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  1. do we think that the subs currently announced are the subs? i could personally see someone above RTJ and Polo G
  2. i don’t know, Chems seemed to have gone down brilliantly at Latitude and TRNSMT plus with a WHP date i feel like they're more relevant to a R&L crowd than we might think. i know it’s not going to happen but i’m just wishful thinking
  3. get Chemical Brothers booked for that MS2 headline. they are one of the greatest live acts i’ve ever seen and would absolutely blow it out the water. i would absolutely love it if they headlined. Dave, Dua, Rage, BMTH, Chems, Courteeners. personally i’d love that
  4. i am not a big courteeners fan at all, i saw them tonight at old trafford and they are absolutely ready for that MS2 slot. they step up to big occasions every time and i think they’d absolutely smash that booking.
  5. https://t.co/O6IIWVKqqP surely this year is theirs
  6. pretty safe to say Dave will be one of the 6 then. personally i agree with what’s been said about him not having that big tune to end on. over the past few festivals you’ve had congratulations, wonderwall, vossi bop, the sound, everlong, sex on fire etc. all end the day. i don’t know if Dave has a song like that so for that reason i’d give him the MS2 headline slot. having said that, his crowd would probably be comfortably bigger than whoever is closing the night so maybe he is ready for the MS1 slot. either way, i’d put a lot of money on him being one of the 6.
  7. id say Rage, Dua Lipa, Foals, Twenty One Pilots, Dave, Lewis Capaldi. that’s based on absolutely nothing, just my guess.
  8. have to say i agree, i stayed safe myself and stayed well away from the nobheads however the atmosphere was certainly unnerving and as said above, incredibly hostile. got to a point where on sunday night we didn’t feel comfortable as a group going down to piccadilly through fear of our campsite being robbed/trashed/burnt. the crowd were truly unpleasant and there was 0 sense of community or looking out for one another that i’d felt at my previous 2 festivals. on the whole i had an excellent weekend, saw some fun bands and will definitely be there next year however it’s so disappointing that the festival togetherness and spirit has just completely dissipated
  9. pepsi defo, not sure abt coke but i have some numbers for that if needs be
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