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  1. Totally agree about the weather. It wasn't going to put me off regardless as Springsteen playing my hometown is a once in a generation thing, but when we walked out and opened it Waiting On A Sunny Day (my favourite song of his for many years) it just became one of the most special gigs I've ever attended. Absolutely magical night
  2. The biggest thing I’ve taken from that is that they’re listed as playing Cala Mijas, so I wonder if they’re planning on actually going ahead this year
  3. Another announcement tomorrow, 100 names (including comedy etc) or so at 10am. Reckon all the day and stage splits will be out tomorrow too
  4. I know it’s tantamount to sacrilege to say bad things about Glasto around here, but that’s a bad line up* that *for me, anyways, as always there’ll be someone sobbing that they didn’t get tickets but I think there’s some objectively weak bookings on there
  5. When you consider the size of the Slope stage that is a cracking bunch of names to round out the line up
  6. Got excited seeing a Graspop notification pop up on my phone at 3pm. Just to say 'Saturday tickets running low'. Don't think we'll be getting anything tomorrow as Pukkelpop have an announcement scheduled, but just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone was debating Saturday tickets 🙂
  7. Yeah, that could be a brilliant run for your fans of old school rock like myself! Now that would be really spoiling us
  8. Not a clue where they would fit in, but Journey just announced their first European date for 11 years playing Sweden Rock Festival. First band I ever saw, have a real soft spot for them, and they have a near 2 month gap between May and July so imagine they'll be adding more shows. If they're here that will be the thing that tips me over the edge I think.
  9. That’s it exactly mate; for me the headliners and smaller names are fine, it’s just those “medium to big” names that are missing that is the difference this year I think. Enjoy WoW though, that looks a great line up!
  10. I know it's all subjective but that Thursday is possibly the best single day at any festival in the world for me this year. No real star power this year (yes they've got Foos and Dua but one has been touring nearly every year for the last 5 years* and one is playing every major festival) but I think it's a good line up overall, but not worth the money for me. Bands like Khruangbin and Sum 41 sub-headlining a £300 festival in 2024 is crazy to me. There's plenty of good bands touring next year too as well by the way, I think this year is showing the full extent of the problem of over-saturation of the market with so many festivals having to split too few bands and the rising costs of bands touring resulting in weaker line ups across the board. It's a shame but I think my days at major festivals like Werchter, Pinkpop, Glasto etc are probably starting to move behind me now unless something changes, far too expensive for what they can put together. Think I'll focus on genre specific festivals (ie Graspop, Nova Rock et al) or smaller festivals (Live Is Live, InMusic, APE) which curate smaller line ups but are a more affordable experience overall. Of course I'm only one person in the wider scheme of things, it's great to see Werchter still selling out two days already and I imagine they'll continue to do so, I just appreciate I'm after something different now and the over-saturation I mentioned before means that there should still be plenty for me to do and see this year.
  11. Just looking at the conversation regarding clashes. I think looking at the 'genres' of each artist, I think Chevron headliner will be on the same time as the sub-headliner and 4th stage headliner. Main stage headliner will clash with Radio 1 stage. Would make sense to me given that way you would have (for eg) The Prodigy clashing with Gerry Cinnamon, The Wombats against Fred Again etc.
  12. Wasn’t a problem at all at Download last year
  13. Can’t ignore that, think we’ll be there
  14. I agree with this; I just saw him opening for Frank Turner about 5 years ago now and my lasting memory of that gig is every time someone mentions formulas in music this track comes screaming back to me like a 'Nam flashback
  15. https://youtu.be/dluPzbAloMU?si=9MDa6HhQ7d0LTT0L Catching up on this thread ahead of tonight and all I can think of is Samantic’s “Pop Song” which largely parodies everything that’s been said here
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