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  1. Pearl Jam played for 2+ hours last year and we had another 5 bands on the main stage that day anyway, I'd expect one more
  2. It doesn't. I think that just means they can come because it's not on their contract that they can't...
  3. NOS Alive is not a Live Nation festival, don't know about Mad Cool
  4. It started a month ago, I don't think he was talking about that...
  5. He's too big, wouldn't justify the budget and I think he just doesn't fit as an hip-hop headliner, he's way past his prime and they seem to prefer modern rap artists/groups as headliners.
  6. Most were dumb/naive enough to believe a festival like this would bring Eminem...
  7. They're not headliner-sized but they're playing on the same day as Disclosure so they'll get away with that. Really weak day IMO
  8. I don't think he would headline this festival, it's just not that kind of show. He could support someone bigger or headline SBSR once again
  9. Also, it looks like their information comes from here and the Pearl Jam forum so they know as much as we do. I'll take it with a grain of salt. Even though the PJ forum insider is someone to be trusted I don't believe he mentioned any countries but I could've missed it. I'd love it if that was true though, as the last Eddie Vedder show in Portugal was incredible.
  10. Doctor Music is a 4-day festival (thursday-sunday) so they could still play the 3 without playing 3 nights in a row
  11. Vetusta Morla confirmed for the 13th (NOS Stage)
  12. Doctor Music Festival is teasing an announcement tomorrow morning (9AM local)
  13. In the comment section of the image they posted today, looks like it came from a facebook advertisement
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