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  1. Who did say that Tame Impala was headlining Mad Cool? Which insider? The only real insider here, has said several times in the last months that no european festivals for Tame Impala until 2021.
  2. Pet Shop Boys + Royal Blood? Plan B? Plan C? Maybe... Plan W!!
  3. He played in Hasselt a few weeks ago. I don't know if this fact makes him more or less posible....
  4. So we can get the Werchter Joker headlining combo: Kings Of Leon and Editors. So "funny"...
  5. Every year there is an international conspirancy and Pukkelpop is the victim, so they book as headliners Bastille, Oscar And The Wolf, Editors... Let’s hope than under KoL, Dua Lipa and some hip hop headliner, we get a decent undercard (also atracttive for over-30 yo people) and lets hope that they avoid repeating one more time their typical rock bookings (BMTH, YMA6, Refused, Amenra...) and surprise us with attractive guitar bands (last year was great, but 2018 and 2017 were shit)
  6. What will be the excuse for not booking decent headliners this year? RATM and The Strokes were avaliable for this time of the year.
  7. Maybe an Spanish band? Extremoduro? Los Planetas?
  8. Dont call me a pessimist, but I have the intuition that you are going to get Macklemore instead of Eminem...
  9. It must be really expensive. Lolla Berlin and Reading line-up are so weak this year so a bit part or their booking budget is invested on RATM. Its almost imposible that PKP will book them. Werchter 2021 seems their logical comeback to Belgium after their hiatus.
  10. Sorry, i was talking about my post, not about yours. I deleted it because I thought this was Rock Werchter forum. Sorry for the misunderstanding
  11. The Libertines also announced for Lokerse Feesten, so another band to rule out (Ignore the post, Dave was quicker than me)
  12. Miley Cyrus announced for Lolla Berlín a couple of weeks after PKP... Dua Lipa + Miley closing one night Main Stage? Girls power!!
  13. And how does Pukkelpop avoid that “wait and see attitude” delaying their announcement?
  14. So there must be at least one “important” band shared by both festivals. Looking Pixies August european tour, it’s almost obvious that there is a concert to be announced on August 22nd between a French date (August 20th) and their Amsterdam gigs (August 24th and 25th)...
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