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  1. Agreed. Just a shame the PID lineup is pretty poor this time round for me. Yeah a run of then would be decent.
  2. You won't have to worry about a sellout anytime soon and the ticket price doesn't rise as time goes on. If they can get Alkaline Trio back that probably seals it for me but I don't see Download taking anything major they had. I think the signs that Diwnloads Avalanche Stage will struggle to compete with SD are already there. But Download for me had one of the most interesting additions I've seen....it's extremely rare that I feel the need to be there for two days, unfortunately I've no desire to have gone on the Saturday but the eventbis close enough that I'd br happy to find a mate willing to go andcwe can drive up separately on different days.
  3. Yeah one of those where I like about 3 songs but it would interest me a lot to see. Nickelback not really have a couple of catchy songs but Rockstar was terrible. How you remind me was just way over played on Kerrang.
  4. I'd much rather see Creed than Nickelback though.
  5. So are Tenacious D who have played high at Download.
  6. You think I'm wound up?, in a time when there is a pandemic and work is harder to come by, I'm wound up by what you say on festival forum? I think your childish.
  7. Twisting words. I'm not always going to 'find faults' with lineups because I haven't camped for ages. I have said that I haven't liked a lineup enough to go for a weekend to two festivals I used to, one being a target audience way below my age which is my choice and I'm not obliged to spend money I don't see the need. If you have a problem with me just liking a particular day enough to go then that's your problem and it can continue being so while I enjoy it. You both called me out when I last camped at a festival last and got shut up as it was only last June. Grow up a little, criticising people who wouldn't go to a weekend of bands you would is pathetic.
  8. So you're saying I should pay money to camp at a festival I don't feel is worth it for me?, or Leeds for example where I feel way too old to spend a weekend there now anyway....and understandably so just for the point of doing it?
  9. No you've established in your own head that I haven't. We'll forget that I attended days at Leeds recently and I've attended Slam Dunk. And let's be honest, once you've attended Download for two/three years, you've attended it for the next 10 basically.
  10. Even then I don't see it selling well. I mean for me I usually would like more at Download than this. Maybe the usual Download attendee would like it.
  11. As much as I get the idea here, I think it would be hugely low sales. Alkaline Trio are the main act there for me. Obviously we now know Billy Talent are back are SD.
  12. Where were they going to be though?
  13. I thought we reached the conclusion that Sykes couldn't sing a long time ago though?
  14. Gaga, Macca and Arctics would be my current guess.
  15. It cries out with as you say, you replaced Maiden with BMTH. If Biffy were doing it and couldn't then the Download regular haven't got a band that attracts the biggest masses anyway.
  16. Yes but FF have been able to headline everything on the planet for years whereas the only time QOTSA got a slot was sharing it. FF can choose what they want. That's what into talking about, it really isn't hard.
  17. I don't think it's quite sinking in that Dave has said multiple times how much he loves Reading. The point is that they can schedule a tour here when they want and if I remember correctly the last time came out of the blue. I genuinely think Dave would schedule around Reading whereas a year when they accepted to do Glastonbury they could have played Download instead of Muse and a KISS repeat. We are also forgetting that FF have been plenty big enough to headline before 2010, but the difference is just like with QOTSA that TCV wouldn't have got that slot at Reading.
  18. Why would it? QOTSA aren't a bonafide headliner than demand top spot wherever they want and that is the difference. QOTSA need Download a lot more than FF ever will do. When you choose to play Glastonbury first it says a lot and to be honest I think they only did that to tick it off.
  19. I genuinely believe that is a pretty poor attempt to sum up Dave not doing Download with the Foo Fighters. Dave turned up and then found out his band wouldn't be on the same stage as AC/DC? He most likely doesn't want to work for that annoying knob anymore and I can't say I blame him.
  20. On paper, Leeds 2010 would be very high up there. Yes, I like a lot that you don't but I don't see why that's a big issue. That why as you would say I don't pay to go to a festival that you probably would. Leeds 2009 was very suited to my tastes too. Last years Slam Dunk came very high too, I'm unsure they'll ever beat that again.
  21. Nope, but tbh apart from them nothing there would persuade me to go. For me it's not the best lineup. In fact, 2019 was very good too.
  22. Well that is quite awful in fairness and without Lana it's a bit dead. In my opinion of course.
  23. I disagree, Download isn't the scene for them. I can almost guarantee that they wouldn't play Download again over Reading for example, almost sure of it.
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