 1pt: Bus Money Boston Manor: 3pts: Laika 2pts: England's Dreaming 1pt: Flowers in Your Dustbin / Halo SWMRS // Twin Atlantic
  6. T Shirt Weather / Black Magic Results: Circa Waves: 7pts: T Shirt Weather 3pts: Fire That Burns 1pt: Wake Up / Goodbye / Fossils / Movies The Amazons: 3pts: Mother / Black Magic 2pts: Ultraviolet / Junk Food Forever 1pt: Doubt It / Palace The Chats // Boston Manor
  7. Maybe You're the Reason // Flame Results: The Japanese House: 2pts: Maybe You're the Reason 1pt: Saw You in a Dream / You Seemed so Happy / Cool Blue Sundara Karma: 2pts: One Last Night on This Earth 1pt: Higher States / Flame / Loveblood / Explore / A Young Understanding / Deep Relief Circa Waves // The Amazons
  8. Doorman / There's a Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls) Results: Mura Masa: 3pts: Doorman 2pts: Messy Love / 1 Night 1pt: Firefly Blossoms: 4pts: Honey Sweet 3pts: There's a Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls) 1pt: Blown Rose / At Most a Kiss / Across the Moor The Japanese House // Sundara Karma
  9. City of Angels / Come Down Results: The Distillers: 4pts: City of Angels 1pt: Dismantle Me / Man vs Magnet Anderson .PAAK: 3pts: Come Down 1pt: Am I Wrong / Brothers Keeper Mura Masa // Blossoms
  10. From the Clashfinder she would clash with the very end of Twenty One Pilots, SASASAS and Of Mice and Men. Can't see there being too much fan crossover apart from with Twenty One Pilots so could be a bit of an issue especially when she's only going to get bigger.
  11. Results: Bastille: 1pt: Good Grief / Things We Lost in the Fire / The Draw / Of the Night / Icarus / Campus / Quarter Past Midnight / What Would You Do? AJ Tracey: 2pts: Butterflies / Ladbroke Grove 1pt: Horror Flick / Jackpot / Alakazam / Psych Out! The Distillers // Anderson .PAAK
  12. I don't mind continuing this if people want. Results Billie Eilish: 8pts: Bad Guy 3pts: When the Party's Over / You Should See Me in a Crown 2pts: idontwannabeyouanymore 1pt: Wish You Were Gay / Xanny / Bury a Friend / Ocean Eyes Pup: 3pts: Free At Last 1pt: DVP / Sleep in the Heat / If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will Bastille // AJ Tracey
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