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  1. let’s get a last prediction and wish list for headliners from everyone then, Wish: BMTH, KISS, Foo Fighters Prediction: Biffy, Kiss, SOAD
  2. hey homies, for all of you missing festivals me and my friends have put on this virtual festival, ALL profits to the NHS, £2.50 a ticket. get them here -> finsperry.co.uk
  3. bad take this, the guy is a piece of shit
  4. top lad mate, hopefully we’ll bump into each other and have a pint one day
  5. stick Frank Carter in there and you’ve got an absolutely insane lineup man
  6. they’ve had quite a controversial and problematic lockdown, i’m not sure people would go and see them
  7. just out of interest, whats the source on Halsey turning down the coheadline with LG?
  8. not at all, give me my dream headliners and you can chuck nobody else on the lineup and i’ll be there
  9. yeah 10000% the set up was brilliant but the atmosphere and crowds and vibe of leeds fest is something so unique
  10. such a better atmosphere and festival
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