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  1. Not the only reason they haven't been booked recently 😳
  2. I assume you're talking about Reading so I can't really compare but at Leeds My Hero was probably the best song they did imo. Bringing out his daughter to play it with him probably helped tbf.
  3. At leeds, the wood fired pizza for 8 quid by the main stage on the left was quality.
  4. Few thoughts from a brilliant weekend at Leeds. All the headliners smashed it and we're a lot better than I was expecting in some cases. I just wish Matty Healey wasn't so unlikeable really didn't come across well imo. Frank Carter was by far the best non-headline set, incredible stuff. ADTR, SWMRS, Shikari and Himalayas were all great on Friday. Wasn't too keen on Milk Teeth. Royal Blood have improved massively live and Joji was great on the Radio 1 with a much bigger crowd than I'd expected. Sea Girls also had a decent crowd and were very good. The Wombats also put on a show and were a bit of good fun. Slowthai's show was mental as per usual. Boston Manor were exceptional (better than on record for me) and Dinosaur Pile Up tore up the pit they were quality. Water situation was horrific we ended up taking it in turns to fill each others drinks up and accepting the 30 minute / hour wait. This was the only really bad thing we came across. M1 was clear coming back too so a good weekend all round for us.
  5. Hope everyone has a good festival! Off to Leeds now
  6. They'd have to be on the Radio 1 Stage if they play surely but there's barely a gap for them (especially at Leeds)
  7. Kasabian just posted a few things about it being time for Reading & Leeds again with some photos of them there before. Bit odd.
  8. Scarlxrd on 1xtra Friday Reading
  9. Might be going mad here but I can't see a gap for a secret set near the Distillers at Leeds?
  10. For me it's Vistas > Yungblud > The Faim > Enter Shikari / The Snuts > The Story so Far > The Distillers / Himalayas (not decided yet) > Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes > ADTR > Foos
  11. Fair point. Just going off past experience, only time they've done it before was Green Day in the Radio 1 and that was Reading only if I remember correctly. Guess we'll see in a few days.
  12. Would be a short one with turnaround time considering none of the stages open until 12
  13. 1. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes 2. Royal Blood 3. Slowthai / Foos (can't decide) PUP would be 2nd if they didn't clash with Royal Blood
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