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  1. I think @Ken19 said in this forum that the Hear Hear ticket selling were going OK, and over 20k people was expected to be there.
  2. Rock Werchter is 100% sold out but TW Classic is not. That would explain why if they have Placebo booked they cannot announce it yet... Maybe is a stupid theory, but we will see it in a couple of weeks...
  3. They are waiting until Rock Werchter events happpen to announce the last acts and the timetable, maybe the big name missing on Friday will play RW or Boutique or TW Classic. Maybe Placebo? I sill remember this strange co-headline Placebo-Iron Maiden in 2010. Maybe Placebo-Slipknot 12 years after?
  4. Jinjer are playing another festival in Germany on Friday August 19th (Summer Breeze). I think that Slipknot european tour poster is a bit confusing, and Jinjer and the other band are not playing the festivals as Cabaret Vert or Pukkelpop.
  5. HEISA sounds really great. Thanks for the tip. Lot of interesenting guitar names that I am discovering, so I am 99% in after 5 years. It is posible that they will create a new smaller Shelter Stage with some not big but quality rock bands.
  6. It is in the middle of nowhere. This site was used for Rock in Río Madrid 15 years ago and it was a nightmare to go there and go back to the city.
  7. Soulwax and Willow Smith have cancelled their Pukkelpop shows.
  8. It seems a logical choice if he plays between Cypress Hill and Slipknot on friday, and maybe Paul Kalkbrenner closing the Main Stage.
  9. Contracts, exclusivities and embargos in US festivals has nothing to do with European ones. You cannot compare Boston Calling or US festivals industry with European one. When an European big festival books a headliner, normally they sign in the contract that they cannot announce another show in the same country until the festival happens. You won't have this problems in the States where the festivals share their headliners. European (and Spanish) contracts with lot of bands have lot embargos and exclusivities. I remember Resurrection Festival announcing a headliner as "only show in Spain in the next two years". Be patient, wait until Primavera happens and then analize if Mad Cool have taken right decisions keeping silence. Their festival is sold out, as well as Werchter is, so they can act the same way that Werchter and do not replace the big bands that have pulled out or spend money in booking big bands once the festival is sold-out. Let's see...
  10. Sometimes you cannot decide when to announce a headliner…
  11. In booking.com you can find availability in most of Hasselt hotels: Express By Holiday Inn, Radisson, Holiday Inn, De Groene Hendrickx, Park Inn and a nice B&B near the main ring of the city. In a normal year it would be imposible to find a room in a hotel in Hasselt two months after the ticket selling start. Other hotels are Yup, Hassotel or The Century.
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