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  3. Dua Lipa 115 Coldplay 110 SZA 80 Shania Twain 98 LCD Soundsystem 130 Little Simz 105 Burna Boy 100 IDLES 115 Disclosure 95 The National 110 D-Block Europe 10 The Streets 112 Two Door Cinema Club 92 Jungle 100 Jessie Ware 85 Justice 175 Heilung 115 Masego 100 Nia Archives 110 Jamie xx 100 Gossip 68 James Blake 105 Sampha 100 Sleaford Mods 95 Romy 110 Fontaines D.C. 144 (+10) Peggy Gou 95 London Grammar 100 King Krule 100 Orbital 131 Ghetts 100
  4. Who do we think SG Lewis will be playing b2b with then, will it be like his upcoming show at KOKO where he’ll bring out numerous special guests or is there now a DJ on the scene called TBA that I just don’t know about yet haha
  5. Managed to secure two tickets from Leeds, good luck everyone!
  6. does anyone have a list of locations that will be included in the coach sale today?
  7. Pale Waves and The Snuts are playing the main stage, thought for sure they’d be parkland headliners
  8. When do we expect the next announcement and poster? feels like ages since we’ve heard anything, it was late February last year when we got a substantial announcement but they had also announced a lot more in the first one.
  9. Makes sense though, Superstruct doesn’t expect you to go to all four of them, it would be impossible anyways with some of them clashing. They’re just wanting people to go to the one local to them and for that reason they’ll all sell out
  10. I never saw them change it to six acts, just seen them banging on about FIVE headliners on socials for the last week
  11. Paolo it is then, I’m happy enough with that. What happened to our five headliners being announced today though?
  12. Declan doesn’t make sense to me as a headliner on the Thursday, he’s billed under Keane and Sugababes, can’t be a headliner if you’re not on the headline, pretty sure he’s just a very strong sub for Paul Heaton
  13. Where does our co-head fit into this line up then? Can’t see anyone joining up alongside Noel or The Streets. Thursday could be an option, looks like Paul Heaton is our headliner that day with Declan McKenna, The Hunna and Hardwicke Circus below. Kendal usually has five acts play the main stage on Thursday if i’m not mistaken but don’t think there’s room for another headliner as I can’t see Declan McKenna playing third down main-stage on the weakest day. Sunday seems the most likely for our co-head now, I imagine a big act along the lines of Biffy or Catfish dropped out in favour of other shows and they’ve struggled to put something together, seeing as it’s a co-head I can’t see us getting Paolo or Jamie T in that slot now. I’m thinking Keane have been bumped up to fill that slot and have had someone thrown in alongside them so it doesn’t seem too weak, Snow Patrol would be a good match. Paul Heaton / Noel Gallagher / The Streets / Keane x Snow Patrol is my final guess, not too much longer to wait now at least.
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