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  1. He's billed as a very special guest, could see him opening a stage to get people in early doors like NBT last year. It doesn't say which main stage he's one too, could be the other one
  2. Famous last words. As you were
  3. Coming to your screens in 2022. Praying we get the rumoured rock influenced album from him
  4. We already have BMTH, Wolf alice and JXDN fro that. I guess we could maybe get Car Seat Headrest, Lil Huddy, Paramore secret set
  5. Announcement for event at spurs ground coming this week been told. No idea if music but could be Gaga Reschedule @Matt42
  6. also, am I going mad or did I not post the brockhampton split link in here? Thought i did but can’t see it anywehre
  7. Kanye would be different gravy but will never ever happen
  8. dunno why you say this when the last 3 sets of headliners have been very good and well recieved?
  9. Yeah at the moment for sure, stormzy puts on a better live show though
  10. the 1975 / Paramore The Weeknd / Sam Fender The Killers / Yungblud
  11. Have 21p got bigger than when they co-headlined? I'd stick them on the smaller main stage personally but I could defo see them having a lineup like that
  12. I agree, loads of my mates are really excited for him
  13. I think he's fallen off a cliff since 2017 and i'm a fan, maybe day tickets but with my age who go weekend Dave is infinitely more popular
  14. And Polo G has 5+ songs with over 100m plays on Spotify alone, not sure that's a one hit wonder
  15. Dave will draw a bigger crowd than Eminem would. He's not relevant anymore
  16. Fontaines into Wolf Alice into Arctic Monkeys. Incredible
  17. Say Fender and the killers have a big overlap as do Tyler and the Weeknd, Id reckon they’d put them on different days to encourage weekend tickets
  18. This would be incredible, i'd see every headliner. I'd maybe swap tyler and sam fender though
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