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  1. BMTH announce arena tour for september, do we think that’s why they’re not headlining?
  2. no harry styles slander in this forum thank you very much
  3. “many more stages to be announced” also think this confirms the face to face setup of the stages
  4. no no i get that but they’ve actually put MK & BBCC under MSE rather than in the list of names under MSW. surely if they were on other stages they’d be in the no logo list at the bottom of each day with Neck Deep, Crucast etc.
  5. maybe but why would they put them under MSE?
  6. cant stop thinking about how weird MK and Solardo in broad daylight on the main stage is gonna be, makes fuck all sense EDIT: and Bad Boy Chiller Crew
  7. do we reckon that info about the ex headliner sub is bollocks then?
  8. is that special announcement/ surprise thing whatever just those acts added do we think
  9. wonder what these special announcements are then
  10. are we thinking it’s today or tomorrow
  11. hoping you’re right, genuinely don’t know how am gonna cope without leeds again
  12. don’t mean to be negative but does anyone else think this is mudded before we’ve even begun getting excited
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