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  1. They were suposed to play on friday, but finally they moved to sunday as a last date for their european mini-tour. I think that they play so early because they are flying back to US the same day.
  2. Does the double performance by The National have any kind of surprise any of the nights (a full album performed, an acoustic set...)?
  3. Idles and Frank Carter would be an unbeliveable Club closing on friday!
  4. Heideroosjes in the Thursday welcome party is a good reason for me to go there on thursday. I hope that my wife finally decides to go there this year (we have a 10 months baby), because I really like this year line-up.
  5. 3 days-tickets again for 95€ (each person that bought his tickets for that price at the beginning, now can buy another 2 tickets for that price) If you had paid 160€ for the ticket, you should feel scammed. Ticket selling for BBK this year is being a complete disaster.
  6. I thought DeLonge was the guy in Simple Creatures! @DDave was right, then!
  7. Blink 182 guy who plays in Simple Creatures left Blink 182 a couple of years ago...
  8. Plague Vendor are not a local band. They are a californian band signed by Epitaph records.
  9. Wilco are headlining Azkena Festival in Spain, so you can rule them out...
  10. Mad Cool comunication policy has been a disaster this year. Improvisating a solution in this 4 months gap with no news. Next year, people will wait to see the line-up before buying their tickets.
  11. My bet is Bastille. If not, maybe Editors?
  12. Lot of old legends in the line-up: Mike-D from Beastie Boys Tom Morello from RATM and Audioslave Johny Marr from The Smiths Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 B-Real from Cypress Hill Chuck-D from Public Enemy It's great to see that kind of artists in the line-up after last years new booking strategy (not booking classic headliners as Neil Young, Iron Maiden or Kraftwerk)
  13. So many rock bands on Sunday!! One of the strongest rock days in Pukkelpop history! They moved Pennywise from friday to sunday... They were my highlight for that day (besides Idles)... I was expecting them to get an early slot at the main stage as Floggin Molly last year or NOFX in 2016, but now seems clear than Sunday will be a rock day in the Marquee, so Pennywise will play there almost sure. For me, best PKP line-up since 2016.
  14. I think that this sunday is one of the best days in all Eupean summer festival circuit This line-up is much better than BBK or FIB 2019 ones.
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