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  1. Don't think this has a chance of being correct myself. It's whether they actually want to or not. Personally I think there is more chance of them subbing Reading.
  2. All comes down to what you like too. I like Biffy but their latest showing wouldn't get in a top 10 for me.
  3. Only based on sports and exercise purposes.
  4. Yes but Architects sold it. Frank came nowhere near, an arena tour was crazy.
  5. You aren't alone. I like Amy Lee, I like Evanescence but that song is a no.
  6. My thinking is that Megadeth and ADTR clash seems a lot more likely that with KISS. Also ADTR clashing with The Distillers I'd have thought is a bit crazy. Obviously I've got my view but to me that's a similar clientele. They do as you say but then in 2019 and 2018, there was a mix over the last two days. I think judging by the acts that KSE clashing with Biffy makes sense and SOAD clashing with Steel Panther I wouldn't see the issue myself.
  7. I'm wondering if Megadeth are going to finish before KISS start? It seems really strange to have both of them clash
  8. Good to be different I guess. Only 2 bands for me really on Saturday. One can be seen in a group elsewhere cheaper and the other I've seen plenty but quality in output for me has dropped significantly.
  9. Hopefully not. Corey Acoustic is fine but his solo stuff is shit. I like The Skints would not bothered to miss them. I wasn't expecting to like anything. I'm not a KISS or Megadeth fan so. Only ADTR/The Distillers for me and Lacuna Coil Friday as the 1st two will clash.
  10. I can't see SOAD clashing and from looking at the last two years Sunday doesn't clash much. At the moment it's probably the best day I've ever had for Download overall on the Sunday.
  11. I'm rather annoyed by the SOAD and Descendants clash. I'm not 100% but I'm guessing The Avalanche doesn't end before the headliner.
  12. Knew it wouldn't be Architects. Megadeth is a standard Download booking. Descendants however, I'm happy about.
  13. I'm not really a fan myself but there is also the whole they've stayed away from Download. I'd be surprised if they did a slot KSE have been given.
  14. I think they will keep quiet until needed. Eavis' will be well aware that the plug could be pulled. You don't want to start saying too much to then retract.
  15. I don't see Architects doing that slot. I think it's too low for them now. Most are of the view they would sub and they've done exactly what BMTH had at the time of sub I believe.
  16. Not sure where you are looking but The 02 has loads of availability left. Standing is easy to get tickets and no seating section at all is sold out. Sheffield for obvious reasons has sold quick. I'm not digging at them, I have preferred their newer stuff although not enough to buy a ticket or anything.
  17. They said whatever sounded good at the time. Unfortunately there is the slimmest of chances it goes ahead. Mass gathering events for early year are already being postponed until later year. While other festivals in Europe aren't even announcing bands atm who usually do on a weekly basis.
  18. As negative as it sounds, I think he knows there is a slim chance of it happening. But how it's been suggested is probably the only way. Enough to suggest FM aren't in the picture until 2022 I think as well.
  19. I look at the lineup this year and can't see AFI or Interrupters being booked. I think Trees and SD are perfect respectively if about.
  20. It's the full but it doesn't really matter. There is still a hell of a lot of people in a half marathon and it's a crowd situation that you can't social distance really. People are going to try their best and if that means there is a shit load of people running close to each other then well they have paid the privilege too.
  21. Yup. There is a delusion that the no more than 6 people in one house that's clearly going to still be present at Christmas is going to be so different that another 80,000 people will be okay in a field with probably the most relaxed hygiene environment 6 months later and so. We still need to go through the temperatures of January and February and watch the shit hit the fan from that first.
  22. Nor am I. The north going into Tier 3. Things won't get back to somewhat normal until people start following the rules. The mask wearing will not prevent the spreading, locking down until it's gone will. People will say but that will cost more jobs. It's the people not following social distancing rules and the government getting greedy for economy that is the issue. He doesn't think we should lock down now with more cases than when he did.
  23. Only to account for that one time though. The point still stands, why do Glastonbury more than once when they can do the others. They aren't a band that need propelling and tbh I felt as much as it was a good show that Dave was there to tick it off. Foo's might be on Downloads list but I meant the other way round.
  24. Why would they play BST when they pay loads?, I wonder? Why mention Download for?, never ever been on their list.
  25. Yes I can't see them doing again. They have R&L every 5 to 7 years, they have BST still to do yet I believe and they could easily still do either an arena tour or their own outdoor gigs.
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