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  1. Just one day!! You can organize a 3 days festivals with that ammount of bands!!
  2. An "insider" has leaked some names in the Festileaks forum: Arctic Monkeys Wilco Slowthai Clutch Strand Of Oaks Joost Viagra Boys Little Simz King Hannah Low Goldband Erol Alkan Mdou Moctar Dry Cleaning Celeste Palace The Blaze Perfume Genius
  3. While a positive Covid test means being isolated during some days, no US big headliner will tour Europe. The only option nowadays for US big bands is one gig or a one week/10 days tour. The feeling I have in Spain is that pessimism has come back to big promoters. We have 120.000 infected people per day, maximum in the pandemic and I am afraid that some huge acts are starting to consider the idea of postponing their tour to 2023. I hope that things will look totally different in February. Figers crossed!!!
  4. Don't get me wrong. I just was saying that maybe Ken was being a bit ironic saying that it is Bruce Springsteen when the real sunday headliner maybe is somebody much smaller. I really appreciate Ken information and he is really important in this forum.
  5. We all know the "love" that @Ken19 feels for Mad Cool. Maybe he was trolling us a little bit with some irony when he told us that Springsteen was Sunday Mad Cool headliner?
  6. Turnstile and Thrice are playing in Germany on Saturday July 2nd. They have released two amazing albums this year, so I can see both of them playing the major European festivals, including Werchter.
  7. With Stromae playing another belgian festivals, is he big enough to sell out Werchter field?
  8. 10 years from the storm that devastated PKP'11. Is a date that remain marked in my brain. I was in the shelter stage waiting for the next band and I remember seeing the tent shaking and the trees flying and crashing in the roof. It was a miracle that the tent didn't collapse or any tree didn`t destroy the roof and injure/kill somebody.
  9. Booking Coldplay would sell out the festival in a few minutes. Booking Coldpay would keep the festival empty all days but Coldplay day. It’s imposible that a festival books them nowadys but Glastonbury or a festival like Firenze Rocks that is divided in several days independent events
  10. Chokri and his daughter have destroyed the festival targetting it to teenagers.
  11. Why is LN supposed to be pissed off with PKP?
  12. It's funny that a festival with Metallica, Iron Maiden, Kraftwerk, Sonic Youth, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Stone Roses, Björk, Neil Young, Chemical Brothers or Smashing Pumpkings headlining in the last 15 years, claims that their DNA had been always the youngsters. When did Mr. Mahassine decide to change the booking policy and why? to satisfy her daughter? This is the question that lot of people keep asking ourselves every year. Even this year, they didn't go for a line-up targetted to vaccinated people. So... time to look at 2022. Will the line-up be 90% the same? I suppose it...
  13. Not looking good for PKP. I don't know how the situation is in Belgium, but in Spain everything got worse in the last couple of weeks and now hospitals are getting full by covid people again. The never-ending story.
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