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  1. Are all the late night fringe stuff (post headliners at the main festival) 18+?
  2. yeah like i said it’s a shame about homerton b, but considering he’s allegedly a murderer, i’ll move past it. It does mean however that he needs to be replaced on the Thursday night at leeds so that will be interesting
  3. so annoyed about Unknown T, that Homerton B tune is an absolute banger. was definitely gonna see him on Thursday night at leeds
  4. maybe Declan McKenna making a comeback and headlining it, i didn’t think he was big enough but if Blaenavon are then Declan McKenna definitely is
  5. fingers crossed ADTR are crossed off the lineup and replaced with a better sub because they’re rubbish
  6. looks like we’ll have to wait a while for the official clashfinder
  7. if Foals and Two Door both headline outright that’d be hugely underwhelming. they both still feel like smaller festival headliners (kendal, ynot, truck). the only way it’d feel justified is if they had a Drake X Arctic Monkeys coheadline on the last night 😂
  8. so curious as to how long the headliners will get at Leeds, i think it should be 2 and a half hrs for Foos, 2hrs for The 1975 and 1hr 15 for posty and pilots
  9. when will set times get announced do we reckon
  10. surely they wouldn’t do a reading only secret set, that’d proper annoy leeds goers (like myself). it’s also bizarre that a northern band (Cassia from Macclesfield) are doing Reading only
  11. TPD absolutely smashed last year, can’t wait for this year. That BBC Introducing stage looks tasty
  12. Brockhampton are nowhere near as big as Billie Eilish. If they packed it out think how ridiculous it’s gonna be for Billie, i can’t see it being dangerous but it’ll be absolutely packed in like sardines, you won’t be able to move
  13. how long do we think The 1975 are gonna get then? i’m hoping for 2 hours but it’ll probably be 1.30
  15. that’s a fair point but i think (based on the clash finder) most people would rather see Billie than TØP and the beginning of Post. I will be watching both headliners in full but i expect the main stage will empty when Billie starts.
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