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  1. Personally with Slam Dunk in Hatfield the next day I've no issue if it's an early start and early finish.
  2. I actually won't be surprised if Glastonbury offer the Friday night headline slot to him in the next couple of years. If you want a fonafide ticket shifter to headline that is relevant, you can't look much closer than him. To sell out south venues after all his tours already and even Manchester Cricket Ground wasn't a total sell out.
  3. I think Anne Marie 4th down on MSW ludicrous! She's playing an arena tour and selling well. She wouldn't even be that low on MSE.
  4. What is with the crazy idea that Taylor would have changed things so bad? She's not the biggest thing they've ever gone for. It's not like accommodating The Stones.
  5. I don't think that's the worst guess.
  6. Last time I went Ally Pally, the door through the middle to get in was a nightmare at times. If I remember you've got to get past the side wheelchair access areas whereas Wembley is way more open to the arena entrance. The sound was okay but for sound I'd choose many London Venue over it. I try to stay away from The 02. Another venue shout actually is the hammersmith apollo, I'm sure that has a slope too. But the best London venue was all about the Astoria back in the early 2000s. Obviously it was long before that but it was that era at my age.
  7. Frank Turner at the Roundhouse and a Noughties Weekender which was organized as well as Playground seems to have been. Had i knew if the drop outs I'd have requested the refund and sacked it off. Frank Turner permormed well and it was a decent gig. Most of my gigs are upcoming though, it's like a dream run. Also it's football that I've mainly attended. A year taken out for travelling and then last year unable to go so it's great to be back.
  8. I dislike Ally Pally due to the bottleneck. I also had one if my favourite nights at Wembley and the sound is brilliant.
  9. This is the same person who people not long ago were saying if she plays she headlines no doubt.
  10. Im brief. She's blown up overseas so automatically that means she's bigger than she is here. I too think a sub is crazy, I wouldn't say any higher that subbing Other at the absolute max.
  11. Dua Lipa's tour isn't yet sold out. She has dates that if she was that huge as is said there wouldn't be standing left. As said before, anyone can go on Spotify and listen, they didn't buy Spotify just to listen to Dua Lipa. If we want to know how big an artist really is then look at what they can sell. Currently, Dua Lipa is not headlining Glastonbury. She will need to take the sub slot/Other headliner this time I think and next time come with a banger album. Her album wasn't as good as her debut, her best song recently was on two later relases of the album with Miley and the pandemic delay has affected her.
  12. Personally like Wembley Arena more than Ally Pally, it's also much easier to get to. As for venues. Brixton Academy wise but it's right out the way. Rock City I think is the best one, Shepherd's Bush is decent as is The Garage. The Roundhouse is good if you are early enough to get inside the pylons, outside and it's shite. Manchester Academy I quite like but would like to do the Albert Hall. There is a great little venue in Bedford called Esquires. I always look out for anything decent there.
  13. It's very easy to do actually 😜
  14. Liam ticket purchased just after 10am for the Friday. I'm more than happy to have different supports. I'm hoping for Johnny Marr and The Coral. But given Michael Kiwanuka I reckon I can probably aim slightly higher than even Johnny Marr.
  15. It's just a shame for the southerners than they got a better set up north.
  16. I couldn't actually have a lineup any less appealing to me.
  17. Last time I saw Chillis was definitely the best time. Heard many a bad reports since then though. If they got The Stones that weeekend, we'd have had The Stone Roses, Blur, The Stones and RHCP. You probably would have never beat those 4 ever.
  18. You usually pay more for much worse supports.
  19. Nice to see my point is justified. There is no chance of Idles subbing QOTSA. They might sub JP.
  20. Still expected it to be more. £73 and you know he's going to go very Oasis hit heavy on it.
  21. £65 for Liam Gallagher is pretty good considering it's £80+ a pop for most outdoor gigs these days that size.
  22. Last time I saw Chillis was definitely the best time. Heard many a bad reports since then though. If they got The Stones that weeekend, we'd have had The Stone Roses, Blur, The Stones and RHCP. You probably would have never beat those 4 ever.
  23. Well I just can't make it Saturday as I'm at Slam Dunk. Not sure how much the tickets are mind but even a Serg let Kasabian is a great option.
  24. I think she plays, she hasn't for will have been 5 years in the JP tent. What's the point here though? So they have songs that got inside the top 40. They've had 22 in the top 10 and only 4 of them were number 1's. How many more bands have had more than 4 number 1 singles.
  25. I'd put her opposite Kenny, they are nothing alike. Or under Billie or Kenny. PSB opposite Kenny is a poor choice as they are very selected and aquired tastes.
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