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  1. Yeah the Brockhampton tour is weird, thought they were on the decline especially after Ameer left and looking at their setlists it's pretty meh but I think they've got quite a hardcore fan base and the lack of a UK tour in the past probably helps.
  2. Going back to a bit of an older point but I think BMTH have a lot more of a general appeal than some people here seem to give them credit for. Seeing Spotify Wrapped posts where they're in the top 5 of people with others like Travis Scott, Drake and Post Malone. Don't think they'd be as out of place as some might expect and R&L.
  3. Tbf with the way R&L have booked artists a year after everyone expected them recently it wouldn't be too big a surprise to see AM there. Just question if they'd have them and Liam.
  4. No way Gorillaz headline imo, very little appeal to the target R&L audience compared to other potential options.
  5. The Main Stage looks generally decent it's just lower down there are some odd placements. Deaf Havana, Slowthai and Marshmello should definitely be playing bigger slots. I also think Brockhampton and Architects would headline Radio 1, not sub (especially not Architects into Lorde imagine the scenes 😂)
  6. Every lad in a bucket hat's wet dream
  7. Get Brockhampton on the Radio 1 clashing with Liam and we'll be fine 😂
  8. Confirmed on the site as "The first Headliner". Can't remember but I assume they referred to coheadliners as headliners in the past?
  9. On the plus side it'll keep the Dark Fruits lot happy. But surely they could've been more creative it's just so dull 😴
  10. Hmmmm https://twitter.com/liamgallagher/status/1200427553288314880?s=19 Edit: snap 😂
  11. As others have said Green Day won't be there. Placings for Billie, Sam Fender, Lewis Capaldi and Imagine Dragons are far too low. Lots of other odd ones as well. That said, give me Broco and Brockhampton as 2 of the Radio 1 headliners any day of the week. Would be quality. Edit: This poster is featured in Leeds Live ffs, top quality journalism from them 😂
  12. I mean you can cross your fingers all you want but there's no chance they're playing and even if they did it would be headlining. No point even speculating about it.
  13. Fit for a King is a nice addition, not too fussed about the rest.
  14. I'm sure when Dan gets solid info he'll give us some clues, no point spamming him before then. On Liam, if he's doing a big Manchester show I can't see him headlining. Everyone seems to be getting a bit ahead of themselves since there's no solid info.
  15. Foals aren't headlining TRNSMT, should almost certainly rule them out of headlining R&L.
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