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  1. I wouldn't rule out BMTH headlining in the future now honestly, it's one song but they can gain loads of new fans from this project.
  2. Parasite Eve is set to become BMTH's 2nd top 40 single (currently at #21), I think this era will do very well for them!
  3. Fontaines have announced a big UK tour for 2021, including a date at Ally Pally!
  4. Yeah the allegations have been forgotten even quicker than they were a couple of years ago, most people will be unaware of them.
  5. Made the NME https://www.nme.com/news/music/jess-glynne-isle-of-wight-festival-2021-line-up-restored-lifetime-ban-twitter-reactions-2687025
  6. Not necessarily, as I'm pretty sure coverage has only been on the iPlayer livestream for a few years now.
  7. Interestingly, 'Wake Up' may not be Arcade Fire's most streamed song soon. 'The Suburbs' is just over 4 million streams on Spotify behind and 'Everything Now' is just under 5 million behind.
  8. Sam Fender, Gerry Cinnamon, Nothing But Thieves I think all 3 (certainly Gerry of course) will at least get to sub. Yungblud a few more years down the line.
  9. Yeah those are massively boosted by a lofi hip-hop song that samples 'Coffee' by her in the background - she hasn't even performed that live for a while.
  10. Absolutely, I expect to see them do it in the next couple of years. (would've said 2021 but it depends who rolls over from this year).
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