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  1. That's exactly what I'm hoping for. She doesn't seem to have a Belgian dat as of yet, which is suspicious.
  2. Nick Cave is one of the best selling APE acts and he’s touring next year with no other UK fest headline show announced. Surely he’s nailed on.
  3. Well next week is ‘price increase-week’ so I’d imagine we’ll get a good shunk of the lineup before that.
  4. Don’t think RW announcements will depend on that like last year. Last fall, festivals were much more of an uncertainty/far reality while now we know how to organize them properly in these times.
  5. I present you Rock Werchter 2008: Slayer - Jay-Z - The Verve - Neil Young - Moby All on the same stage. Loved every single one of those shows.
  6. The Killers, Jesus. Didn’t imagine RW would book them again after last time.
  7. Again no Beach House. Playing in the US during RW...
  8. Ok, maybe that’s the case in Hungary but in Belgium Nick Cave is definitely bigger than KoL in any way. KoL peaked 10 years ago whereas Cave’s popularity is still rising. Can’t see KoL (still) selling out huge (22.000 cap) arenas while Cave fills those places in minutes.
  9. The thought of Kings Of Leon being a prefered choice over Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds or Arctic Monkeys makes me ill.
  10. Nick Cave and Arctic Monkeys are not subbing stuff. Nick is only playing fests where he can headline next year.
  11. Why is TikTok the worst? My niece is using it all the time and it seems fun. For her, mind. I’m probably too old for that as well.
  12. Apparently combi tickets have almost sold out. Friday sold out as well. Crazy.
  13. How the isolated strings off of a 21 year old track is one of the best things I've heard this year.
  14. You have just described Satan.
  15. Not one bad band mentioned here mate. Excellent ones at that.
  16. Why them as a solo name? Pinkpop and Mad Cool revealed them as part of a huge drop of names. Jesus, even Pinkpop has shared their lineup faster then RW this year.
  17. Will Christine be touring next year?
  18. And Rock En Seine I assume? Have a stacked lineup next year with Nick Cave, Stromae, Tame Impala and Kraftwerk already announced.
  19. You think they've already announced a headliner so far? Kasabian minus the lead singer surely are far from headliner material in 2022...
  20. Still three-ish headliner sized acts to go for Werchter. I suspect War On Drugs (who are really big in Belgium, sell arenas and stuff), QOTSA and The Strokes/Dua Lipa.
  21. Anyone have an idea why on earth they didn't have Gorillaz, while they were on the lineup last year and people bought tickets for them? Weren't they available on RW saturday?
  22. The Eagles without the lead singer and frontman that is. Meh.
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