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  1. + Explosions in the Sky (european exclusive)
  2. Looks like Pabllo Vittar is playing (from Spotify/Songkick)
  3. There are 2 different 3-day passes now and one of them is for the first 3 days
  4. https://blitz.pt/principal/update/2019-12-05-NOS-Alive-esclarece-duvidas-sobre-troca-de-passes-para-o-festival TL;DR you're able to upgrade your ticket by paying the difference until the 4-day tickets are sold out
  5. They've just confirmed to me via DM on Instagram that I could upgrade my 3-day pass by heading to the store where I bought it
  6. H.E.R. was finally removed from the lineup on the website
  7. We're probably just getting Greta Van Fleet and maybe Underworld for the 12th
  8. They'd have to change the day splits for that to happen, I think. They're only available on the 13th and that day is already packed. They could move Bon Iver and/or The Chemical Brothers to the 12th but that's too far-fetched
  9. Pearl Jam played for 2+ hours last year and we had another 5 bands on the main stage that day anyway, I'd expect one more
  10. It doesn't. I think that just means they can come because it's not on their contract that they can't...
  11. NOS Alive is not a Live Nation festival, don't know about Mad Cool
  12. It started a month ago, I don't think he was talking about that...
  13. He's too big, wouldn't justify the budget and I think he just doesn't fit as an hip-hop headliner, he's way past his prime and they seem to prefer modern rap artists/groups as headliners.
  14. Most were dumb/naive enough to believe a festival like this would bring Eminem...
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