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  1. @JBarbour any news? next announcement? who’s playing what stage? etc. x
  2. george ezra would be an amazing headliner for the record. saw him in manchester and he’s absolutely sensational. such a good laugh. capaldi would be shite, saw him at tramlines and it was 45 mins of ballads
  3. can’t see this at all but if this is the case then the lineup will immediately be made 10000 times better no matter who it is. but this DEFINITELY won’t happen
  4. hopefully nobody, that is the most embarrassing lineup i’ve ever seen in my life
  5. this is a perfect opportunity to drop slowthai and add a female band or artist.
  6. hahaha this was my opinion, how is it trying to get bites?
  7. KSI might be in trouble here as well
  8. TDCC are so good, and i’ve seen them headline festivals before and they smashed it. I think they’d do brilliantly coheadlining R&L
  9. just listened to Gerry Cinnamon’s album for the first time. i was so determined to hate it but he is quite good i cant lie
  10. that’s what i’m saying, Panic, Kendrick, Pilots and Post were all phenomenal. now it’s liam gallagher and his scottish tribute act
  11. kinda sad that my last acts of leeds festival in the past few years have been Panic X Kendrick and TOP X Post Malone. and now it’s Gerry Cinnamon and Liam Gallagher 😕 that ain’t great chief
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