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  1. I have a Sunday ticket for sale if anyone wants it? Face value obviously
  2. I wouldn't. They are bigger than any band we had on that stage this year. I agree that topping the bill at APE far more likely. They can also do more than 16 songs. I'd rather have ome less band on the two bigger stage and allow both headliners to do 1hr 30 than 1hr 15 each.
  3. I reckon with those The Coral dates that an early Other stage slot is likely. 2nd on like The Cribs a few years back. But I think they too will be back.
  4. Nutini for Glastonbury surely. I reckon 6/7 of them will play.
  5. I think he's got Rage, SOAD and Slipknot. I don't think he'll get Metallica.
  6. Elton's sub. With Haim and DiRo before.
  7. It's not painos all the time though, not for Macca anyway. I think this edition is all about just getting the go ahead. The following year could be 3 all out younger acts. If you get Kendrick, Taylor and Arctic Monkeys in 2023 for example then that's fairly made I think. That is btw my prediction for 2023 albeit early as its stands. Arctics will move if Macca isn't there but the Elton date slots Macca firmly in there.
  8. That's the money he's not making at Glastonbury. I'd be surprised by now if he's not the Sunday night headliner. I think that's your trio of Billie, Macca and Elton.
  9. I think they could play 3rd down but I just don't see a sub. I'm aware lol, I was a well listened to fan of them.
  10. thewayiam

    First Gig Back

    First gig back was Catfish and the Bottlemen in Swansea. Ym@6 actually put in a decent effort and show, they had a newer song that was catchy and decent. Feeder sound was either too instrument heavy or the mic wasn't setup properly as at time his voice was drowned by it was fine. They just kinda come on, play and go now. Thought Yonaka were actually better and would see again. Overall, great weather, food was good and it was organised just fine too. Only major wait was between sub and headline for food given the longest gap but that's expected. Couldn't complain for that cost.
  11. It was a good gig but not the best ever there. Songs were dragged on way too long which is the norm with Foo's now and many just want some other decent songs played too instead of that. 18 songs in 2hrs is pretty poor. I actually think I enjoyed them at Leeds more the following year.
  12. We can't be that far away from a Slam Dunk announcement if day gigs a week before are announcing.
  13. I've not listened to Kenny but the other four aren't punk.
  14. Placebo wouldn't sub now. I also don't think being placed between those bands would do anything for them. Machine Head are too up their own arse after that one Sonisphere issue, they would get plenty of playing time to sub Download. Every band could play a lot other songs on a tour but they don't.
  15. Great lineup. Think you'll have NFG in there though. Frank Carter could probably headline it with NFG as sub.
  16. Birmingham likely for me.
  17. £25 can't go wrong @FloorFiller Alk3 is £38/40 if you haven't seen. This Coral gig is verg close so I may rain check it.
  18. I think the PID stage is going to be quite similar at the top to 2019. I'm expecting a few of NOFX, LTJ, Bad Religion and Pennywise back. Plus The Interupters. At a guess I think NFG will sub to Sum 41. They've got the acts around next year for it to be very strong.
  19. Yma6 were decent in swansea. Feeder were okay but their sound wasn't great and they are going through the motions now. Yonaka are definitely worth watching again, only going to get bigger. £40 for that gig though was unbeatable really.
  20. Without doubt this is where I'll be going. I couldn't find a suitable gig with The Coral for me this year.
  21. I doubt they'll get Papa Roach. They are notably absent from both RAR and Nova Rock. Add Bad Religion. They are at Nova Rock but not RAR so are free. Plus Download isn't likely for them either.
  22. Yes but people found them decent at Leeds and they smashed it in Swansea.
  23. So that's Billy Talent, Stick to your Guns and The Offspring out of this already. To be honest by next year Slam Dunk can probably go bigger than Sum 41 as a headliner for the other slot.
  24. I find Catfish the most odd thing on that lineup.
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