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  1. Little Simz and Slowthai would like to have a word with you.
  2. It beats any of this years regular RW days out of the water IMO...
  3. Nice day programma for Nick Cave. Bit sad for Florence though...
  4. Hey the Neubauten are playing right before Nick Cave on the exact same stage. I see them forcing a Blixa Bargeld reunion with the Bad Seeds or am I dreaming too much?
  5. Beck vs Little Simz is pretty painful though.
  6. I actually never liked TWFM for some reason. Don’t know why, it’s a bit too samey after Boxer/High Violet. I love Sleep Well Beast though. Seems like they found a second breath on that one. Guilty Party may be my fav song by them ever. (Next to Appartment Story)
  7. What does this tweet say? Don’t get it...
  8. I reckon it will be packed during his set, but I want to witness this as close to the barriers as possible.
  9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Run The Jewels Tyler The Creator Little Simz The Smile The Strokes
  10. Well these Cave shows will be extra memorable then.
  11. Nick Cave is by far the act I'm looking forward the most though. And it's not even close. It'll be the show of the festival, mark my words. 😉
  12. And I'd say replacing Cave is even a harder to do than replacing MA.
  13. Don't mention it like that. Cave will be the highlight of the weekend. Just like he was the highlight of editor 2018.
  14. Would say Kendrick is a contender for next years fests.
  15. That album is fire and definitely up there. Big Thief too. But Kendrick and ThomJonTom did something else.
  16. Me choosing my AOTY in December.
  17. The Smile actually stole a bit of Kendrick's light here by releasing that undeniably excellent album. I adore both albums but The Smile is getting rave reviews and I wouldn't be surprised if my top 2 AOTY were released yesterday.
  18. lighthouse

    Kendrick Lamar

    Something's coming...
  19. Loving the new Kendrick. Please tour in 2023.
  20. If Cave cancels they can F right off.
  21. lighthouse

    Kendrick Lamar

    So a set full of album tracks vs a greatest hits set?
  22. So The Smile dropped the AOTY so far?
  23. lighthouse

    Kendrick Lamar

    TBAB was way more difficult on first listen. This is much more accessible than that. Already heard Die Hard on the radio twice which is nice. Will this be the first hit single?
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