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  1. Yup always been the one I thought.
  2. The only issue as people have said is the sheer amount of clashes and smaller hit setlists. On the face of it, it's superb but 3 stages for all that is hard.
  3. Sunday is the standout at Werchter for but it's really not doing much for me. Mad Cool I've got 15/16 acts I'd see although the Muse day and Jack White day ate generally quite for me. I'm very much rock punk, punk, pop punk, ska pop/punk atm though.
  4. Yeah there's no chance I'd be missing that. You're lucky if a festival here looks that good over 3 days, let alone one day. There is even the little temptation to head over. I know that Paramore, Avril Lavigne and AFI are going to be about here somewhere over the next 18 months though. I'd be quite surprised if Reading don't snap up Paramore. I think AFI will do Trees next year.
  5. They do a strange though of having to go VIP to get re-entry through the day. But you do get food vouchers for that etc too. I'm not huge on their 2022 headliners but then I'm not going to be going this year. 2021 looked ace.
  6. It was the American Festival I attended so I'm always going to have an interest when it comes. It's more about being an enthusiast really. Honestly, indie doesn't really do a lot for me these days and just was much better when I was hitting the festival scenes at the start. They just aren't the type of acts I like but that's fine. I'm not flaming Coachella for a poor lineup for me. Riot Fest! is more me.
  7. Avril and Halsey on the same day would be a ticket.
  8. If you are a rock fan though primarily and not a grime/hip hop/rapper fan then it's just not for that person. No one needs to listen to more artists with the chances of them being interested being slim to try and force their interest in a lineup.
  9. Yup. Although I've only got 7 at Rock Werchter for example so far and that is at the max. RAR and Nova Rock I think are the best one's so far. Nova and RAR first days are very good for me. Mad Cool I have the most but I wouldn't favour it over one of those others.
  10. Friday and Sunday are the stronger one's for me, Saturday is very dull though. Presuming SHM close after Harry Styles, Friday probably has the edge. Just generally not the festival for me anymore. Think I'd actually attend Primavera Sound over it.
  11. Yeah I've got 6 acts on the lineup that I could see if I fancied it at the max.
  12. Is someone a little pissed because he got called out as the troll he is? Shouldn't you be off pretending to have an inside source somewhere.
  13. It's not bad no, it's fucking shocking! Watermelon Sugar is woeful! And you don't know me at all lol, I listen to a lot of different artists both guitar and non guitar.
  14. I mean Harry Styles really. Imagine being SHM and taking the, even if it is a closing slot after him. It's definitely on par with 2019 as the worst set of headliners overall they've had that I've known.
  15. Paramore, Eminem and The Killers would be a set of 3 I couldn't miss.
  16. Given your prediction and troll record you have no room to calling anyone else out. Didn't take notice of Glastonbury until 2007 lol.
  17. That is as setup for an early Other stage slot as you could get Friday or Sunday I'd have thought.
  18. It just looks a bit shit. I'd bother with 3 acts from that lineup I think. Woah. I saw the reaction you get over on inforoo and thought initially it was harsh!
  19. Yeah I'd expect Bonnaroo to do better than that.
  20. I think there is more chance of SHM personally. No chance will Bottlerock let Coachella dent their sales.
  21. A bottlerock headliner hasn't played Coachella since 2016 at least. That's as far as I checked. Given where it is I'm not sure they would allow it.
  22. Waiting for this Coachella lineup takes me back. These days you generally know it's coming first week of January but it's used to be anytime in January. A yellow banner used to appear on the KROQ website and when that came you knew you were waking up to it. We had to wait until January 23rd which was like every morning waiting and checking. I think 07, 09 were decent. 2012 is up there on Friday with the best lineup for the festival generally.
  23. Yeah that's quite a weak Bottlerock compared to other times. Got 3 acts in total I'd probably look to see. 2021 was way stronger on the top line alone.
  24. They could do worse for a sub headliner. I don't think she would get headliner here. She would be very much sunset party time fun.
  25. thewayiam

    2023 Headliners

    I'll raise it with Arctic Monkeys, GNR and Taylor Swift. I don't think they could get a better alround set of headliners than that unless Lindsey rejoined FM. Arctics I have no doubt about being there.
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