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  1. That's quite a late September postponement
  2. I was going to say the current rate is barely scratching 200k a day. 1.2m a week is way down.
  3. I'm thinking I'll snap up two evening passes for Thursday and it I can't go for whatever reason then I'll sell them at face value. Pretty sure some one will snap them
  4. Yes. currently with a mailing list sign up you can get 10% off. £34 for the Thursday evening with admission from 6pm. So Dinosaur Pine-Up, Creeper, The Menzingers and JEW. You can't argue.
  5. Myself too. I saw a ticket left and was tempted but it's right when I was thinking of a Cornwall getaway so I'd want to be more sure.
  6. I don't think you could get 3 bigger really and I'm not sure much would take me away any night. Macca one last time, Taylor I'd never pay to see on her own and as said with Blur, there aren't many bands that could have the whole post covid moment like them.
  7. Hoping Slam Dunk pick up Rise Against. They've got to put a much better lineup out next year imo. Hopefully they get snapped up to do the PID at Slam Dunk. But also I am fine with this lineup as it's one less weekend to book off work. I don't see these two back 3rd time of asking.
  8. Agreed. Just based on the thinking of if it was done that was. And yes I agree it would have been Biffy getting the boot instead. They shouldn't be headlining Download at this point anyway especially with their recent outputs but that's my view. I've never seen them as a headliner there and of all the times I have seen Biffy, Download was comfortably the worst.
  9. haha, I got The Prodigy with 3 seconds to go
  10. Very much so. Many people thought that SOAD were just a boring booking. but I bet they would take Maiden, Biffy and SOAD with no KISS. I also think Biffy closing the weekend off is a bit weak but that's my view. But as said, Copping and team won't do different to what their ego's and head tell them too.
  11. No it's true though. No one has given an official yes from it. The festival have plugged the media with what they had to go on and the intended result they wanted is what they got.
  12. Exactly this. Why is there that many people arriving at Healthrow to come into the UK. They aren't all flying home from essential business.
  13. Agreed with this. I fully believe though that everyone 18+ should receive both of their vaccinations before any larger capacity event goes ahead. At this moment all we have is a vaccine that has two parts.
  14. I hope so as that's what I'd rather do anyway to get as fuller song list as possible. Bands won't be able to hold out financial wise until next June when they are actually given the go ahead to gig. For a set of headliners though confirmed this far ahead for Download I think they could have done better.
  15. Agreed. System were 100% my headliner for this year. I like Biffy but I'd never attend that day. KISS is going to feel like an extremely dated booking come June 2022. I'm kind of hoping certain bands from the lineup just announce own shows now so I can pick up 2 or 3 tickets.
  16. I'm wondering if Hella Mega is going to go ahead? I'm expecting no being when it is personally but The Interrupters as support now adds to it for me.
  17. It is and it isn't. If they could have got 3 main stage headliners they believed were strong enough for the festive then they would have 1 main and outdoor Radio 1.
  18. YM@6 weren't touching arenas in 2019. Also they got to Ally Pally. Architects did Ally Pally followed by Wembley Arena. I'll just about give you Frank and I remember that being thought of as a big booking but he doesn't get close to selling them out.
  19. See I do have the lesser positive view of it but I also provide a good explanation of why unless it's a response to an idiot. Yes but for people who don't have tickets, cancellations means that no one gets to go which is easier for them to take. Like a lot of people with Glastonbury, many who don't have tickets deep down are gutted enough that a part of them would rather it not happen if they weren't there.
  20. Thing is you can't move everything to September.
  21. I get both views but I also get that people don't want to be yet again disappointed. So to some it's easier to say it's not going to happen because then if it does it's a boost.
  22. Could be September and not August. But I can't see everyone that's sharing their bands in Europe moving. All that general genre are at early summer festivals.
  23. That's true. There is certain bands that if they dropped out then it would cancel it off for me. Sunday is my prime day. There is 7 bands that are American covering two days that interest me and that will be much harder I imagine.
  24. This is kind of where I am struggling as for the first time in a while there is two Download days I'd attend, yet god knows when to book holiday for. I think Download know though given the dates being banded around for live events they have no chance in June. Me personally I don't think July goes ahead either but that's my view. The official go ahead for outdoor larger events hasn't been given the go ahead yet. basically all we have at the minute is that these things can happen provided the dates have been met.
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