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  1. on a serious note though i don’t think lil uzi will be booked for a UK festival again for a long time following 2 (iirc) wireless pullouts and a leeds fest dropout, he’s seemingly very unreliable
  2. as far as i’m concerned now it’s a 0% chance of going ahead
  3. nah i’m very excited to see them too and all the headliners to be honest, think it’s quite a fun set even if it is incredibly safe. just think they probably haven’t deserved the headline slot, particularly catfish who are headlining things like NBHD weekender next summer
  4. i’ve told myself, unless we get a lineup announcement this month, it’ll be called off and to stop getting my hopes up. for now i’m positive but if we’ve not heard anything by february then the dream is dead. there’s no logic or knowledge behind that theory btw
  5. i’d be surprised if Catfish and Disclosure aren’t paying R&L to let them headline.
  6. shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up 😞
  7. when do we think next lineup post will be? this month? or do we think they’re gonna focus on making sure it’s going ahead before they post more acts like they did in 2020
  8. https://www.nme.com/news/music/summer-music-festivals-could-be-cancelled-this-month-mps-told-2849553?fbclid=IwAR2-qOe_qBUxtvEXXM7cK4t_mjHsI8IDkrMelp-RQv2JsyFfc9b6CwU8-e8 i feel sick
  9. right lads, ladies and NBs. how likely do we think this is to go ahead? i’m gonna be hesitant and say 60% rn. what we all thinking?
  10. r&l haven’t half dropped a bollock not booking BMTH, this album is unreal
  11. BMTH announce arena tour for september, do we think that’s why they’re not headlining?
  12. no harry styles slander in this forum thank you very much
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