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  1. there was rolling stone and that other magazine that announced rage and stormzy in 2020 so maybe we’ll find something.
  2. boring night before an announcement this, wheres a band leaking it or dan wilcox when you need them. think the only thing we have 100% is NBT & Tom Grennan right?
  3. anyone know if R1 is still a thing...
  4. hahahahaha arsenal and spurs sneaking in is so funny
  5. same as me mate, i’m a city fan (before the money before anyone starts) and it’s just absolutely embarrassing and i feel deeply deeply ashamed that we are behaving in this way
  6. what’s getting announced first, the lineup or the death of football?
  7. you don’t have to be on here uno, treating it as a day job 😭 who cares if random people on the internet are getting excited about the potential of being at a festival this summer
  8. brilliant, so with that i’m gonna predict RATM Travis Scott BMTH
  9. give us the lineup announcement now, look what’s going on man for the record i agree
  10. did they mention any other festivals?
  11. that set gets such a bad name on these forums and i have no clue why, i saw them do leeds 2019 and was blown away, not even a massive foo fighters fan and i thought 2.5 hours wasn’t enough
  12. after the festival, it’s a blind reaction this year, you go but you don’t know who’s playing, how many stages there are, where you’re camping or which site you’re even at
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