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  1. Yeah I remember it looking like Macca was likely for the 2nd date, I was just speculating as Ken seemed to know that it’s Springsteen for Mad Cool and it made sense he would know what if he was going to be announced for a Werchter date too. Either way, the idea of Macca and Springsteen floating around next year on top of so many other great bands is going to make 2022 a vintage year if they come off. I’ve missed just having a legitimate rumour mill for us to sink our teeth in to
  2. I might be putting 2+2 together and getting 4,000 here but I’m assuming from the message in the Mad Cool forum you know it’s Springsteen for the 2nd TWClassic and the announcement is due shortly?
  3. I think when we did it we had to add our order number and email address and then it brought up our two four day passes. When we clicked on one of them it then took us to another page with the ticket details and then brought up a link for “Special 5th Day Sale” so when we clicked on that it brought them up for half price. That was through Festicket, not sure if it’s different for other companies on their though.
  4. I know you aren’t booking yet, but thought I would put the link here just for future reference/anyone else that needs it. You have to do it through https://www.madcoolarea.es/area/ and click on the ticketing agent that you brought them through and go with that
  5. Well that’s thrown me completely! Glad to see the option of Kendrick is potentially back on the table, not really my thing but it would be nice to tick him off the list and my mates would buy a ticket on his name alone so bodes well that I might not be going alone haha
  6. 49Lawson

    Kendrick Lamar

    https://www.sudouest.fr/lot-et-garonne/garorock-green-day-dj-snake-kendrick-lamar-et-angele-au-programme-6645358.php I stole this from the Werchter forum so it’s not my post, but looks like the first sighting of Kendrick next year around Glasto is about to be confirmed
  7. Wouldn’t mind QOTSA or Gorillaz coming back next year, it’ll be 4 year by that point since I’ve seen either of them. They would also be a big selling point for a couple of people in my group who are thinking of coming back to Werchter next year who haven’t been for a good few years. I’m biggest thing I’m hoping now that they’ve got The Strokes before RHCP. That would be the cherry on top of a fairly stacked cake and looking at other line ups around the time/past Werchter line ups I think it’s something they could feasibly pull off
  8. I’m going to guess QOTSA subbing Metallica, which would be a massive coup since they co-headlined in 2018
  9. Yeah that’s true enough. Werchter is my favourite festival and the only one I’ve done annually since I first went in 2014 (barring the pandemic editions obviously) but one area I would say they’re slow in is getting the line up out compared to the festivals they compete with. In 2018 I ended up doing both Werchter and Mad Cool because the MC line up looked too good to resist and I couldn’t risk it selling out and then Werchter not delivering. In the end Werchter had a line up equally as good so I’m hoping for a similar scenario in 2022 as well as I’ve still kept my tickets for both of them.
  10. Considering the size of that Mad Cool line up, this has made me very hopeful for Werchter!
  11. Yeah we’ve opted to pay the extra too. My other half loves Sam Fender’s new album and I’ve just paid £40 each for two tickets to see him at Newcastle arena next year anyways. So worst case scenario we get a great Sam Fender gig in the sun for cheaper than a gig ticket price, best case scenario they add more to that day that we want to see as well
  12. I have no idea who Nathy Peluso is, but considering the prices of gigs these days the €160 I paid for tickets back in 2019 is starting to look like an absolute bargain on paper
  13. Looks like they’ve deleted everything off their Instagram and are teasing a new social media campaign. Would imagine an announcement is due soon?
  14. Yeah, we’ve got our accommodation pre-booked from 2020 so we’ve got everything crossed that they’re keeping it at the previous site. Haven’t booked the flights yet thankfully so that gives us a bit of leeway. I must admit, as good value for money as their line-ups usually are their logistics/management are an absolute nightmare. I can’t believe they haven’t learned from the past few years.
  15. Yeah that would make sense. Would be kind of glad as I would love to see Springsteen again and a 5 day festival would be a bit of a struggle now haha
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