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  1. Mad Cool represents everything that a festival should avoid. Their comunication policy and the way to negociate with bands/agents and the lack of respect for the other Spanish and European festivals make it a hateful festival. I still remember Mad Cool comunity manager unveiling that Arcade Fire were making 2 exclusive european dates at Nos Alive and BBK Live the week before they were supposed to announce them. The way they have acted in Spanish forums is also a shame: lies, fake promises and paying users to represent them at the forums telling lies and defending what is almost imposible to defend. I understand that some agents do not want to work with that kind of unrespectful businessmen like lot of Spanish people find this festival a piece of shit. I do not understand why british or european people come here having festivals as Werchter or Roskilde that treat people, workers, bands and agents the way they deserve
  2. You asked for some info to Ken and he told us Sunday headliner. You are treating him as your butler. He is a treasure for this forum. Stop, please.
  3. They refused to book the Punk In Drublic Festival bands last year (Bad Religion, NOFX, Anti-Flag, Lagwagon, Mad Caddies, Less Than Jake...) like Slam Dunk Festival did. Strage decision.
  4. Did Pukkelpop try to book Blur that summer as festileaks claimed? Or was it just fake información that they invented?
  5. I can’t see Pukkelpop stealing a band like RATM to Rock Werchter. Besides, I think it’s a band too expensive for Pkp recent booking policy.
  6. Positive thinking: Idles Negative Thinking: Nothing But Thieves
  7. Green Day played yesterday in Madrid and they are playing in Sevilla this weekend. The official radio station for these concerts confirmed that no more Green Day in Spain until 2021.
  8. Bring Me The Horizon announced for Highfield Festival the weekend before Pukkelpop in Germany. Typical PKP booking, maybe subheadlining Main Stage? Marquee headliners in its rock day?
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