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  1. They've posted certain acts days on twitter. Friday: Noel, Keane Saturday: Sugababes (The Streets by process of elimination) Sunday: Paolo Nutini, The Reytons Also confirmed Katy B is parklands
  2. The Thursday seems very strong this year. Paul Heaton & Declan McKenna (who i wouldn't really question if he was Thursday headliner himself) and then The Hunna as well and a couple more.
  3. Stevie Wonder & unspecified Queer Icons too...!
  4. Gary Neville at Glasto?
  5. You'll find me front row for the gig of the century. Gary Neville B2B Tim Burgess
  6. Final predictions? Poster real & early draft or fake? Who's final headliner (s) if real?
  7. Yeah the more i think about it the more I think Neville might actually be true & I for one can't wait
  8. Now i really want Gary Neville B2B Tim Burgress to be at Kendal. I won't be happy if it's not
  9. Preparing for Wet Leg to be one of the 5 headliners but please for the love of god Kendal don't do it.
  10. The Streets, Wet Leg (unfortunately), Noel G, Jamie T, Keane
  11. Libs would be the Thursday night out of them 4 surely
  12. Yeah Jamie T is the one I'd most expect. Biffy is the one I'd most want by far though...
  13. Goer190

    The Killers

    Also been completely put off by the price, can't justify that
  14. Not that I'm aware of, just have shared a headliner a few times (Kasabian 23, Stereophonics 22, Libertines 18, Stereophonics 17, Noel G 16)... more a case of gives an indication what acts are headlining this (similairish) size festival next year
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