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  1. Panic! at the Disco are definitely releasing new music soon, so they seem like a decent bet for next year. https://www.shutupandgotobed.com/
  2. Streams from free Spotify accounts do count towards the chart, but streams from paid accounts count for more.
  3. Like most rock acts, he's more of an albums artist than a singles one - his last album sold 40k in the first week, which is far more than most R&L headliners do. He hasn't had any 'hit' singles because his stuff doesn't get supported and put on Spotify playlists. To get a Top 40 these days without an absolutely huge fanbase, you pretty much need it to be added to Spotify's Hot Hits UK playlist.
  4. It took Lizzo’s new single two weeks before it entered the Spotify UK Top 200, due to playlisting/promotion. I don’t think there’s as much interest here for her as an artist anymore.
  5. Get Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine!
  6. On their most recent tour in 2018, they played at the O2, Motorpoint Arena, Manchester Arena, SSE Arena & Birmingham Arena. Not sure how they sold though. 5.6m monthly listeners on Spotify which seems about right, and they haven’t released anything new in 4 years now.
  7. For what it’s worth, their bigger song in the UK last year was ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’ - which certainly is a rock banger!
  8. “Eurovision Italian rock” fans aren’t their main audience anymore, they had two absolutely massive hits in the UK last year thanks to TikTok trends.
  9. I quite like it but Megan Thee Stallion’s new single with *Dua Lipa* is performing really poorly on the UK charts. It debuted at #31 last week and now it’s set to completely drop out of the Top 40 tomorrow.
  10. Ed Sheeran third down at Festival Republic!
  11. Maneskin’s upcoming Brixton Academy show has been upgraded to the O2 Arena, massive!
  12. They had Ed Sheeran open in 2018 too! Though that was because he had a show in the evening IIRC.
  13. Inhaler have a different crowd I’d say, much younger than the likes of The Reytons. I wouldn’t really say they’re a ‘dark fruits’ sounding band either, they use a lot of 80s sounds/synths. A bit like U2 really, and Inhaler’s lead singer is Bono’s son.
  14. Tbh, whatever happens I wouldn’t expect much from their early albums. Matt Helders said a while ago that it feels like “karaoke” to perform them now.
  15. Just noticed that PinkPantheress is spelt incorrectly on the poster.
  16. They're currently suing the person who accused them - https://www.nme.com/news/music/all-time-low-file-lawsuit-to-prove-sexual-misconduct-allegations-are-false-3153929 And they're already doing a lot of big US festivals this Summer, so I wasn't too surprised to see them here.
  17. I might be wrong, but as far as I can see, Wargasm’s music so far has all been self-released.
  18. A bit meh so far I think. The second stage lineup is being announced at 6pm.
  19. What's the difference between being an industry plant, and just being promoted well by their label?
  20. BMTH won Best Band in the UK, Fontaines DC won Best Band in the World.
  21. Generally I just think that the easiest way to work out an act's popularity is the scale of their (standard) tour, and how they sell. Bands like Nothing But Thieves etc have moved onto arenas now without any charting hits at all.
  22. To be fair, they were set to headline with a normal set in 2019. Their 2020 set was supposed to be a “Reworked” show, with mainly acoustic stuff from that album.
  23. Sea Girls have quite a big tour coming up at the end of this year, including a date at Alexandra Palace! It was less than four years ago that they were supporting The Academic in venues with capacities of 100 people, so it's been a pretty quick rise for them.
  24. Though FWIW, Bring Me The Horizon won't chart with 'Bad Habits' as the UK charts combines remixes with the original.
  25. Catfish’s guitarist Bondy confirmed on Instagram this morning that he’s no longer a member of the band. He had quite a few digs at Van too, saying that he wasn’t allowed to release the music he wanted to etc.
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