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  1. top lad mate, hopefully we’ll bump into each other and have a pint one day
  2. stick Frank Carter in there and you’ve got an absolutely insane lineup man
  3. they’ve had quite a controversial and problematic lockdown, i’m not sure people would go and see them
  4. just out of interest, whats the source on Halsey turning down the coheadline with LG?
  5. not at all, give me my dream headliners and you can chuck nobody else on the lineup and i’ll be there
  6. yeah 10000% the set up was brilliant but the atmosphere and crowds and vibe of leeds fest is something so unique
  7. such a better atmosphere and festival
  8. i’m not sure man, when i saw BMTH at APE i was wishing it was Leeds
  9. mate, there’s nowt like seeing your favourite band at r&l, especially if they’re headlining
  10. Are we genuinely thinking there’s going to be an announcement very soon?
  11. Tame are miles bigger worldwide than Biffy
  12. any chance of Bring Me for next year?
  13. could Tyler the creator headline this outright? or would he need a co?
  14. where would you put Weezer on a lineup. Is 3rd down main too low or too high?
  15. pretty sure Manic Street Preachers have done this
  16. george ezra is so good live and his music is such feel good. he’d be amazing as a headliner imo
  17. following the finsbury announcement, me and my friends have decided to put on a virtual festival in place of it with live performances and watchalongs of old festival performances all in aid of the NHS. would mean a lot if you guys could follow @Finsperry on twitter and buy a wristband to get involved once they’re on sale. lots of love everyone xx
  18. the most embarrassing festival lineup of 2020 is now also the most embarrassing festival lineup of 2021
  19. yeah absolutely they’ll do it in either 21 or 22 depending on who rolls over from this year
  20. if their next album is all like people that’d be PHENOMENAL
  21. new 75 song is a BANGER innit lads
  22. pretty sure this rumour was debunked somewhere
  23. forget i said this, looks like their career is in tatters
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