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  1. I assume it means stage left like left in respect to the stage, else the comment about barriers makes no sense.
  2. Just seen it, absolutely horrendous and indefensible. Completely fucked himself there.
  3. Don't remind me of that, they absolutely butchered it.
  4. Surely the pit has to close early on RATM day? There's no way they clash Fever333 with RATM.
  5. Rage against the fucking machine 😍 Also, just skipped loads of pages - I assume I've just missed hype and nothing major?
  6. He's made some decent YouTube videos recently and is starting to get a bit of a following, fair play to him.
  7. Wait for real?! What's it called?
  8. Feel like pure shit, just want Alfie Clayton back...
  9. Just watched a bit of Eminems set from Reading 2017. Didn't expect it to be so painful to watch - what's happened to him?! He can barely make it through a couple of lines without the other guy (not sure if he's well known or just some Eminem support) having to fill in for him. No thanks.
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